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Episode 360: Coronavirus Update! Be Aware & Be Safe!

5 weeks later the original podcast information regarding the Coronavirus is now coming to fruition. Here is an update and what you can do today. I want to thank Dr. Daller for helping spread the word and always keeping us in the best health!

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Episode 355: Food Label Business is a Racket!

What’s really in your food? Do you read the labels & ingredients? Tune in to the #captainslog and get some helpful advice on what your really putting in your body!

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Episode 343: 32 Years of Comedy with Bobby Collins!

32 years of comedy and he still got it! Bobby Collins is performing at Off the Hook Comedy Club all weekend! Get your tickets and come laugh your butts off! Check him out here first on the #CaptainsLog!

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Episode 339: Podcast Going Up on a Tuesday!

Comedian Michael Glatzmaier is at Off The Hook Comedy Club on a TUESDAY, but right now he is on the #captainlog! He is going to bring his super cool comedy and musical talents to Southwest Florida!

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Episode 337: Cruisin With Comedian Andrew Rivers!

Friday morning on the log with comedian Andrew Rivers . BTW he just hit 15 MILLION views and counting on his comedy special! He’s also going to be headlining at Off The Hook Comedy Club!

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Episode 330: Melissa Douty Journey’s in Comedy!

The most underrated comedian Melissa Douty came all the way down to Southwest Florida to put on a hell of a show at Off The Hook Comedy Club. Tune in while she talks bout her ups and downs in comedy and how it all started!

Episode 303: Fatel Attraction!

On this episode of #naplescaptainslog we have comedian Mitch Fatel!

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Episode 277: Get Your Java Facts!

On this episode of #naplescaptainslog we have #drmeirdaller discussing whether #coffee is the new #healthy addiction?!

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Episode 201: New Season, Who Dis?

After 13 years here is season 2! Captain Brien and his guest from F-45 telling you their New year resolutions and how they plan on kicking a** in 2019!

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Miss something on one of our episodes of the #naplescaptainslog? Don’t worry we got you covered! Here you will find a full transcript from this episode of the #naplescaptainslog!

Captain Brien: Happy New Year, this is 2019, Season 2 finally for The Captain’s Log. I have Savannah and Valerie here from F45 in Naples, and we’re gonna talk about New Years Resolutions. We’re gonna see how we can kick some butt for 2019 and let’s go have a little ride on the Captain’s Log. Thank you for joining in. It only took 13 years to get through Season 1, and now we’re good. We’re good. We’re going with Season 2 now. So you’re the first guest, so you guys excited?

Valerie: Whoo!

Savannah: Super excited

Captain Brien: I know, my goodness. It’s like, amazing.

Captain Brien: So tell me about F45 because I did it. As you know, I probably struggled, but I did it last, what, Saturday. And they had the DJ, and it was – so tell us what it is.

Savannah: Yeah so F45 stands for functional. The F stands for functional, it’s a 45 minute workout. Um, it’s based out of Australia and it’s now just come to the States in the last couple years. Um so, basically we have our circuit training throughout our workouts, and we have functional exercises so obviously as you saw –

Captain Brien: Yeah because like, here’s the thing. I talked to Mike and I was like, ah I’m not really into like crossfit things. He said it’s not crossfit. For me it seemed like it was kinda crossfit. But tell me exactly what you guys think it is. What it is.

Savannah: So high intensity interval training mixed with cardio, resistance, and strength. So everything that we’re doing, you’re able to, all the exercises relate to your everyday life. So in crossfit when you’re doing certain exercises, you’re not going to be doing those type of crazy snatches or things like that.

Captain Brien: Ah. I understand now. Okay. I see what you’re saying.

Savannah: And you know, everyday life um, value of everyday life

Captain Brien: But in everyday life you’re not sitting there pumping up your biceps either, right? But it looks good. Girls like that though.

Savannah: It’s not for the superficial gain.

Captain Brien: It’s not?

Valerie: We are, its functional training so you are strengthening your core and your legs and your back.

Captain Brien: It kicked my butt, I’ll tell you that much. I’m still sore. And I run, like I don’t run but I ride my bike like 12 miles a day. I go to the gym, you know, three to six times a week. That one kicked my butt I have to tell ya. I have to tell ya but, I wasn’t going to give up, wasn’t gonna be like I’m not doing this. And then of course I get started on that one hour exercise. What’s the deal with it’s called F45 and you start me on an hour. What’s going on here?

Savannah: Yes it’s –

Captain Brien: What’s going on here? I think you set me up for failure.

Valerie: You did awesome.

Savannah: No you did awesome.

Valerie: You killed it.

Captain Brien: It was good, it was fun. I liked it a lot. So why on Saturdays an hour?

Savannah: It’s just our special Saturday workouts. We have the live DJ, we have our Hollywood session, we have 27 stations to go through, as you saw. So Saturdays are just our kick off the end of the week and really kill it the 60 minute workout.

Valerie: And it’s the cardio and the resistance mixed. It’s a hybrid workout.

Captain Brien: Oh so they’re all different, right? That’s the key with you guys, is that every time you go it’s supposed to be different.

Savannah:  Yes.

Valerie: You’ll never ever do the same workout twice.

Captain Brien: But the exercises vary, like, I’m sure there’s only so many exercises you can do, yeah?

Valerie: Yeah over 3,000.

Captain Brien: Yeah so I could do 3,000 next week. That’s easy.

Savannah: We’ll throw ’em all in for the one week.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Savannah: But its good on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, our workouts are more cardio based. So what you did on Saturday was a combination between resistance and cardio. So Monday, Wednesday, Friday you’ll come in, you’ll have more of a cardio based workout. Which means that you’re keeping your heart rate up for longer periods of time, less rest periods. That’s what that means.

Captain Brien: Oh okay. That’s fun. So like, the ones when you’re like hopping and doing the burpee things, are those called burpees?

Savannah: Burpees, so when your chest is to the ground and then you come up and do a jump, yeah. So those are burpees and then –

Captain Brien: So you do more stuff like that.

Savannah: On those three times throughout the week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then our Tuesday, Thursday and now Sundays, we have our more strength based. So it means more rest time, but more time under tension which means you’re holding your weight under tension so you’re slowly going in a deficit with a deadlift or whatever exercise you may be doing. You’re keeping your muscles engaged that entire work period and then you’re resting for a little bit more.

Valerie: And you’re gonna go heavier those days.

Captain Brien: Okay. And then so, there’s a whole program right, where you have an app and you can eat according to what you guys recommend and that kind of thing too, right?

Valerie: Yes. F45 Challenge App.

Captain Brien: F45 Challenge App. So where can they get more information now, what’s your website so they know if they wanna hop on?

Valerie: F45training.com/naples or F45training.com/corkscrew

Captain Brien: Alright. And then there’s three locations, right?

Savannah: Correct. So our first one is in Central Naples. So, off Pine Ridge Airport, the one that you were at, right in the Target shopping center. We have one open right now in Estero in the University Village, the new shopping area by FGCU.

Captain Brien: Oh yeah, I know right where that is.

Savannah: And then we have a third studio opening in early 2019 about March or April, and that will be in Tarpon Bay, which is off of Immokalee and 75.

Captain Brien: Very cool.

Savannah: Right next to the Panera.

Captain Brien: So how’d you guys get involved in this? How did you find out about it?

Savannah: Mike and Val, yeah, they found the program online.

Valerie: Actually we work out all the time together so we were doing cardio, we would do an hour of cardio in the morning together.

Captain Brien: And you just typed in Australian new thing. No come on, how did you figure?

Valerie: No. We would do it then we would work out for another hour and a half in the evenings, lifting weights. We were spending all our time in the studio and we were looking for something and someone said, someone from Colorado said well, F45s are everywhere out west cause they started in California and worked their way east.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Valerie: And they said check it out. Yes. And so I got online and it’s, you know, the two and a half hours condensed into 45 minutes is perfect. You’re building lean muscle mass, you’re raising your resting metabolic rate, you feel awesome, and you’re not spending half your day in a gym.

Captain Brien: Yeah. So for 2019 for everyone’s New Year resolution I’m sure everyone’s thinking go to the gym and get healthy. That’s the big thing.

Valerie: Yes absolutely.

Captain Brien: So what do you recommend that we start with?

Valerie: I recommend you come in and start going three times, at least three times per week. And if most people come in, they start, they’re like I’m gonna go a couple times and they get hooked and they come every single day. We have people that now come two times a day.

Captain Brien: They come two times a day? Those people are called unemployed or retired.

Valerie: They’re employed and actually a lot of them work physical jobs.

Captain Brien: Oh yeah. Wow. Okay. They’re addicted.

Valerie: So they are totally addicted. That’s what this is. It’s totally addictive.

Savannah: And the biggest thing is the sense of community. The trainers, you have two personal trainers in every class.

Captain Brien: Yeah it was fun, I got a couple of high fives.

Savannah: Yeah. High fives and obviously just that comradery you know, you’re always going to be in at the same time that works for your schedule. You know your trainers, you know us, and then the people that are in those classes. So you literally become a family.

Captain Brien: So how often are you there?

Savannah: I’m there every single day.

Captain Brien: Every day?

Savannah: Both of our studios. Our trainers rotate between both of our studios right now and then we will go to the third one. Yeah, we’ll always be in the studio, always have a smiling face.

Captain Brien: And what did you do before F45? Because this is how long now you guys have been doing this?

Valerie: We opened up in August 28th.

Captain Brien: Okay. Okay cool. So before that were you also a trainer?

Savannah: Yeah. I was a personal trainer and group fitness trainer at Missouri State. I had just graduated college. So yeah. So after college I moved down here and then yeah, found Mike and Val and helped them open. We did boot camps first before the studios were open so we were, you know, getting our name out there, getting people involved and then we would open our doors.

Captain Brien: Were you guys doing it outside or something?

Valerie: Yep.

Captain Brien: I love that. Yes. I saw that. That was cute.

Valerie: Yeah that’s where it started.

Captain Brien: So how hard was it, I do a lot on entrepreneurial stuff. I do different, they start different businesses, I talk to entrepreneurs all day, all night. So you just started this from scratch but you guys obviously got the rights for the franchise, correct?

Valerie: Right.

Captain Brien: So you’re the franchisee?

Valerie: Correct.

Captain Brien: And how’s that working with them?

Valerie: They’re wonderful.

Captain Brien: Yeah. Because I’ve heard great stories. Some people have had great experiences, some people are like basically we bought the name, and we’re on our own. But it seems like they have a lot right? So how many other franchises are there?

Valerie: Well we are in 32 countries worldwide and 1,400, is it 1,400 worldwide?

Savannah: At least that many.

Captain Brien: Wow so yeah. So obviously they pretty much have their game on like, you sign up you do all your stuff and then they do the rest, yes?

Valerie: Yes and they’re constantly improving all of our systems and adding things. We have three apps. We have the app for the classes, book yourself in, we have the F45 life app, you track how your performance is during your sessions,

Captain Brien: You’re gonna have to scream to reach the microphone.

Valerie: Oh I’m sorry.

Captain Brien: Oh its okay. You’re not talking to me, you’re talking to the world. Yeah. You yelled at me enough, I get to yell at you now. All Saturday I got yelled at. Come on, we’re going to the next one, next one. Now she wants to be quiet back there.

Valerie: Yeah. F45 life, it says you went and worked out this many times this week and this is how well you did. The F45 Challenge that gives you your meals for the week, your shopping list.

Captain Brien: Give me an idea of what they feed you different. What’s their philosophy, I want to know.

Valerie: Its not different, it’s just the way that the macros are. So you’re eating lasagna, you’re eating hamburgers, you’re eating steak, it’s just everything is made in a more healthy way and we spice things up. So it’s very flavorful.

Captain Brien: But what, they cut dairy, they cut carbs?

Valerie: Yeah. We eat almond milk instead of, but we still eat eggs, no cheese, just a little bit of cheese. We actually do get a little bit of cheese.

Captain Brien: I love cheese. That one gets me worse than sugar. No sugar I’m sure right?

Valerie: Yeah but you don’t miss it. You really don’t when you start eating –

Captain Brien: No I get it, yeah.

Savannah: When there’s like so many different recipes on the app that you can always you know, mix and match and at least, the biggest thing is within the fitness industry, you just want to get people in good routines. That’s what we’re focusing on so, you know obviously we’re not going to come to you and change your entire lifestyle and everything that you eat on the first day. We just want to give you those –

Captain Brien: You’re waiting for the second.

Savannah: No, not the second day. We want to give you just, pointers. Maybe take this out and try it with this. Substitute this and that. That’s where we’re starting, just to create those lifelong, long term progress, and what you do habitually. So that’s the biggest thing with the challenge and the trainers, we have a team. We have eight trainers so we’re stationed off to have you know, 10 to 15 clients for the challenge which we’ll talk about starting February 2nd. If you come in and you’re a member with us, you’re automatically within, you’re able to be included in this eight week challenge and that helps. You have a trainer specifically assigned to you. So we’ll be, you know, following you up. Okay you just came in and did an awesome workout. That’s awesome, glad you did but what are you eating after? How are you recovering, you know, successfully? Are you stretching, how are you meal prepping, what are you cooking with? So you’ll have someone to hold you accountable.

Captain Brien: I hate meal prepping. You know why? Because I don’t eat leftovers.

Savannah: Okay so you don’t have to meal prep. As long as you have, you know, fresh cut veggies in your fridge so there’s no excuses why you’re not eating well.

Captain Brien: Okay I need to get veggies. I have a lot of fruit.

Savannah: You know your lean meats, everything set in your house all ready to prepare, so that when you do get home late you know from work, you already have healthy food in your fridge to grab and to eat and cook.

Captain Brien: Okay so what did you eat today so far?

Savannah: I have a protein shake in the morning. I do morning classes, we just taught four classes. And then, I just, I do a protein shake and almonds in the morning obviously. It starts your metabolism and then you know, you can stay up higher in fat loss. That’s personally what I do. My body works off that, but then I’ll add in carbs.

Captain Brien: Like what? Well, gee, come on spill the beans. It’s 2019.

Savannah: I had a muffin coming over here.

Captain Brien: See? Did you have a protein muffin or like a regular muffin?

Savannah: No just a normal muffin, we jumped over here. But that’s my carb source so as long as you can see nutrition in the sense of what you’re eating, your overall calories that you’re consuming is you know, your full caloric intake. So obviously we’re into fitness but nutrition does play into a part. So you know, as long as you’re eating less than you’re expending, you know, that’s how you’re going to be in a caloric deficit. You know, if you do want weight loss, if it’s your main goal, or fat loss.

Captain Brien: Now, in college what did you study?

Savannah: Agriculture and communications, yeah.

Captain Brien: And so you’re doing well with that?

Savannah: I’m well within agriculture now but in fitness now it all relates, all correlates, nutrition and everything.

Captain Brien: So I studied psychology and criminal justice of which I’ve never used any of it.

Savannah: See most people don’t.

Captain Brien: Yeah although, this is kind of like what I talk to people, I guess I kinda, a little psychology.

Savannah: Use it a little bit.

Captain Brien: Yeah but its, yeah. As long as you’re out there doing something you love, you don’t have to like, focus on your major always. I don’t feel like that. I feel like the thing that’s most important is that you get up every day and you’re happy to do it. So working out, like, is the same way right? You see the most results when people really are into it. It’s not a chore. Who wants to hate it?

Valerie: Nobody comes in and hates it and I mean honestly, we have people that come in and they leave halfway through.

Captain Brien: Oh really?

Valerie: Oh yeah. A lot. But they come back.

Captain Brien: Listen. I had to say that I was shocked that people just walk in and do that one hour workout like I did.

Valerie: Well they do, but some of them spend half the time in the bathroom.

Captain Brien: I don’t think, yeah. I would assume. I was like you gotta be kidding me, there’s no way that like, I’m looking around like these people must be doing this all the time because there’s no way they would be able to hang.

Savannah: Yeah and that’s the best thing. Once people are coming back you know, every day, or at least three to four times a week, they get in their routine you know? They’re able to rest during their rest time and get to the next station instead of thinking that ten seconds of rest just means you’re sitting there. You’re resting while getting to that next station. So you still have to move, it’s just the habit.

Captain Brien: Understood. Yeah because I really surprised. I was like this is pretty hard.

Valerie: Honestly Brien, what a lot of people tell me is if everybody wasn’t around me, I would have quit but I kept going because that lady beside me wasn’t quitting so I’m not quitting. And that’s how you build your cardiovascular, that’s how you build your strength. You get mind over matter.

Captain Brien: And when you have people like you guys pushing everyone along and then its like, the timing thing, it really is like, it was pushing and pushing and pushing because I’ll be honest. When I work out, yeah I’m not working out that hard myself. Who does? Like you gotta be a crazy person. Be in the gym and doing all that in front of people? In your situation, its fun because it’s exciting.

Valerie: We’re all doing it together.

Captain Brien: Yeah I agree.

Savannah: And then ill just say to this question. Yes it’s for males and females. We highly suggest, we try to market it as best we can as athletic conditioning, strength training, it’s not a, what do they call it? Like an all girls –

Captain Brien: Its not like an aerobics class.

Valerie: It’s not jazzercise.

Savannah:Not not at all. There’s just as many males as females on our roster. You know just, yeah, because a lot of places are just for females and no. It’s for everybody.

Captain Brien: And then, what about like, the person who can’t do like, they’re not going to be jumping down doing burpees and all that kind of stuff. Some people I’m sure physically can’t do it. They have back pain or whatever. So what do you do?

Valerie: That’s the number one difference between, it’s a huge difference between crossfit and us. We don’t focus or demand everybody do the Olympic style movement. We have a modification and an option for anybody.

Captain Brien: Oh you didn’t give me that option. You just said –

Valerie: Oh you’re fine, you can do it.

Captain Brien: Oh yeah of course, you’re just going right in. I went gold medal style or something.

Savannah: The biggest thing we push is you know, when everyone comes in we introduce ourselves, we look for new members, and then we always ask does anyone have any injuries or certain things that they aren’t capable of? So before the workout even starts we have conversations with these people. Is your knee hurting you, what can you do? So then throughout the circuit, we will be able to go with them and personal train them and say oh I know that you have this issue, why don’t you try this exercise instead of what everyone else is doing and tailor it specifically for each person. So that’s the biggest thing when you’re coming in –

Captain Brien: The thing that I always worried about is like, my god I don’t know how to do all these exercises. But the funny thing is, is like, I was like how do these people know how to do all these exercises? And then it just kinda came natural. I don’t know how I figured it out.

Savannah: You’re watching us demo –

Captain Brien: Yeah you guys like showed me how to do everything and I was like alright I could do this for like how long is each one?

Savannah: The 45 minute workout or?

Captain Brien: Yeah each set was, how long was that? It was timed.

Savannah: For that it was 45 seconds.

Captain Brien: 45 seconds right and then you get 15 seconds rest to the next place. Not rest, sit there. You’ve got to go to the next little thing.

Savannah: Right and the biggest thing that I think is obviously there’s so much value in F45. And when you come in everybody, you’ll understand that. When you do come in, you’ll realize that there’s two people only focused on the members. So we’re not doing the exercise along with you. We’re not tired, we’re just focusing on our members. Making sure you have proper form, that’s the biggest thing for people who –

Captain Brien: Yeah a couple times you gave me some good pointers.

Savannah: You know people are so worried about going into a big corporate gym and not doing it correctly. Well don’t worry, we are there literally showing you how to do it correctly and safely, that’s our biggest thing is to do this exercise properly and efficiently so you’re not wasting your time.

Captain Brien: Well for 2019, I think we’re gonna all have health on our mind and physical fitness, and you guys are great. I appreciate you coming on The Captain’s Log.

Savannah: Thanks for having us.

Captain Brien: Thanks so much, I appreciate it and I’m looking forward to F45. Guys we’re going to drop the comments below with the website information and how you can sign up or you can learn more about it, and go and check it out and have some fun like I did. Because I’ll be back and I had a great time.

Savannah: Follow us on Facebook, on Instagram.

Captain Brien: Yeah what is that? What’s your Instagram?

Savannah: F45_training_naples and then obviously for the corkscrew is the other one. We do do a two week free trial for all new members. We’d love to have you come in. 14 days, no contract, just literally for free two full weeks. Give us a call, 239-601-4006 and we’d love to get you signed in.

Captain Brien: What’s the phone number again?

Savannah: 239-601-4006

Captain Brien: Awesome there you go guys. This is the Captain’s Log, Season 2, Episode 1. It’s a wrap. we will be back tomorrow, thanks for watching. Hey like it and share it if you had a good time, if you didn’t, don’t tell anybody it wasn’t fun. Bye.