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Episode 209 The Captain’s Log with Craig Shoemaker

Emmy winner Craig Shoemaker joins Captain Brien on today’s ride where they discuss last year’s Superbowl bet, Philadelphia’s delicacy “scrapple,” Craig’s Shoemakers sons viral video, and of course the Lovemaster makes an appearance! Tune in to hear!

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Captain Brien: Welcome aboard the Captain’s Log, guys. Oh god, look at that zit right there, what is that thing? That’s a big one. Yeah, I just noticed that. Not a good look. We’re live, my gosh. Anyway, Craig Shoemaker, the Lovemaster’s with me today and we just finished up on 105.5 The Beat.

Craig Shoemaker: Yes.

Captain Brien: And we’re gonna be–

Craig Shoemaker: How do I do this here?

Captain Brien: I’ll show ya. My daughter, she’ll do it 25 times. Watch, she’ll call me 25 times.

Craig Shoemaker: I’m on the information super cul-de-sac here,

Captain Brien: And, yeah, we’re gonna do it, we’re gonna do it. Look at us, right there.

Craig Shoemaker: Oh, look at that! Okay, so now I share it on my page.

Captain Brien: Yeah, there you go.

Craig Shoemaker: So people can watch.

Captain Brien: And you’re good.

Craig Shoemaker: On the Craig Shoemaker.

Captain Brien: And we’re in

Craig Shoemaker: Oh, there we go.

Captain Brien: You’re live, baby. So, we just left 105.5 The Beat, we’re in Fort Myers, it’s raining today.

Craig Shoemaker: Oh yes, this is ruining my golf game. I don’t know why I golf, I play in these celebrity things, I got a trophy for closest to the car.

Captain Brien: How is your golf game? Come on, how’s your golf game?

Craig Shoemaker: It’s not that good, I don’t have the head for it. There’s something wrong with me. Plus, I’m very scattered, I have four kids, I can’t meditate. Every time I meditate, I’m thinking, oh, I gotta pick my daughter up from pre-school! There’s something always on your mind.

Craig Shoemaker: As a matter of fact, you’re getting bothered by your daughter’s

Captain Brien: Yeah, my daughter. It’s her birthday though, I can’t knock it, she turns 12 today.

Craig Shoemaker: Okay, we’ll forgive her.

Captain Brien: So she’s all fired up. She needs me to pick her up at noon, did you ever hear of such a thing? You can’t stay a whole day of school ’cause it’s her birthday. Yeah, this is new to me, too. Believe me. I don’t know. I fell for it this year.

Craig Shoemaker: So it’s not a real thing?

Captain Brien: I don’t think so.

Craig Shoemaker: You don’t bother checking with the school. It’s amazing what we believe from our kids.

Captain Brien: I don’t think it’s a thing. I just think my daughter conned me into pickin’ her up at noon today to get–

Craig Shoemaker: My son says, I said, “it’s finals week,” he goes, “We don’t study.”

Captain Brien: Yeah, of course.

Craig Shoemaker: I guess it’s a new thing, “We don’t study for finals anymore.”

Captain Brien: Right. Yeah, they don’t do homework, that’s the other thing. “We don’t have homework during finals week.” I go, “Well don’t you have to study for the test?” “No study, no, we did everything in class.”

Craig Shoemaker: And then we have evidence too. You can go online now and see what they’re not doing. And then they have an excuse for that, too.

Captain Brien: Oh yeah.

Craig Shoemaker: They go, “Oh no, it’s a special program that I’m in.” It’s called the F program.

Captain Brien: That’s a classic. I love that they teach ’em that when it’s the busiest time of the week, the end, during the finals, they don’t have to do anything at home for it. Just like in real life, right? When you have a big show, you don’t prepare. You just walk right up there and do it.

Craig Shoemaker: Yeah, but they just think we’re a bunch of idiots. By the way, am I supposed to be nervous here? You’re on a show, while you’re driving, although it looks like I’m driving ’cause it looks like we’re in England on this thing.

Captain Brien: No, it’s the right way.

Craig Shoemaker: Oh, is this the right?

Captain Brien: Yeah, to them it’s the right way. When I don’t flip it, it’s the wrong way and they tell me the whole time, “You’re goin’ “the wrong–what kind of car is that?” “You’re on the wrong side of the road.”

Craig Shoemaker: Yeah, during a tropical storm. What’s it called? Inda, Indra?

Captain Brien: I don’t know.

Craig Shoemaker: That’s a good name because there are very few Indras out there.

Craig Shoemaker: I feel so sorry, my friend’s daughter name is Katrina.

Captain Brien: Oh no!

Craig Shoemaker: So for the rest of her life, no one’s gonna wanna date her. I’m not datin’ that storm!

Captain Brien: Exactly, yeah, that’s a freakin’ disaster, catastrophe.

Craig Shoemaker: They should have names that you would never, you’re never gonna meet like an Adolf. There’s not a lot of Adolfs out there. Call a tropical storm, or Shmeggeggy.

Captain Brien: Right

Craig Shoemaker: There’s cyclone Shmeggeggy is comin’ this way.

Captain Brien: Yeah, that would really suck if it was your name that was taken down by a storm.

Craig Shoemaker: Irma. Not a lot of Irmas out there.

Craig Shoemaker: Not a lot.You can get away with that one. Maybe that is what they’re doing now, they’re coming up with names that you wouldn’t really–

Captain Brien: They use the alphabet, right?

Craig Shoemaker: They do.

Captain Brien: And then they go around, that’s how they do it.

Craig Shoemaker: I haven’t seen a Craig yet.

Captain Brien: Ooh, Craig’s gonna be rough.

Craig Shoemaker: But, they should have one called the Lovemaster.

Captain Brien: Yeah, what kinda storm is that gonna be?

Craig Shoemaker: Oh yeah, baby. I’ll get you so wet they’ll have to call FEMA.

Captain Brien: You’ll be flooded.

Craig Shoemaker: You better get a wide angle, right there, baby. Oh yeah.

Captain Brien: For the Lovemaster?

Craig Shoemaker: For the Lovemaster baby.

Captain Brien: We look good today, it’s the lighting, the technical guy did a good job, didn’t he?

Craig Shoemaker: Yeah, God.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Craig Shoemaker: It’s his natural lighting here.

Captain Brien: Looks good, you look sexy, that beard.

Craig Shoemaker: Yeah, I wore the hat though, ’cause you picked me up so early.

Captain Brien: Yeah

Craig Shoemaker: I’ve been at it too. We’ve been at this for all morning!

Captain Brien: All morning.

Craig Shoemaker: Brought me a breakfast sandwich though.

Captain Brien: That was nice of me.

Craig Shoemaker: You’re like “that was nice of me.”

Captain Brien: It was!

Craig Shoemaker: I have to give you credit for being nice. And you did not renege on a bet last year. My Eagles against your Patriots. You send me a whole cooler filled with lobster rolls.

Captain Brien: That was a losing bet no matter how I looked at it. Even if I won–

Craig Shoemaker: Yeah, me sending you scrapples is not gonna work.

Captain Brien: Yeah, me getting chucked meat and a sandwich.

Craig Shoemaker: You ever heard of scrapple?

Captain Brien: Yeah, I have.

Craig Shoemaker: I was gonna send you that.

Captain Brien: What’s scrapple?

Craig Shoemaker: It’s–you gotta go.

Captain Brien: I gotta drive, I gotta drive. You got so interested in scrapple, I almost lost my concentration.

Craig Shoemaker: It’s called scrapple. Now, do you trust anything with the word “crap” sitting right in the middle of the word?

Captain Brien: No.

Craig Shoemaker: It’s one vowel away from scrap pile and that’s what it is.

Craig Shoemaker: You know how they make sausage? It’s what’s left over on the floor. So it’s a scrap pile.

Captain Brien: You’re shittin’ me.

Craig Shoemaker: So it’s a pile, and they put it into a mold, and Philadelphians go, “Ah, just put ketchup on it, “it’ll put hair on your chest.” Well thanks for the health tip, Sasquatch.

Captain Brien: Wait, it’s the uncased sausage?

Craig Shoemaker: Yes, it’s the ingredients and it’s the snouts and all that stuff.

Captain Brien: Get outta here.

Craig Shoemaker: It’s not very appetizing anymore.

Captain Brien: Oh my God!

Craig Shoemaker: But we love it in Philadelphia, it’s a mold.

Craig Shoemaker: I was gonna send that to you if the Patriots beat the Eagles last year. Fortunately for you and your digestive system, you did not win the bet, but I sure loved it.

Captain Brien: Then I would have really been pissed, ’cause I wanted a real Philly cheesesteak. I wasn’t gonna get one?

Craig Shoemaker: I was gonna send you scrapple.

Captain Brien: Oh my God!

Craig Shoemaker: No, I would’ve sent you cheesesteaks. I don’t know if they travel well.

Captain Brien: And I’m thinking, this guy’s gonna send me a cheeseteak for $50, and I’m spending $500 on lobsters. How the hell could I have lost that-

Craig Shoemaker: Was is $500?

Captain Brien: Dude, by the time you pay for everything it was like, it was a good $350 I’m not kidding.

Craig Shoemaker: I wanna bet you more often.

Captain Brien: It sent me back $350.

Craig Shoemaker: I would’ve had some guy make you a cheesesteak and bring it over to you.

Captain Brien: Oh my God.

Craig Shoemaker: Some guy in the Florida area here.

Captain Brien: I love a cheesesteak though, it’s one of my favs. How do you do your cheesesteak?

Craig Shoemaker: I do whiz, you gotta do the whiz.

Captain Brien: Is it, so–okay.

Craig Shoemaker: I’ll never forget Jay Leno, he used to go, “Whiz? Just how much whiz is in your cheese whiz?” I don’t know how much whiz is in it but it’s delicious. My females that I grew up with will not do the whiz. They were like, “that’s not real cheese.”

Captain Brien: Yeah, I want American cheese, but that’s not a tradition.

Craig Shoemaker: And then you put sauce, which you, an Italian you would say gravy, red gravy

Captain Brien: Wait, in Philly they put that on there?

Craig Shoemaker: Oh yeah, sauce in it and grilled onions.

Captain Brien: I love that, I didn’t know that was a real thing.

Craig Shoemaker: No yeah, it’s like a pizza steak.

Captain Brien: Yeah!

Craig Shoemaker: Yeah you put pizza sauce on the cheesesteak.

Captain Brien: Really?

Craig Shoemaker: But you go with the scrapple. I don’t know what kind of meat they used but I dropped it on my lap and it started humping my leg.

Captain Brien: Wait, you can get scrapple at the cheesesteak place?

Craig Shoemaker: Yeah, a lot of places, yeah. It’s a Philadelphia tradition, it’s a breakfast food.

Captain Brien: Oh, so–And what’s the best–

Craig Shoemaker: What’s the tradition here in Naples? What kind of breakfast do you eat?

Captain Brien: Everyone wants grouper. For breakfast, I don’t think we have a–

Craig Shoemaker: It has to be something soft, there’s a lot of old people here. The audience last night, the average age was on oxygen.

Captain Brien: You know what–

Craig Shoemaker: I had one guy, literally, I’m not kidding you, the entire show, why do you put someone in the front row who has a gape mouth the entire time?

Captain Brien: I don’t know.

Craig Shoemaker: I thought he literally was going to die.

Captain Brien: It was a Jewish federation, they have a place upstairs, and they started out with 40 people, and they went to like 150 people. You know that it’s not a young organization.

Craig Shoemaker: No.

Captain Brien: I assume it’s very old. But you’ll see tonight, it’s a young crowd.

Craig Shoemaker: Tonight’s the young crowd?

Captain Brien: Yeah, it won’t be like that.

Craig Shoemaker: That means they’re like 70.

Captain Brien: Yeah, they’ll be in their 60’s.

Craig Shoemaker: That’s the young crowd.

Captain Brien: No, no, it’s not like that.

Craig Shoemaker: I mentioned social media last night, I said, “Oh no, forget it.” Just send me a postcard.

Captain Brien: Yeah it’s a Wednesday night with that crowd in there, I mean come on. It’s not gonna resonate too well. They think social media is them reading the newspaper when it’s delivered.

Craig Shoemaker: While they’re playing mahjong.

Captain Brien: Right. We’re being very social, yes.

Craig Shoemaker: My son, he’s into that “snatch chat.”

Captain Brien: Yeah, right?

Craig Shoemaker: That’s all he does all the time.

Captain Brien: It’s a good thing though, I use it, I use it.

Craig Shoemaker: I didn’t, that’s the one I will not do.

Captain Brien: Why, because you gotta be quick?

Craig Shoemaker: I tried it for like–well because I’m– Whoa stop, stop, stop, oh my God.

Captain Brien: Hey, the car’s automatic. Look, look.

Craig Shoemaker: Oh, no way?

Captain Brien: Yeah, it does everything.

Craig Shoemaker: Oh, that would’ve stopped anyway? As you were ramming into that guy’s ass?

Captain Brien: Yeah, absolutely. Right in his butt hole.

Craig Shoemaker: He’s an idiot, by the way.

Captain Brien: Yeah, look at him, he went to the other guy. He had to cut over, to cut over, to cut over.

Craig Shoemaker: Oh my god, he’s a tailgater, during a storm, and he has a piece of shit car. We should show people this car.

Captain Brien: Go tell him, go tell him.

Craig Shoemaker: What is that box that he’s driving? It drives like that?

Captain Brien: It’s terrible.

Craig Shoemaker: Cut us off.

Captain Brien: Its terrible.

Craig Shoemaker: Alright, so back to the funny.

Captain Brien: So back to your son doing Snapchat.

Craig Shoemaker: Yes! I call it “snatch chat,” because when it first started, I saw a lot of disappearing vaginas.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Craig Shoemaker: I was trying to admonish him at the same time, I’m going “whoa, whoa, whoa.”

Captain Brien: Maybe I should follow his account, I’m very intrigued now.

Craig Shoemaker: He FaceTimed me from… from Europe. He was there for his graduation. Three and a half weeks! What’d you do when you graduated? I was in the Jersey Shore for a night, slept under a car, and this kid’s in Europe.

Captain Brien: When I graduated college, I had chicken pox the day after. So bad that I literally was in bed for like 14 days.

Craig Shoemaker: Oh my God.

Captain Brien: It was brutal.

Craig Shoemaker: Who gets chicken pox at 17, 18 years old?

Captain Brien: That was college, when I graduated college. I was 21, and it was so bad.

Craig Shoemaker: High school though, what’d you do for high school? You didn’t do anything, right?

Captain Brien: Yeah, no, I didn’t do nothing.

Craig Shoemaker: Three and a half weeks with his friends.

Captain Brien: I probably played baseball the next day.

Craig Shoemaker: He’s FaceTiming me, he said, “What’s up, dad? “I’m in a nude beach in France.” I’m going, “Move your fuckin’ head!”

Captain Brien: Right!

Craig Shoemaker: Let me see what I paid for!

Captain Brien: You’re taking up the whole screen.

Craig Shoemaker: I see that head all the time, he’s got this big head getting in the way. I wanna see some Francé!

Captain Brien: Flip the camera around!

Craig Shoemaker: Francé titty.

Captain Brien: Don’t they know you’re talking to the Lovemaster on the other line, baby?

Craig Shoemaker: Oh my God.

Captain Brien: Geez.

Craig Shoemaker: He’s the new Lovemaster, my son.

Captain Brien: He is, right? So he had a viral video.

Craig Shoemaker: Yes, I sent him to… Like an idiot, I fly him to Philadelphia ’cause I didn’t wanna go– I can’t celebrate like I used to.

Captain Brien: Yeah, yeah.

Craig Shoemaker: Who cares? So I send the kid in to Philadelphia when they won the Super Bowl. Next thing I know, a viral video of him upside down doing a keg stand in his Eagle’s jersey.

Captain Brien: And he wasn’t 21?

Craig Shoemaker: No. With a guy with a joint in his lips holding him up, with some woman in the background with a Philadelphia accent going, “Justin from California, bitches!”

Captain Brien: A proud moment Daddy had.

Captain Brien: And it went viral, yeah!

Craig Shoemaker: Oh, good Lord.

Captain Brien: He got a lot for it, right? A lot of views.

Craig Shoemaker: Yeah, and meanwhile I’m writing jokes and have real talent, and this kid does a keg stand in Philadelphia during a Super Bowl party, and gets more views than I ever have for my hour and a half Daditude special.

Captain Brien: Right, right, yeah.

Craig Shoemaker: Can’t do things long anymore.

Captain Brien: No it’s all short–

Craig Shoemaker: I feel sorry for women these days.

Craig Shoemaker: There’s no foreplay. What about foreplay? I was always instructed that that was what women wanted.

Captain Brien: I think they want, they want jokes. Maybe they don’t.

Craig Shoemaker: They say a sense of humor, that is a bunch of crap. They’re never in the front row throwing panties at me at the comedy show.

Captain Brien: This is true.

Craig Shoemaker: Tell another joke, comedy boy.

Captain Brien: Yeah they don’t come to the door and say “I’ll trade you for tickets, my panties.” That doesn’t work.

Craig Shoemaker: “Talk about being cheap with your kids, you’re making me moist.” No, they’re not after a sense of humor. They say that in all the surveys, but it’s not true.

Captain Brien: ‘Cause they wanna look like they’re not shallow?

Craig Shoemaker: Now a multimillionaire telling jokes, I’m sure they’d be into that.

Captain Brien: They’re very into it.

Craig Shoemaker: No, I sound bitter. I’m happily married.

Captain Brien: Well that’s good.

Craig Shoemaker: I’m also divorced.

Captain Brien: You are, yeah we talked about that.

Craig Shoemaker: That’s right. And by the way, all my shows at your clubs are benefit shows and all proceeds go to my ex-wife. I just thought I’d let you know.

Captain Brien: They can get tickets. Go to

Craig Shoemaker: And it goes to Pilates.

Captain Brien: Yeah. How can you say no to that?

Craig Shoemaker: It goes to her Pilates class and her… and Botox.

Captain Brien: Oh my God.

Craig Shoemaker: Yeah that’s what your cover charge goes to that.

Captain Brien: That’s funny

Craig Shoemaker: But no, I’m not bitter

Captain Brien: That’s a riot. So tell me, you’ve been doin’ the comedy now how long?

Craig Shoemaker: By the way, we have 13– You told me I was gonna have a load of–

Captain Brien: We will!

Craig Shoemaker: Now it went down to 11.

Captain Brien: We will! It’s nine o’clock. How many people are gonna watch at nine o’clock? By the time this is done–

Craig Shoemaker: Yeah?

Captain Brien: By the time you leave this weekend, 10,000 views, guaranteed.

Craig Shoemaker: Let me see what it says here.

Captain Brien: There’s probably–

Craig Shoemaker: “By the way, who needs sunglasses today? LOL.” I do ’cause I’ve been up all night.

Captain Brien: Yeah, Craig had a–Hi Ana! Ana’s watching laughing at us right now. And Elaine, hey Elaine. What’s happening–Oh, Eileen? I can’t read because I’m tryin’ to drive. I should drive and not talk. Or should I not read?

Craig Shoemaker: I’m looking at you, Ana. With my hazel eyes.

Captain Brien: You should entertain the audience. This is my actual podcast, Craig.

Craig Shoemaker: Really?

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Craig Shoemaker: What do you mean, “entertain the audience”?

Captain Brien: Yeah, say somethin’ good, you know? Say somethin’ funny. Do you hate when people say that to you? I hate it! “Oh own a comedy club? Are you funny?” What do you mean? I’m not a comedian.

Craig Shoemaker: I had this woman in Philadelphia– I was havin’ a meal at this outdoor cafe. From another table with a Philadelphia accent, “Hey yo, I overheard you’re a comedian. “Tell me a joke. Make me laugh.” I’m like, “Listen lady, this is what I do for a living. “What do you do?” “I’m a nurse.” “Alright, you give me an enema. “You do your job, I’ll do mine. How’s that?” It’s what we do for a living. And then people askin’ for free tickets.

Captain Brien: Oh, nonstop.

Craig Shoemaker: I hope he’s watchin’ right now. A guy on my Facebook flat-out says, “How ’bout some tickets?” How do you think–Do you own a bakery? I go, “You know, I’ll have a croissant, “I’ll have a little pastry.”

Captain Brien: Why don’t ya whip me up a cake right now.

Craig Shoemaker: Just because I asked.

Captain Brien: I’ll trade you a cake in your back pocket for these tickets. The thing that drive me crazy is that they’ll hit you up, wonderin’ what’s goin’ on that weekend. Oh, nothin’ much. No show. No! Is it, “Are they funny?” How ’bout that question? “Hey you got a show this weekend. Are they funny?”

Craig Shoemaker: That’s irrelevant.

Captain Brien: Oh, are they funny? Yeah, no I try to book the most un-funny people in the U.S. That’s my business.

Craig Shoemaker: Well, there are a lot of un-funnies.

Captain Brien: Yeah, but I don’t book ’em!

Craig Shoemaker: But they have a Youtube hit.

Captain Brien: Well, okay.

Craig Shoemaker: You know, if they have a Youtube hit, they’re an influencer, so influencers are now doing comedy.

Captain Brien: Yeah, they are. It’s a big thing.

Craig Shoemaker: You know how you can tell by the way? I’m gonna give you a secret. Okay? You.

Captain Brien: This is a secret just for the people that watch it.

Craig Shoemaker: If it’s a star, right? They list it as a star show and it says “and friends.” That means they have no material and they load it up with comedians but they’re basing everything on their draw from being the influencer–

Captain Brien: That’s true.

Craig Shoemaker: Of which they only have five minutes of material.

Captain Brien: But the people love the fact that they get to meet those people.

Craig Shoemaker: They get to meet the influencer who’s gonna only be around a second.

Captain Brien: But they want a picture with the influencer.

Craig Shoemaker: The Lovemaster’s got stay power baby. Oh yeahhh.

Craig Shoemaker: I’ve been doin’ this since high school

Captain Brien: I literally fell in love with the Lovemaster. I don’t know how long ago, but like one of my favorite bits in comedy.

Craig Shoemaker: Oh really?

Captain Brien: It is! Yeah I’m not kiddin’. I love it. I love it.

Craig Shoemaker: Well, I have to be P.C. about it now. I’m gonna tell you the derivation of the Lovemaster, which is P.C. I was a geek in high school.

Captain Brien: Oh look! Bob Feffer and Sherri Feffer. Those are your friends from Philly. Yeah, yeah she’s watchin’ right now.

Craig Shoemaker: Aye! They’re local.

Captain Brien: Yeah, of course, they all watch.

Craig Shoemaker: Nice weather you gave me here, Sherri.

Captain Brien: Yeah. Hi Sherri! Hey Bob, what’s goin’ on?

Craig Shoemaker: Bob’s not on.

Captain Brien: Well, maybe they’re together. I don’t know.

Craig Shoemaker: By the way, speaking of comp tickets, they asked me for four on Friday.

Captain Brien: Here we go.

Craig Shoemaker: Can you write that down?

Captain Brien: Just reel ’em in. Reelin’ em in.

Craig Shoemaker: Actually, to top it all of, they went through Tim Mooney to ask me for the tickets for them.

Craig Shoemaker: And I have to ask you. That’s how it works in the comedy business. It’s a wonder we make any money.

Captain Brien: So you’re tellin’ me about the Lovemaster, which I said was one of my favorite bits of comedy–

Craig Shoemaker: The Lovemaster all came from–I was a geek in high school.

Captain Brien: Yeah

Craig Shoemaker: Which is how I became a comic, because it’s the only why to get attention from the girls. I was 5’1″, 92 lbs, and all the girls would use the F-word with me: Friend. I was always the frickin’ friend.

Captain Brien: Right, yeah.

Craig Shoemaker: I hated it. I asked 13 girls to the prom.

Captain Brien: No way!

Craig Shoemaker: And the one who went with me, she ended up making out with Ricky Aldamere in the corner.

Captain Brien: Ricky, that S.O.B.

Craig Shoemaker: Yeah, Linda Scott– I go with her, I thought she’d look good for the photo.

Captain Brien: Damn it Ricky!

Craig Shoemaker: You know, show my kids, “Look at this.” “Look who I went to the prom with.”

Captain Brien: Where’s Ricky now? He’s not the Lovemaster.

Craig Shoemaker: That’s right.

Craig Shoemaker: One time–You know Cindy Crawford, supermodel?

Captain Brien: Yeah, of course.

Craig Shoemaker: I was doin’ a TV show with her on NBC and she goes, “You must’a had a lot of girls.” I said, “No, Cindy. I was a geek.” 13 girls, Linda Scott made out with Rickey Aldamere, and I turned to the camera and I said, “Well Linda, I’m here with Cindy Crawford.” Right?

Craig Shoemaker: And I swear to God she was actually watching and so was Ricky Aldamere’s wife.

Captain Brien: Get outta here! That’s so funny.

Craig Shoemaker: Ricky Aldamere’s wife e-mailed me: “He was a creep back then, wasn’t he?”

Captain Brien: That’s funny.

Craig Shoemaker: Yes he was. He took my prom date I spent all that money for. I should bill him.

Captain Brien: That’s a riot. I love that.

Craig Shoemaker: It’s a lot of money.

Captain Brien: But now you created the Lovemaster and then it made a living so thank Ricky.

Craig Shoemaker: That’s true. From every hardship, I ended up turning it around and making lemonade.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Craig Shoemaker: I’ve got a whole stand now of all the hardships.

Captain Brien: We did that with our ex’s too.

Craig Shoemaker: That’s exactly right, so I’ve got some good ex material.

Captain Brien: Yeah

Craig Shoemaker: I don’t have as much about my current wife.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Craig Shoemaker: She shouldn’t be called “current” wife. She’s my wife. Like it’s a temp job.

Captain Brien: There could be an expiration date

Craig Shoemaker: No, there’s no expiration date.

Captain Brien: I run 10 years.

Craig Shoemaker: She’s permanent. I believe on my part she is, but she’s just so… She’s so kind and, you know, you have to have conflict in comedy. And we have no conflict. I’m like, “Can you get mad at me for something?”

Captain Brien: Right, you have to have somethin’ to talk about.

Craig Shoemaker: Yeah, so I don’t have a lot about her except she’s very, very new-agey.

Captain Brien: You did say that.

Craig Shoemaker: She gets turned on when I compost.

Captain Brien: Oh, really?

Craig Shoemaker: I’m like, “Look, honey. I got a banana peel. “I’m putting it in the can where it belongs.”

Captain Brien: And she’s ready to go.

Craig Shoemaker: She’s got a vaginal boner on this one. On the composting.

Captain Brien: Oh my God. So guys, tune in right now. We’re going on 105–no, I’m sorry, 103.9.

Craig Shoemaker: So that was it? That’s–

Captain Brien: We’re done, the show, we gotta end it baby. It’s a wrap.

Craig Shoemaker: Oh, we’re up to six people. That’s fantastic. This really killed.

Captain Brien: It’s been on and off. It’s the damn zit today. See this zit right here? That’s why no one wants to watch.

Craig Shoemaker: Why would you point it out? I can’t even see it.

Captain Brien: I don’t know what happened You can’t see it? It’s huge!

Captain Brien: Go all the way up to the thing here. I grew that just since we’ve been talking.

Craig Shoemaker: Oh my God, it looks like Beetlejuice. Another head is growing on your–

Captain Brien: How all of a sudden that happened? It’s the stress of my daughter’s birthday today.

Craig Shoemaker: That’s what it is?

Captain Brien: Maybe.

Craig Shoemaker: You’re under pressure?

Captain Brien: Yeah, it’s a lot. I gotta do a lot of things.

Craig Shoemaker: I love that kids now–she has a whole, like, four days for her birthday.

Captain Brien: It’s not a birthday month to–

Craig Shoemaker: You won’t take me fishing now, “Oh it’s my daughter’s birthday.” “So when’s her birthday?” “Today.” “Well I’m asking you to fish on Sunday.” “Oh no, it’s still my daughter’s birthday.”

Captain Brien: Have you seen the birthday month post? “It’s my birthday month! Give it up!” Like that’s extra.

Craig Shoemaker: Oh God, you know what I hate about birthdays? We were all born.

Captain Brien: Yeah everyone has one, right?

Craig Shoemaker: There’s nothing special. I don’t celebrate them anymore.

Captain Brien: I know, I know. Listen guys, we’re wrappin’ it up. It’s the Captain’s Log, say “hi” to us. You can follow Craig Shoemaker @craigshoe, yeah?

Craig Shoemaker: Captain’s Log, that reminds me of John Luck Pickard.

Captain Brien: Eh, it’s the Captain’s Log.

Craig Shoemaker: Captain’s Log.

Captain Brien: I need a sexy name for the followers though.

Craig Shoemaker: Stool is a little loose. Need more fiber.

Craig Shoemaker: Engage!

Captain Brien: We’re out guys.

Craig Shoemaker: Captain’s Log.

Captain Brien: We gotta go. 103.9, tune in. We’re gonna be live and 96K-Rock. See Craig at Off The Hook Comedy Club all weekend. Later, we out.