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Episode 213 The Captain’s Log with Comedian Steve Trevino and Captain Brien!

Comedian Steve Trevino joins Captain Brien to discuss what it’s like being a comedian, random comedian requests, and fishing! Tune into hear some of the funny, random, and sometimes obnoxious requests comedians make!

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Steve Trevino: But I can do it here, huh?

Captain Brien: Yeah man, we’re back, it’s the Captain’s Log.

Captain Brien:Steve Trevino, no, I can’t do it.

Steve Trevino: Trevino.

Captain Brien:- Trevino. I’m just gonna say Trevino like a white guy.

Steve Trevino: Trevino, yeah just be a white guy.

Captain Brien: I’m so white anyway, like, I don’t have any tongue roll.

Steve Trevino: So how do I do it on mine?

Captain Brien: So you’re gonna go like this.

Steve Trevino: Refresh.

Captain Brien: And, yeah. When you scroll down, and then scroll back up and see us. But thanks for joining me, man, The Captain’s Log. Now, have you been on the show, have we done this?

Steve Trevino: Well no, I’ve been a little jealous to be honest with you, every time I come into town you’re like, “Steve, I can’t make it, I got this going on.” And then literally the next week you’ll have, like, Eric Griffin. And I’m like, “oh, ’cause I’m not a workaholic.”

Captain Brien: No, no, stop, you know what it is?

Steve Trevino: We’ve been friends a long time.

Captain Brien: We’ve been friends a long time, but I’ll tell you why. Because you’re so professional. The truth is, I don’t have to babysit you. So it’s like a great weekend for me to understand, like, Steve’s got it all under control, he’s like a pro, he’s gonna knock ’em out of the park.

Steve Trevino: So I gotta flip mine up now.

Captain Brien: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, go for it. Yeah tell ’em, tell your peeps.

Steve Trevino: I think we did it.

Captain Brien: Good.

Steve Trevino: Awesome.

Captain Brien: Yep, you’re live. You can put it away, tell ’em.

Steve Trevino: Well look, I’m one of those guys that I know that, number one, I take it like a job.

Captain Brien: Right?

Steve Trevino: It’s my job.

Steve Trevino: Is it what I love to do, I love to do it, I love to be on stage, but at the end of the day this is my job.

Captain Brien: Correct.

Steve Trevino: ‘Cause I did it too when I worked at the comedy club, I would have to pick up the comics, it was a nightmare.

Captain Brien: Why, because 30% of the time they’re on time?

Steve Trevino: Yeah, maybe, and sometimes you’re knocking on the door, and then they give you the-

Captain Brien: I’m on my way, I’ll be right down.

Steve Trevino: I’ll be down in a minute.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Steve Trevino: And I would just sit in the lobby and then I would get yelled at by the radio stations, you know what I mean?

Captain Brien: Story of my life every day.

Steve Trevino: I’m like, “no, it’s not me!”

Captain Brien: Every day.

Steve Trevino: I was there! I was trying to wake him up.

Captain Brien: I can’t tell you, you know the message I sent you, “hey, you want me to get you a coffee?” By the way, where is your coffee? Oh, it’s in the back.

Captain Brien: It’s in the back. “Hey, you want me to get you a coffee?” That message is literally my cue to figure out if they’re-

Steve Trevino: If they’re up or not.

Captain Brien: If they’re gonna make it, it’s worth it for me to get a coffee, breakfast, whatever they want, whatever they need.

Steve Trevino: But let me know you’re up.

Captain Brien: Let me know that you’re gonna make it today.

Steve Trevino: And a lot of comics too, they’re like, “oh I don’t wanna do radio.” And I’m like “look man, it’s part of our job.”

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Steve Trevino: I remember listening to an interview with Chris Rock where he was talking to a comedian, and the comedian goes “I wanna get to the point “where I don’t have to tour.” And Chris Rock’s like, “well, don’t be a comedian.”

Captain Brien: Right.

Steve Trevino: ‘Cause it’s what we do.

Captain Brien: Yeah, who wants to be like a rock star and not play?

Steve Trevino: It’s part of our life, that’s how I make my money. Even Chris Rock still tours.

Captain Brien: I agree with that 100%, but I also feel like there’s this new movement they’re making where everyone’s like, “oh, I just wanna work on Friday and Saturday.” Oh, so you just want the club to go out of business. Like two days a week, the club is gonna be busy?

Steve Trevino: And I always laugh when I hear these. You know, like a new club will pop up, and these young comics are like “they are paying so much money.”

Captain Brien: Oh yeah.

Steve Trevino: I’m like, why don’t you tell them,

Captain Brien: That they’re gonna be gone in six months.

Steve Trevino: Right, do you want ’em here forever?

Captain Brien: Right.

Steve Trevino: Or do you wanna get money right now?

Captain Brien: Correct, right.

Steve Trevino: So they have this attitude of like, oh, just go in there and get the money. It’s like, well they’re gonna go out of business.

Captain Brien: No, that’s not how it works, exactly.

Steve Trevino: I’d rather have constant work forever.

Captain Brien: Well again, that goes back to the reason why when you’re like “hey, “if I’m going out of town, if I’m not available that week.” I know certain weeks that I have to freakin’ be there and babysit.

Steve Trevino: Yeah.

Captain Brien: I have to do a hundred more things than I would do.

Steve Trevino: And then I have friends that tell me “I love comedy, I should be a comedy club manager.” And I’m like, “you don’t even know “what you’re getting into.

Captain Brien: Oh it’s like being a fishing guide. Oh you like to fish? Oh yeah, how about taking a moron fishing every single day of your life? You’ll hate it.

Steve Trevino: You’re gonna hate it. And not only that, every week is completely different.

Captain Brien: Every week.

Steve Trevino: You’re managing a different comedian every single week.

Captain Brien: And the audience.

Steve Trevino: I got to the hotel at The Punchline in San Francisco, and the guy at the hotel was like, “hey, here’s a bottle of 1941 “that somebody left for you.” And I was like “really?” And he said “yeah, a Marlon Wayans a bottle of 1941”, right?

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Steve Trevino: And I showed up at the club I’m like “man, Marlon Wayans left me a bottle of 1941.” And they’re like “really?”

Captain Brien: ‘Cause we paid for it.

Captain Brien:We had to buy one every night. Oh, just so you know, how nice of him that was, is that every night they bought one of those.

Steve Trevino: That’s what they told us, they go “Every night we have to buy him a bottle of this, “and he just left it at the hotel for you.”

Captain Brien: And I’m like “hey, you drank the whole bottle?” Because if not I’ll just go to the hotel, pick it up, and I’ll bring it back to the green room and you can drink the other quarter of it that you drank. Now it doesn’t work like that.

Steve Trevino: And we have been blessed and things are moving forward in my career, and my agents and managers, they’re like “what do you want in your green room?”

Captain Brien: Right.

Steve Trevino: “What’s your writer?” and I’m like “I don’t need anything.”

Captain Brien: Yeah, well you’re a man.

Steve Trevino: And if I want something, there’s a full bar at every comedy club I work at, I’d just get it.

Captain Brien: Right, I think a lot of the writers, aren’t they just cookie cutters? Like, they’re not gonna re-write someone’s whole new-

Steve Trevino: Somebody told me that somebody asked for a German Shepherd puppy.

Captain Brien: At every show or just one?

Steve Trevino: No, at every show, a new puppy. What I remember, dude, you used to have the condo, first of all, it wasn’t even a condo. It was somebody’s house, it was Brien’s house. It was huge, it was a full-on house. And Brien would be like “oh, stay at the house.” And you’re like “what?” And I love to fish right, so the dock was back there, we could fish all night. So anyway, I get there, and there’s like three pairs of Air Force One’s.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Steve Trevino: And you know who wanted those.

Captain Brien: Yep, well I told that story before. The thing about it is that it’s not one pair for the four shows, or five shows, or six shows, no.

Steve Trevino: Every show.

Captain Brien: It’s a different pair every show, what are you doing with those?

Steve Trevino: Eddie Griffin wants a different pair of white on white Air Force Ones for every single show.

Captain Brien: Yup, every show, one time, funniest thing-

Steve Trevino: And he just left them behind.

Captain Brien: I had him in September and it was back to school. And they only make so many, I didn’t know this because it’s not like the hottest new shoes. They only made so many Air Force Ones.

Steve Trevino: Nobody wants these shoes.

Captain Brien: Yeah, and so they get like x amount, and then they’re like oh, they’re not making Air Force Ones again for like nine months.

Steve Trevino: Right.

Captain Brien: This is back to school.

Steve Trevino: Yeah, the Chinese people are tired.

Captain Brien: See, I didn’t know this, right? So what they do, is they ship ’em all out, when they’re gone, they’re gone. So you have to wait until the next-

Steve Trevino: Shipment, or whatever, right.

Captain Brien: So I said “Eddie,” and he goes “oh yeah, “that happens all the time, I know.” I’m like “oh, alright.” He goes “let’s go to the store, “and we’ll pick out something together.”

Steve Trevino: Like a date.

Captain Brien: Yeah, no. So we go to the mall, we go in Foot Locker, and he picks out a pair of shoes that are $15 cheaper than the Air Force Ones.

Steve Trevino: He wants that 15 bucks.

Captain Brien: Dude he took the 15.

Steve Trevino: No.

Captain Brien: Yeah. He didn’t take the 15, he goes “damn, “you thought you were getting away “$15 cheaper, yo, throw some socks in.”

Steve Trevino: No!

Captain Brien: Yeah! He added the socks in until it got to the same price bro.

Steve Trevino: Oh my god.

Captain Brien: And I just died. I was like “I should totally record this.”

Steve Trevino: That’s unbelievable.

Captain Brien: I know, I know

Steve Trevino: It’s unreal to me.

Captain Brien: But it happened!

Steve Trevino: ‘Cause I’m very blue collar, I grew up, my dad is a welder, pipe fitter, my dad was always like “hey man, work hard” you know. So to me that’s just unheard of.

Captain Brien: But he knew already how much they were and how much he was gonna spend.

Steve Trevino: “You owe me $15!”

Captain Brien: Yeah. He’s like “yo, yo, yo, you thought “you were getting away with that.” He said those words, “you’re getting away $15 cheaper.

Steve Trevino: Unbelievable.

Captain Brien: Throw in some socks, throw in some socks, I died, dude. I just love the fact that he did that so I could tell this story.

Steve Trevino:  I couldn’t do it!

Captain Brien: I told the story a few times, it’s legit, 100% true.

Steve Trevino: I’m the kind of guy where, ’cause you know, sometimes I do the theater shows, and if I know that I have friends and family coming, I’ll ask for a bottle of Crown. Friends or family coming.

Captain Brien: Now you ask for a bottle of Captain Brien’s, vodka or rum, or gin right?

Steve Trevino: Well, my wife would probably love your vodka. I’m not a vodka guy myself.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Steve Trevino: So you know, I ask for a bottle of Crown, right? And I’m the kind of guy that I’ve gone back there and it’s not there and I’m just like oh, okay. I’m not gonna be like “wait a minute.”

Captain Brien: No, oh no.

Captain Brien: “Where the hell is my bottle of Crown?”

Captain Brien: The whole show’s gotta stop.

Steve Trevino: “I’m not going on stage.”

Captain Brien: I go, “Eddie, you can’t smoke on stage anymore, “they just changed the rules.” He goes, “Oh okay, okay Captain. “Eddie Griffin no smoking, Eddie Griffin no showing.”

Steve Trevino: No!

Captain Brien: He was dead serious. They were dead serious, so I literally had to have the fire marshal at the show stand outside while he smoked, he said it was a prop onstage. The new contract that I just did, I was trying to bring him back in April, right now, hadn’t had him in a few years. Hadn’t had him for like three years. I’m trying to bring him back in April. It says Eddie Griffin must smoke onstage or else there’s no show.

Steve Trevino: Unbelievable.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Steve Trevino: Well I mean, Chapelle does that.

Captain Brien: He must be able to smoke onstage, or there’s no show.

Steve Trevino: But there’s a law, right? Where it’s like a prop, right, onstage.

Captain Brien: That’s what he says, “so I’m going with a prop.”

Steve Trevino: On stage you’re allowed to almost do anything as “art” and the cigarette is part of that.

Captain Brien: Right, yeah, it’s not like the whole audience is toking up, it’s just the guy on the show that’s doing it.

Steve Trevino: I wanna see, oh, I’m looking at my phone. I wanna see if it’s coming out of my deal.

Captain Brien: Yeah, it must be, no?

Steve Trevino: I don’t know.

Captain Brien: Hey guys, if you’re watching on Steve’s channel right now, on his Facebook, ’cause we’re live, Steve Trevino, my guest on The Captain’s Log, say hi, leave a message below.

Steve Trevino: Oh, it’s working.

Captain Brien: It’s working, it’s working! We’re good, yes.

Steve Trevino: It’s also 7:47-

Captain Brien: 100%, yeah of course. Okay, so I’m gonna send out an email for people to watch it, by the time the weekend ends, I’d bet we hit 35,000, maybe 50, what do you think?

Steve Trevino: Wow that’s awesome, I think that’s great.

Captain Brien: Maybe 50, I’ll call for 50.

Steve Trevino: ‘Cause I follow you on Facebook, so I’ll be like, last week you had my friend Vicky Barbolak, who I-

Captain Brien: Yeah, she’s a doll.

Steve Trevino: Absolutely love, but I see all your little episodes.

Captain Brien: Thanks, buddy.

Steve Trevino: I hate when I say, your little episodes. Like when people come up to me and go, “oh, your little show.”

Captain Brien: Tell me a joke, funny man, do a dance.

Steve Trevino: My little show, it’s my life. It’s what I do for a living.

Captain Brien: Oh, I get it all day, I get it all day. But I actually, because I’ve been doing it now, steady for like almost a year, I like when people say that they see the show, no matter what. Even if they ate it, I don’t care, they see it.

Steve Trevino: Check it out, right.

Captain Brien: You watch it.

Steve Trevino: Well, the idea of a Captain’s Log is awesome.

Captain Brien: You think it’s funny, is that cheesy?

Steve Trevino:  No, well, I remember when you first booked me years ago, and it was like, oh, Captain Brien’s restaurant, I’m like, “oh, that’s a cool name for a restaurant.” And then you get there and you’re like “oh, this is an awesome restaurant.” And then I’m like “hey Brien,” and you’re like “no, it’s actually Captain Brien.” And I’m like “no, no, no.” You’re like a real captain.

Captain Brien: That really helped me in the industry those days because calling LA and being like “hey it’s Captain Brien”, they’re like, “what is this?”

Steve Trevino: Captain Brien’s calling.

Captain Brien: What is this dude doing?

Steve Trevino: The captain is calling, hold on.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Steve Trevino: I remember thinking to myself, there’s no way you’re a real captain. And then you started to explain to me, “no, no, no, I’m a boat captain.” I’m like, “oh, you’re for real Captain Brien.”

Captain Brien: Right, but we fished twice right?

Steve Trevino:  I fished with you one time.

Captain Brien: One time.

Steve Trevino: And then you set me up with Captain Buddy.

Captain Brien: Okay, okay.

Steve Trevino: And Captain Buddy took me out fishing, and I caught the biggest jewfish I ever caught in my life. It’s unbelievable.

Captain Brien: That is awesome.

Steve Trevino: 500 pounds or whatever it was, it was huge.

Captain Brien: Do you see those videos on Instagram of them hooking them on the docks now?

Steve Trevino: It’s unbelievable.

Captain Brien: Yeah, that was you.

Steve Trevino: We should have videoed that. Yeah, he took like a hard head, cut the barbs off, and then sent it down, and he was like, “just hang on.” And then sure enough, it was unreal.

Captain Brien: It just takes you.

Steve Trevino: It was awesome.

Captain Brien: It takes you.

Steve Trevino: Which, by the way, anybody watching, I love to fish, let’s go Saturday morning, take me out.

Captain Brien: Hey guys, you’re watching the Captain’s Log. I’m heading out of town tomorrow ’cause I have to be at some birthday party or something in Las Vegas

Steve Trevino: Sorry about your life, Brian.

Captain Brien: I need somebody to DM because Steve wants to go fishing.

Steve Trevino: Let’s go.

Captain Brien: He’s a pretty good fisherman, so you better bring your A game because he wants to put it on ’em. You wanna bring fish home to eat though, yeah? Or do you just wanna catch and release?

Steve Trevino: I catch and release, but we always keep at least one or two, because your restaurant will always cook it up for you.

Captain Brien: Yeah, we’ll cook it for you.

Steve Trevino: Which is freakin’ awesome. I think I caught a snook here for the first time.

Captain Brien: Redfish, snapper, right.

Steve Trevino: Growing up, we were catching redfish, we catch redfish, speckled trout, black drum. But out here you get the snapper, you get the snooks, which are like redfish on steroids. The tarpon are unbelievable to catch, you know. So it’s nice to come out and catch different things than what I’m used to.

Captain Brien: Which is always fun.

Steve Trevino: Yeah

Captain Brien: Did you bring any gear or no?

Steve Trevino: No gear.

Captain Brien: You don’t need it. Make sure you guys have enough gear for Steve, he’s coming. Anyway I have plenty of rods, so I’ll hook you up.

Steve Trevino: In Colorado in April, thank you so much John, man, I appreciate you, thank you.

Captain Brien: Come do it, come do it, you can’t miss Steve. Hysterical show, how long have we been working together now?

Steve Trevino: Well, what’s funny is remember Gary Mankey?

Captain Brien: I do.

Steve Trevino: Gary was the one that was booking me back in the day when, and again-

Captain Brien: Have you seen him lately?

Steve Trevino: I haven’t seen him in forever.

Captain Brien: I haven’t either.

Steve Trevino: I just remember one night. So, Brien would put us up in a house and next door was his parent’s house, and his parents had a pool. So your parents were out of town, and we thought Gary had died.

Captain Brien: Every day I think Gary might die. There is not a doubt that could happen.

Steve Trevino: Everybody’s like, “where’s Gary?” We had been drinking and partying. And it was like “I don’t know, man.” And somebody goes, he’s in the pool next door. So when we got there he was passed out in a tube just floating in the middle of the pool. And I’m like “oh my god, he’s dead!

Captain Brien: That had to be a sight for sore eyes, too, oh my god.

Steve Trevino: It’s like five in the morning, he’s dead.

Captain Brien: That’s so funny.

Steve Trevino: So then of course, the next morning, he’s up at like 9 AM.

Captain Brien: Yeah, oh no, he doesn’t quit.

Steve Trevino: Making coffee.

Captain Brien: No way, does not quit. It’s like he bounces back dude, I don’t get it.

Steve Trevino: So that’s how I have known you, and then-

Captain Brien: If we called Mickey, oh, it’s 9 o’ clock. If I call at six o’ clock in the morning, he’s like “hey Cap, what’s up, doing radio.” I’m like “yeah.

Steve Trevino: He’s been 60 since I met him. He’s one of those dudes, I met him 20 years ago, he was 60.

Captain Brien: That is so funny.

Steve Trevino: If I saw him today, he’s 60.

Captain Brien: That’s hysterical.

Steve Trevino: It’s unbelievable. But that’s how long I’ve known you. And then one year was the first time I’ve ever brought my wife, because you had me here for Thanksgiving.

Captain Brien: Oh yeah, oh yeah.

Steve Trevino: And then you had me over at your home.

Captain Brien: Oh yeah, we had Thanksgiving at the house.

Steve Trevino: I will never forget.

Captain Brien: That was great!

Steve Trevino: That was so nice of your family, which by the way, your parents, they’re like a cartoon version of a 50 year married couple.

Captain Brien: Yeah, yeah.

Steve Trevino: Right, that’s exactly what they are. But, I got to know your family, you, over the years. It’s just been great coming down to southwest Florida and having the opportunity to fish, to hang out, to do the show in a club that’s not your typical comedy club.

Captain Brien: Right, we’ve kinda expanded now. We used to be like 50% comedy, 50% restaurant. Now it’s more like 90% comedy, and 10% restaurant, on the off times. Everybody eats, which is always so great that people come and they eat.

Steve Trevino: Have a nice dinner, right.

Captain Brien: Because then it’s like a whole night out. It’s not just like “ha, ha, let’s go get some laughs.”

Steve Trevino: Drink a beer and have a laugh.

Captain Brien: So they stay, so then they keep coming back. That’s what has helped us so much, is that they can just do it whenever, even if they’re hungry and they wanna laugh, they can do it.

Steve Trevino: Well you know our friends Rich and Cathy, who come down here all the time, they’re like “Steve, we love the food there.” Not only do they like to go to the comedy club, the food’s good.

Captain Brien: They need to call me more, they never text me or anything when they wanna come to a show and I know that they come.

Steve Trevino: They just pay, right?

Captain Brien: They probably have enough money, so that’s okay.

Steve Trevino: Yeah, they’re fine.

Captain Brien: Tell ’em not to call me, everyone else does that.

Steve Trevino: But Rich and Cathy, they’re class acts like that. And that’s why we get along with ’em, they’re working class Pittsburg.

Captain Brien: Right, right.

Steve Trevino: You know what I mean? Which, by the way, what do you think there’s more of in Florida? Steelers fans or Patriots fans?

Captain Brien: Dude I don’t know.

Steve Trevino: It’s both. It’s definitely both.

Captain Brien: Because I’m from New England, probably my side I’d say Patriots, because a lot of people around me are New England fans. But, imagine being in Pittsburgh right now, or freakin’ somewhere where it’s three degrees.

Steve Trevino: Oh no, no.

Captain Brien: Boston right now, Boston, three degrees when I told you this morning.

Steve Trevino: Yeah, but Boston people don’t care. They’re out, you know what I mean?

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Steve Trevino: I’ve been there, I was in Chicago, I’ve been in Boston. Being a Texas guy, I’m like, “there’s no way “these people are going out.”

Captain Brien: Yeah I know.

Steve Trevino: It’s over.

Captain Brien: Yeah, it’s done.

Steve Trevino:  But they don’t care, they’re out there with their shovels, getting the day going.

Captain Brien: When I was in Boston back in college, when it was like 45 or 50 and if it was sunny, you crank down the windows and act like it’s a beach day.

Steve Trevino: Put my flip flops on.

Captain Brien: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And you act like it’s something special. And now I’m like, it’s 40 degrees out, it’s freezing.

Steve Trevino: This is miserable.

Captain Brien: Yeah, this is ridiculous.

Steve Trevino: What’s wrong with this place?

Captain Brien: So I guess it just depends what you’re used to, because who would do that today, goddamn.

Steve Trevino: Well, Florida’s one of those places, too, where it’s literally thunder storming and people that don’t know are like, well the day’s done, oh no, give it 10.

Captain Brien: Yeah no, it’s coming back in five.

Steve Trevino: Give it 10 minutes.

Captain Brien: Exactly.

Steve Trevino: Sun will be out, everything will be dry again.

Captain Brien: What time is it, oh it’s three o’ clock? Yeah, by 4:15, everything’s gone.

Steve Trevino: Dry, you wouldn’t even know it freakin’ rained.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Steve Trevino: And then the storm pushes through.

Captain Brien: I know, I know.

Steve Trevino: But it’s so nice to be here man, I love coming to your club and hanging out.

Captain Brien: I appreciate that, we love having you because again, first of all, everybody that comes gets one hell of a show. That’s the other thing, like you have some people that can’t sell a ticket, and that’s great. You have some people that can sell out every show. But at the end of the day, the clubs want a show that’s funny. They want the show that people are gonna love.

Steve Trevino: I remember I had just put one out, I had just put out “Relatable” on Netflix, and I performed at your club. And you were like “Steve, you’re gonna blow up.”

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Steve Trevino: In my head I was like “well thanks, but I haven’t, “and I can’t wait for it to happen.” But you were like “no, no, no, trust me, I’m telling you it’s gonna happen.” And then sure enough man, people caught on to the video memes and the clips, and now we’re on the next special after that called “Till Death”, which my wife and I produced ourselves, but it’s just been cool to see the growth in markets and fans. And you were booking me before I had fans. You were just like, “Steve’s funny, I’ll bring him in.”

Captain Brien: Well I mean yeah, you can’t deny funny, it doesn’t matter if people know you or not. If that is funny, especially with the internet now, that’s how you become so successful. When you put something out that’s funny, that’s undeniable, it doesn’t matter if I tell the joke, or you tell the joke. If it’s a funny damn joke that whoever told wrote it, that’s what people are gonna laugh at. You don’t laugh harder because some famous dude told it.

Steve Trevino: It’s a joke, what’s great to me is comics will call me and they’re like “Steve, “how do you do it what’s the deal man, what’s with the video, how do you do it, I put out a video.” And I’m like “well maybe I’m funny.”

Captain Brien: Maybe somebody laughed.

Steve Trevino: Maybe my stuff’s good enough to share.

Captain Brien: Right

Steve Trevino:  And now you’re mad at me because nobody shared any of your stuff.

Captain Brien: Absolutely.

Steve Trevino: Kyle White, what’s up my man?

Captain Brien: Hey Kyle, what’s going on?

Steve Trevino: I can’t tell you how many comics call me and go, “what’s the secret?” I go “I don’t know, I’m funny!”

Captain Brien: Right, exactly, the secret is, I told a joke that actually people laughed at.

Steve Trevino:  That people like, you can put the meme all you want, but they don’t like it.

Captain Brien: And people don’t share everything. To get people to share stuff, it’s a work of art right now.

Steve Trevino: I was just seeing this thing on the news about the secret-

Captain Brien: Hey Biggs, what’s up buddy, we’re pulling in right now.

Steve Trevino: All these advertisers, what’s the secret to going viral, and they’re like, “we’d love to know that.”

Captain Brien: Yeah, there’s no secret, the secret is that people have to enjoy what they want. They have to give a shit enough to put it on their so everybody sees it.

Steve Trevino:  And I’m a snob when it comes to the video sharing. If it comes up on my page, on my feed a couple times, I ignore it, but then 10 times later, I’m like “alright, now I gotta see.” The “Linda” thing, I was so far behind on the train, because it was this little boy, I’m not interested.

Captain Brien: You gotta see what it’s all about. Well guys, you’re gonna see what it’s all about. See Steve at Off the Hook Comedy Club this weekend. I’m Captain Brien, this is the Captain’s Log, Steve Trevino, buddy, we gotta do this again. Okay, thanks guys, be out.

Episode 177: Captain’s Log with Captain Brien and Sea Shelley! Caution Slippery When Wet!

On this episode of the #naplescaptainslog watch Captain Brien with a real life mermaid! #cleanwater
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Episode 144: Captain’s Log with Host Brien Spina with Guest Captain Todd Geroy

Today I go fishing with Captain Todd Geroy! Will we catch anything? Funny jokes and notes from a day and the life Off the hook Comedy Club. Off the hook comedy club post on twitter daily follow us #captainslog for the latest info! Sorry for any bad audio, we were on the water! The captain’s log podcast is officially sponsored by Captain Brien Spirits maker of Captain Brien Sugar Free Vodka and Barrel Aged Dark Rum both are gluten free also! Watch full video at