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Episode 363: Dr. Daller Is On The Frontlines With COVID-19!

Dr. Daller is back on the #captainslog and has some great advice for everyone! His office is still open and I got a chance to video chat with him since he is 45miles away! Thank you Dr. Daller for easing our minds and staying open and helping the community during this time!

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Episode 362: Latest Coronavirus Update with Dr. Daller

Always bring you the most updated Coronavirus Information. Dr Daller and his team announced today they will remain open and assist with all your medical need helping to alleviate emergency room visits . Call him today 239-277-5770 if you need any medical attention! Meir Daller #naplescaptainslog

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Episode 360: Coronavirus Update! Be Aware & Be Safe!

5 weeks later the original podcast information regarding the Coronavirus is now coming to fruition. Here is an update and what you can do today. I want to thank Dr. Daller for helping spread the word and always keeping us in the best health!

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Episode 356: Good Food, Makes A Good Mood!

What should you really be feeding your gut? Today Dr. Daller and I are going to give you the facts. The #captainslog is here to inform you. Tune in and find out more!

Watch Full Video Here On YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzLjOKz6lcY&feature=youtu.be

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Episode 353: What Every Woman Needs To Know!

Today Dr. Mel Irvine joins us on the #captains log and explains the importance of hormone treatment. She also goes into detail for woman that have questions. Tune in because we may have the answers!

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Episode 346: Dr. Daller is back and We have a Hell of a Story!

Today on the #captainslog today we have Dr. Daller and a story that will maker you holler! If you ever had a kidney stone you will relate to this on a whole new level! Tune in and don’t miss out on this hilarious podcast!

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Episode 329: Understanding a Woman’s Body with Dr. Mel

Dr. Mel enlightens us on the side effects of the birth control pill. She has seen an increasing rate of issues with the pill. Here’s some great information for what the woman’s body goes through and how it reacts to it. It also may answer a couple questions you have!

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Episode 294: Mom that’s not a healthy school lunch!

On this episode of the #captainslog Dr. Daller is helping us pack lunch! School is back and it’s its time to mark sure we are starting the school year with good nutrition! Dr. Daller is going to explain all the foods you shouldn’t start the day with and what you should leave out the lunchbox!
Watch the full video here ————->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8X1-bW9BQQ&feature=youtu.be
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Epsiode 261 Power Up Those Brain Waves!

Dr. Daller is back on the #naplescaptainslog dropping that knowledge on how to power up your brain waves and what you can be doing to prevent Alzheimer’s!

Dr. Daller will be joining Captain Brien EVERY Tuesday at 2:30 on the Captains Log to answer any questions you may have! Make sure you tune in and comment with your questions!

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Miss something on one of our episodes of the #naplescaptainslog? Don’t worry we got you covered! Here you will find a full transcript from this episode of the #naplescaptainslog!

Captain Brien: Dr.Dollar’s back with me today on the Captain’s Log we are going to train our brain. Let’s eat a healthy lifestyle, it’s gonna affect all of our brain waves and make it better, yes?

Dr. Daller: Absolutely.

Captain Brien: Did I even get that right or did I even say it right?

Dr. Daller: I’m not sure what you said–

Captain Brien: I’ve gotta get my own brain right.

Dr. Daller: And we’ll talk about that. What can you do to improve, you know Captain Brian, dementia, cognitive disfunction, Alzheimer’s disease. Everybody know somebody in their family that has that issue

Captain Brien: Yes.

Dr. Daller: And our goal is what can we do to delay that, what can we do to prevent that, the same as we talked the other day about diabetes. What can we do about prevention of Alzheimer’s. We know that there is no pill in the world, there’s no Aricept. When everybody’s talking about Aricept Aricept really doesn’t work. As a matter of fact, in my opinion and the research that I read about Aricept.

Captain Brien: But what about kingdogloben right, kingo?

Dr. Daller: Ginkgo biloba

Captain Brien: Yeah ginkgo biloba, see?

Dr. Daller: So again, let’s put a disclaimer in the front. There is not a single supplement, a single supplement by itself that will improve your cognition. Your ability to help that memory and everything else. And today we’ll talk about how simply, without spending much money doing it all at Whole Foods, Publix, Fresh Market or wherever you go shopping at the local stores. What can you eat? What king of exercise can you do? What kind of sleep do you, how much sleep do you need? What kind of social support? What kind of games and exercises and other things for your brain to improve that that you are not going to end up one of these people that are going to have Alzheimer’s or dementia. So again Captain Brian, Alzheimer’s by the year 2050 is going to be an epidemic in the Western world a significant amount of people have Alzheimer’s, Dementia, even early cognitive dysfunction. That you start forgetting names of people, you start forgetting where you put your keys, you start forgetting certain words. That you’re saying, “What is that, how do you say that” and you forget that and all this stuff has to do–

Captain Brien: It starts with dementia.

Dr. Daller: It starts with cognition, it starts with simple memory of simple words that you start forgetting. And later on it will develop to dementia and you can develop even Alzheimer’s. So you know we learned, when I was in medical school we said you know your brain stopped developing when you were 18 and after that your brain start deteriorating. And by the time your 85 your brain is like shriveled and there’s nothing there. And we learned that that’s wrong. That’s absolutely not true. Your brain does not stop growing. Your brain as a matter of fact when you exercise–

Captain Brien: It’s a muscle, correct?

Dr. Daller: No your brain as a matter of fact if you take your entire brain, 99% of your brain is made out of fat.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Daller: It’s all fat. So we’re going to talk today in this podcast how much fat, how fat is important. And we’re going to talk about cholesterol and good fat, omega 3 and all this stuff how important they are for our diet. And again we’re going to go back to sugar, how sugar, refined sugar specifically is really bad for you. So again, going back to exercise, and going back to the fact that your brain is growing, there is a part in your brain, two parts like this. It’s called hippocampus. Hippocampus from the Greek word “Hippos” meaning horse, and “Kampos” meaning–

Captain Brien: Yes

Dr. Daller: so hippocampus, so it looks like a sea horse in your brain you have two parts, right here. These are the temporal lobe, behind the temporal lobe–

Captain Brien: Is that the part that makes you horny too?

Dr. Daller: No, that’s not the part that makes you horny.

Captain Brien: What part is that?

Dr. Daller: I’ll talk that’s a different podcast Captain Brian I mean put a suspense for the audience.

Captain Brien: Okay okay.

Dr. Daller: That’s a different part.

Captain Brien: We’ll get back to the horny brain later.

Dr. Daller: Yes, hippocampus makes you remember when you are horny. So it has to do a lot with memory. So the hippocampus, we know that if you exercise and they did study on that, several studies on that when people exercise, improved blood flow to the hippocampus the hippocampus does grow in size.

Captain Brien: And this is from traditional exercising?

Dr. Daller: So, very good question. What kind of exercise? You need to break a sweat, you need your heart rate to go up. So you cannot go and lift weights. I lift weights but its not enough. You need to do high intensity. If you do lifting weight, your heart rate has to be high

Captain Brien: What’s my heart rate have to get to?

Dr. Daller: Good question, so you take 180 minus your age. And you’re about 25? How old are you now? 22?

Captain Brien: Exactly.

Dr. Daller: So 180 minus your age, that’s your heart rate that you have to keep for at least 30 minutes.

Captain Brien: Really?

Dr. Daller: Yes, minimum of 30 minutes. You have to keep that heart rate. So you know, 120, 130, 140 in that rage for you to break a good sweat to start–

Captain Brien: And keep it there for 30 minutes?

Dr. Daller: And keep it there for 30 minutes. And people do that. I’ve done it for an hour. I kept my heart rate at that level for one hour. I’ve kept it at 150 as a matter of fact for one hour. Because I’m younger than you are.

Captain Brien: That’s right .

Dr. Daller: That’s right.

Captain Brien: That’s right.

Dr. Daller: So again we talked about exercises, and again a lot of people, this is, the key Captain Brian that this is a preventable disease like diabetes, type 2 diabetes is a preventable disease

Captain Brien: It’s 100% preventable?

Dr. Daller: Well I wouldn’t say 100%. You know it’s like playing poker. You got some cards, you got some genes. So some people get the genes for Alzheimer’s There’s a certain gene, on certain alele in your chromosomes that has to do with Alzheimer’s. But having that gene it’s not a death sentence. It doesn’t mean you develop Alzheimer’s. You can alter those genes. You can improve things, you can, you know, your body is like a very expensive European car. And what you put in it, if you put 87 octane verses 97 octane it will run differently. So you cannot, there are two ways. One, to take 97 octane. Number two, is not to do bad things to that body. Not to destroy it. So not only to do the right thing, also to avoid the bad things. And that’s Segway here to–

Captain Brien: So physical activity,

Dr. Daller: Physical activity number one.

Captain Brien: The food we eat. Give me a couple of foods I’m gonna ask you one question real quick.

Dr. Daller: Absolutely.

Captain Brien: Give me some foods that I need to eat

Dr. Daller: Blueberries.

Captain Brien: Blueberries are great. They’re good for everything.

Dr. Daller: They are good for everything. Again, people ask me, “How do you know what’s good for you?” when you go to the supermarket. Whatever supermarket you pick, open your eyes and say what you are attracted to, what color you are attracted to The more colorful the fruits are the more colorful the vegetables are the better off you are. So they’re the same as when you go to the supermarket and you buy fish and you look “Wow, this salmon looks good,” or “this tuna looks good.” Because you look at the color, you look at the shape. You look at everything, the same with fruit. You smell it, you say “wow, this tomato smells good, color is good, I’m going to buy that.” Tomato has lycopene it’s very good for you. Blueberries has a lot of antioxidants, it’s very good. I’ll give you another example, anything with omega 3. Fish is very good for you.

Captain Brien: Yeah, fish.

Dr. Daller: What kind of fish?

Captain Brien: Salmon, right?

Dr. Daller: Salmon, nothing better than salmon. You know great, you know line caught salmon is fantastic for you.

Captain Brien: Let me ask you a question. So what about reading? Keeping your mind sharp. Does that have any affect on it?

Dr. Daller: Absolutely.

Captain Brien: It does.

Dr. Daller: So doing brain exercises are very, very important. So what I recommend for my patients, I recommend to pick up something new. So we all can read. Reading doesn’t cut it enough.

Captain Brien: Right.

Dr. Daller: So reading keep you sharp in reading realm but doing something new for example if Captain Brian says “My cognition is not as good,” start playing the piano because if you don’t know how to play the piano. Now you are going to pick up something new.

Captain Brien: You have to learn.

Dr. Daller: You have to learn. So reading, you already know how to read. It’s much much easier, something new. Or for example, drawing or any new sport. I mean if you don’t know how to play soccer go play some soccer, or do anything–

Captain Brien: What’s better, the physical activity or the the brain growth

Dr. Daller: Great question so there’s no one thing that is better than the other. I believe in you have to do the package deal. You have to do everything. So you cannot be a mediocre and say, “Well I want to do the minimum, “I just want to do a little bit.”

Captain Brien: So you can’t eat crapy and then work out and think this is gonna work.

Dr. Daller: It will never work. You have to do all of the above.

Captain Brien: Because I’m prone to it I believe because my grandmother had it for 13 years.

Dr. Daller: Sure.

Captain Brien: So, it was terrible in my family

Dr. Daller: Of course.

Captain Brien: Because we actually took care of her for all those years. My parents basically dedicated their whole 13 years of their life during that time.

Dr. Daller: Impressive.

Captain Brien: And took care of her everyday.

Dr. Daller: Impressive.

Captain Brien: So I know, the negative affects. And to prevent it, that’s important.

Dr. Daller: So again, let’s rehash here. So exercise is extremely important. Keeping your heart rate high, you know. 3 times a week is the minimum, minimum, minimum that you should do. four times a week is even better. I do an hour, you can do half an hour and that’s going to be good enough. The next thing you do is diet, what to diet. So, we talked about berries, we talked about fish with omega 3, high omega 3 fish and we talked about, we didn’t talk about but we are going to mention walnuts and all those nuts. So variety of nuts, specifically walnuts. And number four is coffee. We talked about it in this podcast many times. Coffee is very good for you. It’s an antioxidant. Study after study show when you look at kids and when you look at adults, they drink coffee. If I give you a cup of coffee and make you take a test. And I don’t give you the cup of coffee, you’re going to do better when you drink that cup of coffee.

Captain Brien: Really, because you’re sharper?

Dr. Daller: Absolutely, you’re sharper. So it’s coffee. Don’t let any doctor tell you that coffee is bad for you. That’s an old school medicine. You have to find yourself a new doctor that is progressive, that is up to par, that understand it. You know what.

Captain Brien: Is it coffee or is it caffeine?

Dr. Daller: No it’s not just the caffeine. There’s other things in coffee, caffeine is one of them but in tea, you have thiamine, you have other things in tea as well that is very good for you. So as an antioxidant overall but again, you drink coffee, drink good coffee. Don’t go and buy, if you buy a bucket that costs a $1.50 at Publix that’s not good coffee.

Captain Brien: You’re right, not chock-full.

Dr. Daller: Right.

Captain Brien: You can’t have the chock-full of coffee.

Dr. Daller: You cannot have that. And you cannot, decaf doesn’t work. So decaf there’s chemicals in decaf. Really, you’re better off drinking water any day than decaf.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Daller: So again, coffee is extremely important. Then vegetables. When you go to the super market, green leafy vegetables fantastic for you. Fruits, different type of fruits, fantastic for you. Don’t let anybody tell you that there’s too much sugar in fruits. Again this is old school. I’m not saying you should eat 10 bananas. But having berries, having blueberries, raspberries–

Captain Brien: Is one banana okay a day?

Dr. Daller: Half banana is better for you.

Captain Brien: Half?

Dr. Daller: You really don’t… Half a banana.

Captain Brien: Not a whole banana.

Dr. Daller: Not a whole banana for you.

Captain Brien: Damn, you cut me down.

Dr. Daller: A small banana, the mini bananas. They’re more expensive but yeah

Captain Brien: They’re good for you, all right. Now I take cholesterol medicine. And I heard that’s really bad because that does what?

Dr. Daller: Right, so I don’t like you know, I’m the doctor that is against medicine. You know, I’m the outsider so I don’t like–

Captain Brien: But it’s inherited, my cholesterol as a kid was 400.

Dr. Daller: And I get it, some people need it but overall cholesterol is not a bad thing. Cholesterol is the firefighter that comes to the rescue. So cholesterol wins, people when we do surgery on people that had car accidents or heart attack and we look at the heart and we say where there’s a plaque there’s cholesterol there, there’s the position of things there. You know, cholesterol came to the rescue. So it’s, you know somebody said before that. It’s cholesterol is like, there’s a fire and you’re blaming the firefighter.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: You know what I’m saying? You don’t blame the firefighter, the cholesterol is the firefighter. So, again cholesterol is the central, cholesterol is the backbone of the testosterone. Cholesterol is the backbone of estrogen. Cholesterol is the backbone of vitamin D. It is extremely, extremely important. And the problem is and we saw that you know on this anti-cholesterol medication that if you look at the label, it will say, “It will impair your cognition.” If you read the label carefully it will say it and why is that, because it also block the cholesterol entering into your brain. And we need that we talked about it the brain is, majority of the brain is fat.

Captain Brien: But I take it CoQ10, does that help? That’s a, is that a myth or what?

Dr. Daller: It is, there’s no–

Captain Brien: And then the fish oil.

Dr. Daller: Fish oil is important. So omega 3, fish oil are important but again the best source of fish oil is salmon.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: I mean you really don’t need to take pills. You know a lot of people take vitamin E as an anti-inflammatory medication. I don’t think you should take vitamin E. You can take all the anti-inflammatory from your fuel, from the food you are getting. So taking supplements instead of getting, if you are healthy and I know you Brian you eat very healthy. You eat very clean. You are not a guy that eats processed food.

Captain Brien: I try.

Dr. Daller: You try, you do your best and from time to time you have a cheat day but that’s okay majority of the time you really take very good care of yourself.

Captain Brien: Yeah,

Dr. Daller: And again, I know you don’t eat leftovers And everybody knows that, it was like a slogan for Captain Brian, “He doesn’t eat leftovers.” And you know that idea about leftovers it has to be more processed food with leftovers for it to stay good for the next day.

Captain Brien: Right.

Dr. Daller: So by definition you shouldn’t be eating leftovers. That’s fantastic that you don’t eat leftovers. So again we talked about exercise, we talked about food. We talked about, next we’re going to talk about sleep. So what happens when you sleep? Just think about your brain as your iPhone. When your iPhone is acting up, what do they tell you when you go to the apple store? They tell you shut if off completely. Reset it, 3 minutes. Reset it and its all of a sudden it’s working again. Your brain needs a little bit more than 3 minutes as that needs a rest. There is something called beta-amyloid. Beta-amyloid are the position in the brain of people who have Alzheimer’s and we need a mechanism to clear that. And sleep is the time that we are cleaning the house so that’s very important. So again, sleep is important. How much sleep somebody should have? Seven hours is probably ideal. Do I get seven hours every night? Absolutely no, unfortunately I don’t. I wake up very early. My brain is set up differently but ideally seven to eight hours.

Captain Brien: What happens when you wake up automatically?

Dr. Daller: I do, wake up automatically.

Captain Brien: Does that mean you’ve had enough sleep for your brain or not?

Dr. Daller: It depends on your stress level. If you wake up automatically because well, I need to go, I need to do stuff and your brain does not have time to, you know about how much your brain has to do the time that you sleep help you with memory. So it solidify things in your brain. You know when I was in medical school I used to take a quick nap, a 20 minutes nap in the library to remember things because all of a sudden all the stuff that I read solidified in my brain. And we know that people they read a book just before they go to bed and that time they remember all the stuff the next day

Captain Brien: Yup, yup, isn’t that also a technique they use when they either torture people they don’t let them sleep.

Dr. Daller: That’s right, that’s right. You always say I like where it’s going. I like where it’s going.

Captain Brien: Right so if they’re trying to get some information out of you, the police interrogation they just wear you down 24 hours.

Dr. Daller: Right, they keep you on and they put bad music

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: Bad music.

Captain Brien: They get you going.

Dr. Daller: They get you going.

Captain Brien: So for the Alzheimer’s right now, how do they actually diagnose it?

Dr. Daller: Very good question, so we do a test. So we have different type of forms we ask the patient to do a test. We show them some pictures of different people and we say you know, “This guy’s name is Brian Spina, this guy is Mayor Dollar, this guy is this,” we’ll show them 10 cards and we’ll let them look at them and then we say, we show them a picture of Brian Spina we’ll say “Who is this guy?” And if they say Mayor Dollar, we have a problem here. Or if they say “I don’t remember,” we have a problem.

Captain Brien: What if they had ADD like me and they can’t remember shit in the first place?

Dr. Daller: But a lot of people have difficulty with that

Captain Brien: Yeah

Dr. Daller: But you have to remember some of the names because you cannot tell me you didn’t remember 10 of the pictures, none of them you remember because when we look at somebody we say “Okay, Brian Spina has a mole,” by the way Brian Spina does not have a mole for those who are listening.

Captain Brien: Maybe on my butt.

Dr. Daller: So we look at that mole and we say “Spina has a mole.” We have some pneumonic, we have connection, we put it together. We say Spina is the guy with those sunglasses and we look at those sunglasses, say “That’s Brian Spina.” So we have ways to recognize when you look at I don’t know Ringo Starr for example You look at Ringo Starr, you say “I know this guy, this guy is Ringo Starr,” How do you know if Elton John? I know he has this earring and this clothes, and he has this sunglasses, this is Elton John. That’s how we remember, that’s why a lot of people today have problem with memory because we rely on Google. Let’s say Brian is going to ask me a question, I google it. I think that it’s in my brain, it’s not in my brain.

Captain Brien: Herum says he’s 54 and he’s forgetting a lot right now, what can he do?

Dr. Daller: Yeah, so I would start with diet, so that’s very important what we talked about. Start eating healthy, go to the super market buy plenty of vegetables, plenty of fruit. Red meat only once a week. If you have red meat, healthy red meat, organic food. All the stuff we talked about in this show, then have some walnuts, drink a cup of coffee or two a day.

Captain Brien: Just walnuts or almonds, cashews, anything?

Dr. Daller: Walnuts are the best.

Captain Brien: ‘Cause they have the most oil, right?

Dr. Daller: Correct, they’re more oily. But Peanuts are the worst in that category.

Captain Brien: Peanuts are terrible for you, aren’t they?

Dr. Daller: Correct.

Captain Brien: Is peanut good for anything?

Dr. Daller: I don’t know. It’s better so you know I always look at the alternative. If you’re having peanuts verses I don’t know cheetos,

Captain Brien: Chips?

Dr. Daller: So peanuts beat Cheetos. But it’s not overall its not great.

Captain Brien: It’s the worst lagoon.

Dr. Daller: Correct, it’s the worst lagoon. But it’s not overall, in life it’s about choices.

Captain Brien: He lost 85 pounds recently Herum.

Dr. Daller:Congratulations, that’s fantastic.

Captain Brien: Very nice work, great job.

Dr. Daller: Beautiful.

Captain Brien: You should post tell us how you did it, that’s interesting, good job. But, yeah we wanna get him on the right track now. Get his brain healthy.

Dr. Daller: Right so brain healthy again. Brain healthy is key because everything if you loose that’s the most important part of your body is that brain. If you loose that, everything else is irrelevant. So we have to keep that brain healthy. We have to fuel it. Again, think about it it’s an expensive European car.

Captain Brien: What about water, drinking a lot of water, does that help?

Dr. Daller: Water helps, but does not help overall. Hydration is extremely important. Hydration is important for all the toxins because after all our society, everything is full of toxins. So you do dilute the toxins by drinking a lot of water. But again, we talked about bottled water. We talked about xenoestrogen, remember. We had a podcast about that, that’s a great podcast, about xenoestrogen. so bottled water, I have a problem with bottled water. You know, these are the things that you have to pay attention for the little things, they make a big difference.

Captain Brien: And then in 10 to 20 years they’ll let us know that that was bad for us.

Dr. Daller: I don’t know if they even will let us know.

Captain Brien: No?

Dr. Daller: I don’t know, it’s going to be much more than that. Because it’s all politicized and corrupt.

Captain Brien: All right guys well that was how to power up your brain. We want you guys to be healthy. We want you guys to tune in everyday of course but on Tuesdays ask the doctor. Dr. Dollar makes you holler. And he has all the answers to your questions. DM us, just send us a message guys. You can find him if you’d like on Instagram at…

Dr. Daller: So on Facebook Dollar MD, I’m sorry Instagram Dollar MD. On Facebook Mayor Dollar please be my friend or DM me without being my friend or DM Captain Brian. Come to my office, send me a text message, an email, whatever it takes. Dollar@teamdollar.com, we’re always available. Please send us different topics that you want to talk about that you have interest in.

Captain Brien: We wanna make sure you guys are getting the information you want. Not just the topics that we wanna talk about so. We appreciate you tuning in, this is the Captain’s Log, we’re out and I’ll be back in tomorrow. Don’t miss us.

Episode 255 Allergy Awareness

Dr. Daller is back in the #naplescaptainslog to educate us on allergies! And Captain Brien tells us how he really feels about Soy!

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Captain Brien: Welcome back. On The Captain’s Log, Doctor Daller is back again. Tuesday, we’re here to talk about food allergies, which is also near and dear to my heart because I feel like I’m allergic to everything.

Dr. Daller: You know over the time people ask me, “How do you guys come up with those ideas?” of those topics that we come up with. So I give all the credit to Captain Brien. Captain Brien is really the producer of this show, and he is going online and looking at what people care about. What people ask Google. What people are looking at Facebook. What people are looking at Instagram. What people care about and what also affect us. I mean–

Captain Brien: Correct.

Dr. Daller: In this case, you know, food allergy–

Captain Brien: I just do this to make sure I get the best medical advice. That’s really all.

Dr. Daller: Free medical advice!

Captain Brien: Yeah, yeah.

Dr. Daller: So Captain Brien said, you know, I have food allergies. Can I say that to the audience?

Captain Brien: Yeah, yeah, no I have, good–

Dr. Daller: I have food allergies and, you know, I’m allergic to soy and and, you know, I have a special interest in that. So I did a lot of homework about it. I did a lot of research. I read a lot about food allergies and I wanted to deliver the best information to the audience.

Captain Brien: Good, I wanna hear it.

Captain Brien: Let’s hear it.

Dr. Daller: And, first of all, I want to tell the audience it’s extraordinarily common. That’s something I was surprised by because when we were kids, we didn’t hear about too many allergies. There was one kid that had a peanut allergy.

Captain Brien: Right

Dr. Daller: But today a lot of kids have peanut allergies. A lot of adults have different allergies from shellfish to fin fish, to pine nuts to regular nuts, to almonds. So it’s, to eggs, to milk.

Captain Brien: Yep.

Dr. Daller: So today we’re going to talk about what’s the difference between–

Captain Brien: Gluten! Everybody says they’re allergic to gluten.

Dr. Daller: Right to wheat specifically. So wheat overall they’re allergic to and some of them to gluten. So we’ll talk about some of the gluten issues. So gluten is not an allergy. It’s a big difference between allergic reaction–

Captain Brien: Correct

Dr. Daller: To intolerance.

Captain Brien: Because if you have an allergy, you have to be allergic to the protein, correct?

Dr. Daller: That’s correct. So but gluten itself is a–

Captain Brien: I know a little bit.

Dr. Daller: Look at that!

Captain Brien: This guy.

Dr. Daller: Look at that, Captain Brien is amazing. He is like an honorary doc. We should call him, hey doc!

Captain Brien: Hey!

Dr. Daller: And today we’ll talk about what’s the difference between intolerance. So, for example, there’s people that are saying, “Well, I can’t, I’m allergic to milk.” Are you lactose intolerant because you’re lacking an enzyme and you have a problem with that? Or you have a real allergic reaction, you get hives, you get diarrhea?

Captain Brien: In the milk, it’s the sugar that they can’t break down.

Dr. Daller: That’s correct.

Captain Brien: And the lactose–

Dr. Daller: For lactose intolerance, it’s the sugar that they cannot break down. So some people are truly allergic to cow’s milk and that’s a protein part.

Captain Brien: But not goat, right?

Dr. Daller: Not goat, that’s correct. How do you know this stuff?

Captain Brien: I know .

Dr. Daller: Captain Brien, I mean every time I’m amazed!

Captain Brien: See, I tell you what!

Dr. Daller: It’s unbelievable.

Captain Brien: And did you know that if you eat cheeses that are hard, dry aged, there’s no lactose in them.

Dr. Daller: That’s correct. That’s, I’m like, I’m impressed. I’m blown away.

Captain Brien: I’m here to impress you Doc.

Dr. Daller: I didn’t expect that at all. I mean I thought that you another comedian, but no. Scientific comedian.

Captain Brien: It’s not all good looks, you know what I mean?

Dr. Daller: That’s right, that’s right.

Captain Brien: Sometimes it’s a few brains mixed in.

Dr. Daller: So, Captain Brien. So people ask, you know, “How do you become allergic to a food, “to peanuts, for example, “or to shell fish or to anything else. “What’s the process?” How do you, do you know that or?

Captain Brien: I do not but I have a question, a follow up question for you.

Dr. Daller: Please, please.

Captain Brien: So, my question is, if you do have a peanut allergy,

Dr. Daller: Yes.

Captain Brien: Why couldn’t, over time, you can, you take a shot for peanuts and your body would not, would it not create–

Dr. Daller: Excellent, excellent, we’ll talk about that. We’ll talk about that.

Captain Brien: A tolerance for that?

Dr. Daller: We’ll talk about that. So, let’s start, I’ll answer that question quickly and then I’m going to expand a little bit more.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Daller: So when it comes to food allergies the only way out is to avoid that food. There’s no, unlike, you know, penicillin allergies that I can give you a little penicillin and you are going to develop tolerance to that.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: With food allergy, if you are allergic to soy, you should avoid soy.

Captain Brien: I try, but it’s in everything.

Dr. Daller: It’s very difficult.

Captain Brien: So, why do the FDA let you put soy in every single product?

Dr. Daller: Because only very small percent of the population is allergic to soy. So how many people are allergic, overall, to really truthful–

Captain Brien: Is it the seventh most deadliest allergen on the market?

Dr. Daller: When you have a true allergy, it’s deadly. So 1%, if you are one of the 1%, you can die from an anaphylactic reaction and you’re dead. If you are not making it to the hospital or you don’t have something called an EpiPen, or you take quickly, Benadryl. I mean, you develop an anaphylactic reaction, your blood pressure plummets, your heart rate goes up, your throat, you cannot breathe, you have rash all over your body and you die.

Captain Brien: And they’re irreversible sometimes–

Dr. Daller: Deadly.

Dr. Daller: I mean when you cannot breath, there’s no oxygen, you’re dead.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: So if you make it to the hospital or you have an EpiPen, sure. So a lot of those parents, you know, with kids, even with adults, they carry an EpiPen with them.

Captain Brien: Correct.

Dr. Daller: Okay.

Captain Brien: My daughter has one–

Dr. Daller: Or you carry some Benadryl.

Captain Brien: ‘Cause she’s allergic to ants.

Dr. Daller: Sure.

Captain Brien: One ant bite, blows up her whole body.

Dr. Daller: Sure, it’s a big deal. It’s a big deal. So how do you develop an allergy to a food. Captain Brien, for example, let’s use an example of an apple. Apple is not very common, not too many people are allergic to apple but when you take a bite of an apple, what happens? It goes into your mouth, it goes down your throat, it go to the digestive system. Your body decides whether it’s going to go and accept that.

Captain Brien: Right.

Dr. Daller: It’s going to give it a pass to absorb all the nutritions, all the chemicals, or whatever there is there that you are digesting. Or it is going to say, “Hey, this is a red alert. “We are not going to accept that. “This is going to be an allergen.” So the protein breakdown, in order to absorb them, the body is saying, “I’m going to accept that” or “I’m not going to accept that”. If it decide that something is not for you, that something is foreign, something is not acceptable, it will put a red tag on it and I don’t want to bore the audience but there is something called IgE-mediated and there are some cells in the body called mass cells.

Captain Brien: I’m going to call it a red tag cell.

Dr. Daller: The red tag cells. And inside that red tag cell there is something called histamine.

Captain Brien: Right.

Dr. Daller: And when those IgE binds on that mass cell they release histamine. You know, Benadryl is an anti-histamine. It blocks that histamine reaction. Same thing with epinephrin. You have a decrease of that histamine. Histamine is something that will give you the hives, will block your airways, will give you the heart rate that is going to go up, your blood pressure will go down. That’s what happens. That’s an anaphylactic reaction when your entire body, all the mass cells are producing. So this is deadly. People ask, you know, give us some example of true food allergies. So the most common true allergy, do you know what is the most common food allergy?

Captain Brien: Uh, dairy?

Dr. Daller: Shellfish.

Captain Brien: Shellfish, yes.

Dr. Daller: Shellfish is the most common but close enough.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Daller: That’s close enough, no it’s not. No, it’s not close enough but close enough, no. So shellfish is the most common. About 70% of people that have food allergy, which is about 15 million American. 1 in 15 American has some type of a true food allergy. So it’s extremely common. And we’ll talk later on why all of a sudden we’re in–

Captain Brien: I want to know, why?

Dr. Daller: Why.

Captain Brien: Why is there bigger and more allergies everyday?

Dr. Daller: And, you know, when you travel the world and you go to different places, you don’t see it. Today, I go to restaurants with my friend and everybody has a list of stuff to tell the chef, oh I can’t have those, don’t put me this, don’t put wheat and don’t put soy and don’t put that and don’t put that.

Captain Brien: You know what I think?

Dr. Daller: No.

Captain Brien: I think that, you know, you told me everybody has their own beliefs and their superstitions?

Dr. Daller: Right.

Captain Brien: And they know their own medical science?

Dr. Daller: Yeah.

Captain Brien: Mine is, is that, it’s because there’s soy in every single thing we eat that’s manufactured. Do you know why they put the soy in the manufacturing of most of the things?

Dr. Daller: No.

Captain Brien: Because the soy bean plant is so cheap to grow and it grows so fast, that there’s protein in the soy, right?

Dr. Daller: Right.

Captain Brien: Because it’s a bean.

Dr. Daller: Right.

Captain Brien: Right, so you get protein.

Captain Brien: So when you see a box of cookies, there is no protein in those cookies. Do you know how they get it? They put soybean oil in it.

Dr. Daller: Soy.

Captain Brien: To make the protein show on the back that there is some kind of protein for the FDA.

Dr. Daller: I see.

Captain Brien: Meanwhile, it’s killing everyone.

Dr. Daller: I see, that’s a very good hypothesis, that is not based–

Captain Brien: But it’s bullshit .

Dr. Daller: It’s not based on any science. I want the audience to understand. There is no–

Captain Brien: That’s exactly what I think, though.

Dr. Daller: There is no foundation whatsoever for what–

Captain Brien: Exactly.

Dr. Daller: Captain Brien said right now.

Captain Brien: Right .

Dr. Daller: But it sounds very intelligent.

Captain Brien: But it’s good.

Dr. Daller: It sounds very intelligent, has really no base in reality.

Captain Brien: But they do add the soy to bread, and everything else, to keep the ingredients soft.

Dr. Daller: So, I think–

Captain Brien: And it’s in all packaged and manufactured products.

Dr. Daller: I think you have some of the answers. Some of the answer is manufactured and packaged products.

Captain Brien: Yes.

Dr. Daller: So the idea here is processing. In the old days, a lot of people used to cook at home and even in restaurant it was fresh stuff. You know, you make salad, you cut the tomato, you do all this stuff.

Captain Brien: Correct.

Dr. Daller: Today it’s a lot of processed food because we want it to last a long time. The expiration on any box today is, like, 2027. I mean, stuff are going to survive, you know–

Captain Brien: Right, the apocalypse.

Dr. Daller: Nuclear bombs.

Dr. Daller: The apocalypse. I mean, when you have crazy stuff happening, nothing happen to these boxes. So I think it’s a lot of processing. I think it’s a lot in the environment. I think when you go travel the world, when you go to Greece for example, they make everything fresh–

Captain Brien: They have the Mediterranean diet.

Dr. Daller: The have Mediterranean diet.

Captain Brien: Everybody run to the Mediterranean.

Dr. Daller: And people and no don’t come with a list of stuff for the chef, I cannot eat this, I cannot have that, because you don’t see that, that much.

Captain Brien: But they also use 100% Olive Oil.

Dr. Daller: Yes.

Captain Brien: We can’t go and find Olive Oil in 90% of our foods.

Dr. Daller: That’s right.

Captain Brien: It’s all vegetable oil and the basis of the vegetable oil is soybeans.

Dr. Daller: That’s right.

Captain Brien: Again, because it’s cheap.

Dr. Daller: I know you are going back to soy and I know it’s very dear to you.

Captain Brien: I hate it!

Dr. Daller: But soy, I think, is part of the problem. I think, overall, the processing–

Captain Brien: Yes.

Dr. Daller: The fact that we are not using natural stuff is some of the problem. I mean, and again, we can go back. We did a show here, a podcast here, about plastic bottling and all the plastic stuff that we use.

Captain Brien: Right.

Dr. Daller: And BPA and all this stuff. It’s all related, it’s all connected somehow. Why do we have such an, why food allergies are now in the limelight? I think it’s environmental, some of it. I think some of it is genetic. I think some of it is lack of breastfeeding. You know, when a lot of the mothers now are working, they don’t have the time, it’s a big deal. So there are many, many. I don’t think they are going to do any studies because there is no money involved here.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: Don’t you understand?

Captain Brien: You always go back to money.

Dr. Daller: Because, unfortunately, that’s how capitalism work. How you going to do a study without money? You cannot do a study. Nobody will sponsor a study,

Captain Brien: But what if they come out with a pill, like they do with the Benadryl?

Dr. Daller: So, unlike, unlike, you know–

Captain Brien: And lactose, there’s no money in the lactose pill. You could buy a hundred of ’em for twenty bucks.

Dr. Daller: Yes but that’s different. So lactose intolerance pills are different than allergic reaction to peanuts. So with allergic reaction to peanuts your only way out is to avoid peanuts. There’s no treatment, there’s no pill, there is nothing you can do. You have to avoid peanuts. You have to avoid, if you are allergic to cashews, you have to avoid cashews. If you are allergic to shellfish, you have to avoid shellfish. And now, some people say, well my allergic reaction is very mild, like–

Captain Brien: They say, if you are allergic to almonds, you’re allergic to what?

Dr. Daller: If you are allergic to almonds you are allergic to all tree nuts. So, you’re allergic to cashews–

Captain Brien: So what’s the closest, the next closest thing is poison ivy right?

Dr. Daller: Is that right?

Captain Brien: That’s what they say, it’s just one–

Dr. Daller: Captain Brien, I mean today you prove it.

Captain Brien: One degree off and we have poison ivy.

Dr. Daller: Is that right?

Captain Brien: And so you’re very highly allergic to poison ivy and almonds are very bad for you as well.

Dr. Daller: Okay.

Captain Brien: ‘Cause I’m allergic to poison ivy as well.

Dr. Daller: I didn’t know that.

Captain Brien: Like, really bad.

Dr. Daller: I didn’t know that. A human being are very, very closely related to rabbits but we are not rabbits.

Captain Brien: This is true.

Dr. Daller: We are not rabbits.

Captain Brien: This is true.

Dr. Daller: So, again, the only way is to avoid, avoid all these allergens.

Captain Brien: Hi, Amy, Kelsey, Danielle. What’s going on ladies? Doctor Daller’s giving me the inside scoop today. You can find Doctor Daller at Revitalize Lounge. He’s in Fort Myers. The guy, not only does he do men’s and women’s well-being, sexual health, but he just, basically, will give you a beautiful diet. His facility’s amazing, I come every Tuesday, we do this show. This is The Captain’s Log. How can they find ya on Instagram?

Dr. Daller: Daller MD.

Captain Brien: Daller.

Dr. Daller: @dallermd.

Captain Brien: Let’s spell Daller.

Dr. Daller: Daller. D-A-L-L-E-R-M-D.

Captain Brien: Yes.

Dr. Daller: And on Instagram, on Facebook. You know, follow me and well, whatever you guys need or follow Captain Brien–

Captain Brien: You can DM both of us or whatever.

Dr. Daller: Absolutely.

Captain Brien: We’ll get you your questions out. We’ll answer ’em on The Captain’s Log. We love to hear what you guys have to say but today, it’s all about allergies.

Dr. Daller: And, again, if you guys have any topics that you guys want to talk about. You know, something interesting, something that you think everybody, not something very specific just for you. Something that everybody, you know, wants to ask and they’re embarrassed, or they’re not embarrassed and they want to know more, please, let us know. We would love to talk about all these topics. I mean, that’s what we do. Captain Brien is delivering here content that is remarkable and free!

Captain Brien: And free, I don’t charge for this.

Dr. Daller: Unbelievable.

Captain Brien: Can’t beat that.

Dr. Daller: Unbelievable.

Captain Brien: They say nothing’s free except water and air.

Dr. Daller: That’s right.

Captain Brien: The Captain’s Log’s free.

Dr. Daller: That’s right.

Captain Brien: That’s amazing.

Dr. Daller: That’s right.

Captain Brien: All right.

Dr. Daller: That’s right.

Captain Brien: So we were moving along on the process of finding out how these allergies started. You’re saying, basically, the environment. You’re saying that, what?

Dr. Daller: So I’m saying, for example, if you go to China very few Chinese are allergic to peanuts. So, I looked why? The Chinese, they put peanuts on everything.

Captain Brien: Everything.

Dr. Daller: Everything is peanuts.

Dr. Daller: So I did some research and I realized that the Chinese, they either deep fry their peanuts or they boil their peanuts. We dry fry them, so it–

Captain Brien: And what does that do? That breaks down the protein.

Dr. Daller: That, what?–

Captain Brien: Hey!

Dr. Daller: Captain Brien!

Captain Brien: So when you cook this–

Dr. Daller: The nature, the nature, the protein, break down the protein so when you cook it in the water, or anything like that, the protein go away. Some of them are denatured. There’s less allergens in them.

Captain Brien: And did you know that 100% of the oil that Chick-fil-A uses was peanut oil?

Dr. Daller: I didn’t know that.

Captain Brien: And so everyone that eats Chick-fil-A, they don’t die of peanuts, right?

Dr. Daller: Right.

Captain Brien: You know?

Dr. Daller: Because it’s deep fried there.

Captain Brien: Yeah, because they heat the peanut oil.

Dr. Daller: Yeah.

Captain Brien: It’s reyhydronated as well, right?

Dr. Daller: Yeah.

Captain Brien: So they take out the protein.

Dr. Daller: Amazing, I didn’t know that.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: Who else uses peanut oil, the burger place?

Captain Brien: Five Guys.

Dr. Daller: Five Guys.

Dr. Daller: The burger place.

Captain Brien: They use it.

Captain Brien: Five Guys and Chick-fil-A. And a little bit of knowledge is that Chick-fil-A went into panic mode when Five Guys started expanding and they said, hey, we’re going to figure out a different way to fry our stuff because if Five Guys is starting to use all of the peanut oil, it’s gonna to drive the price way up and we may have to look at something else.

Dr. Daller: Wow, I didn’t know that.

Captain Brien: Well a little bit of something, little bit of knowledge, see Doc.

Dr. Daller: That’s amazing, amazing. Normally, they say a little bit of knowledge is dangerous. Not in Captain Brien case.

Captain Brien: Yeah, yeah.

Captain Brien: I learned that at the Five Guys plant with the owner.

Dr. Daller: Really?

Captain Brien: Yeah, like I took the actual, like, I went to–

Dr. Daller: Where is it, where is the place?

Captain Brien:Um, we went to Washington in DC.

Dr. Daller: Yeah, wow, wow

Captain Brien: I took the whole three day course on how to open up a Five Guys and that’s one of the things they tell you. They were working on that as we speak, as the class was going on, is what they were doing was they were negotiating international pricing on peanut oils.

Dr. Daller: So, I let you into a secret. From time to time, I do go to Five Guys but don’t tell anybody.

Captain Brien: I used to love Five Guys.

Dr. Daller: Oh, it’s on live! It’s live on Facebook.

Captain Brien: So while we’re talking about Five Guys, we did a little study recently, me and my son.

Dr. Daller: Yeah.

Captain Brien: Because I like to have a big, thick burger.

Dr. Daller: Yeah.

Captain Brien: So I said what’s better? The triple, you know, you can get three?

Dr. Daller: Yeah, yeah.

Captain Brien: Not two.

Dr. Daller: Yeah.

Captain Brien: The standard is two, right?

Dr. Daller: Yeah.

Captain Brien: I said, “What’s better? “Maybe a triple or should I get two singles?” ‘Cause one doesn’t fill me up.

Dr. Daller: Right.

Captain Brien: So, I have to have two burgers at least or the triple. So, I did the triple and the ratio of meat to burger?

Dr. Daller: Yeah.

Captain Brien: Not as good as a single, as two singles.

Dr. Daller: Yeah.

Captain Brien: I prefer the two singles.

Dr. Daller: I agree with that. So I did, we went last week to Jimmy P’s.

Captain Brien: Oh yeah?

Dr. Daller: And I did the double. And I didn’t enjoy it as much as the single and I said next time I’m going to have two singles. And it’s funny.

Captain Brien: That’s true.

Dr. Daller: Yeah, it’s like–

Captain Brien: And then you gotta do extra cheese. I gotta have a cheese, like, cheese to beef ratio has to be proper, too.

Dr. Daller: Yeah.

Captain Brien: I’m very particular.

Dr. Daller: So if you eat a burger, eat a good burger.

Captain Brien: Yeah, absolutely.

Dr. Daller: And so that’s the point, I mean go, if you are —

Captain Brien: Because you can eat a cheap burger and it’s loaded with soy.

Dr. Daller: Correct.

Captain Brien: They use the soy protein.

Dr. Daller: Right.

Captain Brien: And it’s much cheaper than having actual protein from beef. So they add the soy to that and you’re getting garbage.

Dr. Daller: Yeah.

Captain Brien: You’re not getting meat.

Dr. Daller: Yeah.

Captain Brien: Absolutely.

Captain Brien: You’re getting chemicals.

Dr. Daller: So, yeah, so I love it. I enjoy Jimmy P’s. I enjoy, you know, Five Guys from time to time. Why not? We live only once.

Captain Brien: That’s right, you have to.

Dr. Daller: You have to enjoy that.

Captain Brien: And what did you do with the side orders at Jimmy P’s?

Dr. Daller: I had the sweet potato fries and–

Captain Brien: You went all in, Doc.

Dr. Daller: I went but, you know, when you go, when you have bacon.

Captain Brien: A cheat day?

Dr. Daller: You have to have drool. You have to drool when you eat it. If you go crazy, go all the way.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: Either don’t do it because it’s a waste.

Captain Brien: You get those calories.

Dr. Daller: No matter what.

Captain Brien: An extra thousand calories ain’t gonna kill ya.

Dr. Daller: No–

Captain Brien: After you go over the 800 meal calorie count.

Dr. Daller: But enjoy it. Have a great burger.

Captain Brien: You better just enjoy it.

Dr. Daller: Why not? Why not?

Captain Brien: I agree with that, I agree with that.

Dr. Daller: Absolutely.

Captain Brien: So, what is… right now, the FDA doing about all these food allergies? Is there something that’s going on?

Dr. Daller: You know, honestly, they’re not doing much. The government, in every country. So I looked at not just FDA. I looked at the UK, what they’re doing. What they’re doing everywhere. So food allergies are on the rise. A lot of people have problems, like, people are dying from food allergies.

Captain Brien: Correct, yeah.

Dr. Daller: I mean, this is serious, this is very serious. 1% of people with food allergies, there is a chance, and a lot of people say, you know, I have mild food allergy. So if you have a food allergy sometime it can manifest itself as mild and the next time you can have an anaphylactic reaction. You can have–

Captain Brien: Really?

Dr. Daller: Yes.

Captain Brien: I challenge it everyday and I’m like, ah, I’m gonna eat that and I’m gonna probably end up taking a Benadryl.

Dr. Daller: And you shouldn’t.

Captain Brien: I should not.

Dr. Daller: You should not.

Dr. Daller: Why, what for, what’s the purpose of that? I mean, if you told me–

Captain Brien: ‘Cause I’m a glutton for punishment. I like good stuff.

Dr. Daller: I think Captain Brien lived in biblical times. So no need, you can really cut off that part of your life. This is not an essential stuff that you’re saying, you know what, I cannot live without. And, you know, just think about it if you had true allergies to cow milk or true allergy to eggs, that’s a big deal. It’s much more common, much more you see than everything.

Captain Brien: Oh you think there’s more eggs than soy?

Dr. Daller: What do you think?

Captain Brien: No.

Dr. Daller: I think–

Captain Brien: Did you know even gum has soy in it? What kind of milk is in there?

Dr. Daller: Yeah, that’s true.

Captain Brien: Soy is in everything. Everything, it drives me crazy.

Dr. Daller: You know, it’s like when you come close to something, you realize it’s everywhere.

Captain Brien: You can’t have the salad dressing. You can’t eat anything. I could keep going. You can’t eat any desserts.

Dr. Daller: Olive oil.

Captain Brien: You can’t have cakes.

Dr. Daller: I mean, you should not have salad dressing anyways.

Captain Brien: You can’t have a cookie. You can’t have chocolate.

Dr. Daller: Olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper. There’s no soy in any one of these. This should be your salad dressing.

Captain Brien: Yeah, it’s true.

Dr. Daller: You should not use none of these stuff.

Captain Brien: That’s true.

Captain Brien: That I agree with.

Dr. Daller: You know, the processed. You know, the processing is key. Avoid the processing. If you do it clean, there’s no problem whatsoever.

Captain Brien: Well guys, we brought you The Captain’s Log. I got Doctor Daller, once again, with all the knowledge for you guys. Free of charge, how can you go wrong? Say hello anytime, drop a message and thanks for watching The Captain’s Log. We’ll be back tomorrow with J Chris Newberg and then, I’ll be live, and we’re doing the man panel on Thursday.

Dr. Daller: Oh, fantastic!

Dr. Daller: Fantastic, that’s gonna be fun.

Captain Brien: And we’re bring Josh Pray.

Dr. Daller: Okay.

Captain Brien: That’ll be excellent on Thursday. And then, on Friday, I have Ahmed Ahmed. And we’re gonna wrap it up, that’s the week guys. This is the man, Captain Brien, we’re gonna see you on the man panel. We’re gonna see you live, tomorrow. We’re having a good time. Doctor Daller and I, we’re out.

Dr. Daller: Bye bye, take care.

Captain Brien: See ya.