Epsiode 263 To Swipe or Not to Swipe? Online Dating Advice!

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Captain Brien: Welcome back guys, the Captain’s Log, Doctor Dollar. Dolla, you’re gonna talk to me about online dating. And apparently it’s a whole new world.

Dr. Daller: It’s impressive. Y’know I didn’t know much about online dating, and last week you said hey, let’s talk about it. A lot of people are asking, a lot of people are doing that. A lot of, y’know, Captain Bryan, the number one grossing app in the world is Tinder. Number one gross, Tinder, I mean it’s not Netflix, it’s nothing else, it’s Tinder. That’s the app that generates the most amount of money and y’know when I read it the first time I didn’t believe it. I had to Google it couple of times to make sure. Fact check it, because we don’t, everything we say here is a fact.

Captain Brien: Yeah, of course.

Dr. Daller: And that was incredible.

Captain Brien: As a matter of fact it’s a fact.

Dr. Daller: Incredible So Captain Bryan, you remember those days when we used to go in the old days we used to go to the bar and on Friday night you go to the bar and you buy a few drinks and you talk to this girl, and you talk to that girl, and you talk to that girl and at the end of the night if you’re lucky enough, you hope to hook up. And if you’re not, y’know game over until next weekend.

Captain Brien: Right.

Dr. Daller: And today it’s a different.

Captain Brien: Not so much.

Dr. Daller: Not so much.

Captain Brien: No.

Dr. Daller: And that atmosphere had changed significantly. I mean people are going on different apps, there are hundreds and hundreds of apps. The most common one obviously is Tinder to hook up, but there’s match.com and eharmony and you name it. And Bumble, and,

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: You know different one. They have apps for gay and lesbians and the apps for all the people and younger people and you name it, there’s an app for it.

Captain Brien: There’s a flavor for everybody.

Dr. Daller: Absolutely. And today we’ll talk about, y’know all these easy, what we call easy hook-ups, are they making you any happier or not. And, y’know, and I did a lot of reading, I read multiple, multiple articles, mainly by psychologists and psychiatrists

Captain Brien: Yup.

Dr. Daller: And article by different University professors. That are, we are going to talk about, y’know what’s the effect on people when they do that versus the old days when we used to go to the bar.

Captain Brien: Interact.

Dr. Daller: And interact with people. Y’know it’s a different era. But again, at the end of the day, at the end of this podcast I want everybody to understand, Tinder and all of them are here to stay.

Captain Brien: They are not going.

Dr. Daller: Yeah, it’s not going away.

Captain Brien: It’s not going away, it’s just going to increase.

Dr. Daller: It’s the only way.

Captain Brien: It’s the only way.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: Hooking up in a bar is over.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: This is not going to be an issue anymore. By the year 2040, 70% of human beings are going that’s the only way they’re going to hook-up.

Captain Brien: They’re gonna meet online.

Dr. Daller: They are going to meet online. That’s it. That’s going to be the online hook-up by 2014, by 2040. Already today, majority of the people are still hooking up that way but.

Captain Brien: They’re saying that not ’till 2040, in 20 years?

Dr. Daller: Yeah in 20 years.

Captain Brien: That’s wrong.

Dr. Daller: Because if you think about it, a lot of people are still hooking up online, but they are not getting married online.

Captain Brien: Right. So you’re saying by 2040, 70% of the people that are married.

Dr. Daller: Are going to get married that way.

Captain Brien: Have met online? Wow.

Dr. Daller: With different apps. Not necessarily Tinder, even though I know couple of people that met on Tinder and they got married..

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: But this is the exception. They, match.com and eharmony and all this stuff, they are here to stay and they’re going to grow bigger and bigger and bigger.

Captain Brien: Hi Brenda, hi Randy, Vicky, how are you guys? We’re talking about online dating with Doctor Dollar.

Dr. Daller: So, Captain Bryan, you remember in the old days. We used to go to the bar and y’know from time to time. Not you, but myself, I used to get rejected.

Captain Brien: Maybe, yeah, no, I’ve been rejected, I’ve been rejected.

Dr. Daller: I got rejected.

Captain Brien: It happened a couple of times.

Dr. Daller: A couple of times.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: And y’know it hurts.

Captain Brien: It hurts.

Dr. Daller: It hurts. But you know what, it was one girl that rejected me and I’m, you know, I moved on. Next weekend I’m back on my game. Here, when you’re on Tinder, it could be 100 girls that you swipe to the right and none of them answer to you.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: So it’s 100 rejections.

Captain Brien: So how does that feel?

Dr. Daller: It feels awful because y’know, we know from neuroscience, we know that a broken heart, the brain does not know the different between a broken heart and a broken bone. It’s the same mechanism.

Captain Brien: Randy said I’d never get rejected, yes I do, sometimes I do.

Dr. Daller: Captain Bryan is an exception. So he is exception but ask normal people, we get rejected from time to time and we know how it feels. A broken heart and a broken bone is the same mechanism in the brain. The brain does not know the difference.

Captain Brien: Really?

Dr. Daller: Absolutely. It’s the same, exactly the same thing. And y’know when you go on Tinder, and you swipe 100 girls to the right and you know I learned all these tricks about swiping to the right swiping to the left.

Captain Brien: Did you go on and swipe?

Dr. Daller: No.

Captain Brien: You had to test this.

Dr. Daller: I had to test it,

Captain Brien: I’ve tested, I’ve given it a good once over,

Dr. Daller: Of course.

Captain Brien: a couple of times. It’s part of taking one for the team.

Dr. Daller: That’s right.

Dr. Daller: That’s how we take one for the team.

Captain Brien: I have to do this serious research.

Dr. Daller: That’s right.

Captain Brien: I can’t talk out of school in this subject.

Dr. Daller: Absolutely. You have to know, I mean you preach what you practice and you practice what you preach.

Captain Brien: That’s right. That’s right.

Dr. Daller: Absolutely. So again, if you swipe 100 girls to the right.

Captain Brien: Right.

Dr. Daller: And none of them answer, it’s 100 rejections. Also if you go on a date today when you wanna go.

Captain Brien: Let me interrupt you.

Dr. Daller: Yeah, go ahead.

Captain Brien: If you swipe 100 girls and you get no’s every time it’s a rejection. But, it’s not the same as going up to someone’s face and them saying I’m sorry, I’m not interested. Because, depending on the person, they may take that to heart. They may not.

Dr. Daller: I disagree. So, here you know, social media, whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram or on Tinder, it does affect human beings so it affects. I know for a fact that when we post something and we see, we posted about the, you know, anything. A video and we had 15,000 people watch that video it makes me feel good.

Captain Brien: Right, of course.

Dr. Daller: And if we have only 1,500 people watch it I feel like what happened?

Captain Brien: Damn, yeah.

Dr. Daller: Captain Bryan, I mean we have a great topic we had a great, we did homework, it’s great content.

Dr. Daller: How come only 1,500 people watch it?

Captain Brien: Right.

Dr. Daller: You know I have a video on YouTube about the P show that I do, and half a million people watched it.

Dr. Daller: And I say oh my God, I feel like a rockstar.

Captain Brien: Course.

Dr. Daller: And I have another video about prostate cancer, and only seven people watched it. And I feel like oh my God, I’m a loser.

Captain Brien: Right.

Dr. Daller: So that does affect you as a person, today and you know I’m looking at my kids and other things, you know when kids are bullying other kids if they don’t put a like it’s as if they are bullying them. You know it doesn’t take much to feel like, oh you know I’m rejected. So, that feeling of rejection is awful. And the amount, the number of patients, and you know doing the research for this podcast, I learned different terms like ghosting, you know what ghosting is?

Captain Brien: Ghosting, Yes, of course.

Dr. Daller: I didn’t know what ghosting.

Captain Brien: That’s when you all of the sudden just get left hanging. They respond and then nothing.

Dr. Daller: And you can do that with Tinder.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: But in real life, you know when you met somebody you pick them up from the house, you went to dinner you gave her your cell phone, those, we didn’t ghost anybody.

Captain Brien: No.

Dr. Daller: What do you mean ghost. I mean you don’t like the person you say hey,

Captain Brien: Yeah but you don’t call them and you walk away.

Dr. Daller: Let’s go for cup of coffee, we are, there’s no chemistry, you understand? So I used to use the word chemistry because I believe in chemistry among human beings and sometimes there’s no chemistry and you move on. But here, just to be left and, because with ghosting, you feel like maybe there’s hope, maybe that person is going to connect with me.

Captain Brien: But I think they ghost, here’s why they ghost.

Dr. Daller: Yes.

Captain Brien: Here’s why. Because online dating is very quick. You get a lotta different hits. You can swipe on 100 different people, right.

Dr. Daller: Yes, yes.

Captain Brien: So there could be 12 people talking to you. So then the girl doesn’t have time, she ghosts them.

Dr. Daller: Yes.

Captain Brien: Y’know? I think that’s what happens.

Dr. Daller: But it hurts, it hurts.

Captain Brien: It hurts.

Dr. Daller:That’s the bottom line. Tat person is wounded,

Captain Brien: That chaps your ass, it really does.

Dr. Daller: It does, it does. And y’know, and again, let’s talk about the fact, Captain Bryan, do you know how many people lie on their content when you write your story on Tinder.

Captain Brien: I bet you it’s 70%.

Dr. Daller: 95.

Captain Brien: 95%!

Dr. Daller: Who lies more, men or women? Let’s see if you know.

Dr. Daller: Who lies more, men or women?

Captain Brien: It’s gotta be women.

Dr. Daller: That’s right. How did you know that? I thought I was sure men lie more.

Captain Brien: Why do the women lie?

Dr. Daller: Women lie about their looks. They put a picture from several years ago.

Captain Brien: Oh my God.

Dr. Daller: They put a picture when they were skinny, or when they were blonde, or when they were this.

Captain Brien: And you know what, that’s why they ghost, that’s my theory. Half the time they won’t meet because they’re not even in the same damn person!

Dr. Daller: And y’know when you start the relationship on the false premise, that’s a problem. The chances that this is gonna move to the next stage when you already lied about something, y’know it’s a problem. Let’s see if you know what men lie about.

Captain Brien: Their income.

Dr. Daller: That’s right. Men lie about, you could write this article, men lie about their finance, about their finances.

Dr. Daller: They always make themselves making much more money.

Captain Brien: Of course.

Dr. Daller: Or their in a different position, and again, that’s a problem. You can do it with Tinder because you can hook up once, you can lie about you being a hot shot, even though you’re not a hot shot. So again, the premise of lying all the time, that’s not a good start of the relationship.

Captain Brien: Right.

Dr. Daller: When we, y’know, 20 years ago, we didn’t lie. We were ourselves. As a matter of fact if anything we downgraded ourselves. I always made myself, y’know I used to wear my raggedy T-shirt and my jeans and I’m not trying to impress anybody. You like me because I’m funny, you like me because I’m smart. You like me because of my looks, I don’t care what.

Dr. Daller: There’s chemistry, there’s chemistry. There’s no chemistry.

Captain Brien: But you didn’t have on the online dating, you can actually search according to the age and distance.

Dr. Daller: Right.

Captain Brien: So you didn’t have the perimeters where you just could set the distance in the bar.

Dr. Daller: Right.

Captain Brien: Or the age, or the area of how many girls you wanted to meet. You just walked into the bar and who’s in the bar is who you meet. That’s it.

Captain Brien: That’s who you’re stuck with, but not online. Not online. You have a much broader audience.

Dr. Daller: Right, no the audience is remarkable I mean the pool is so deep, I mean we had a very shallow pool with like, in the bar, a couple of girls and y’know, sometimes none. So here it’s, you have millions of people. You know how many swipes on Tinder every day people swipe, how many, how many swipes they get?

Captain Brien: A billion.

Dr. Daller: 1.6 billion.

Captain Brien: More than a billion?

Dr. Daller: 1.6 billion a day, a day!

Captain Brien: These are horny little guys out there.

Dr. Daller: Amazing, How many,

Captain Brien: How many are girls and how many are guys?

Dr. Daller: How many, how many, I’ll ask you the question.

Dr. Daller: How many hook-ups = day occurs on Tinder? For that one I told you already, 1.6 billion swipes, how many hook-ups?

Captain Brien: I don’t know.

Dr. Daller: 1.5 million.

Captain Brien: 1.5 million connections a day?

Dr. Daller: Correct, connection a day.

Dr. Daller: 1.5 million, a lot!

Captain Brien: That’s good for your business Doc.

Dr. Daller: It’s very good.

Captain Brien: Good for you.

Dr. Daller: Yes it is growing up, y’know because of STD and everything else. Yes it is good for the business because people care about sex and care but, STD does involve with that as well. So that’s a different topic for a different conversation and a different time.

Captain Brien: 1.5.

Dr. Daller: 1.5.

Captain Brien: Is that worldwide or in the U.S.

Dr. Daller: Worldwide.

Captain Brien: Worldwide

Dr. Daller: So 1.6 billion worldwide on Tinder everywhere and y’know first time I learned about Tinder I was on a plane. I was sitting in business class and right next to me was a nice guy and he was telling me about, y’know him getting engaged and all the stuff and showing me the pictures of his fiance and we were flying to a foreign country I won’t say which one. And he asked me about Tinder. I say I heard about it but I don’t know how it works. And he told me that when he leaves the country, he goes on Tinder because in the country, he doesn’t want anybody to know.

Captain Brien: Oh, and then he puts his like.

Dr. Daller: He puts is location.

Captain Brien: His location on where he is.

Dr. Daller: Of where he is over there so he can hook up.

Captain Brien: Not a nice guy. You introduced this conversation by you met a nice guy on the airplane. And next thing you know you turn it on me and you tell me the guy is out there trying to bang every girl in every country.

Dr. Daller: Unbelievable, but at least he doesn’t do it at home.

Captain Brien: Yeah, not in the U.S., that’s good, that’s good. What a nice guy.

Dr. Daller: What a good guy. Very, very nice guy.

Captain Brien: I don’t think Tinder is just for hook-ups though.

Dr. Daller: Good question. So I did some research and I asked bunch of people in the last few days you know about their apps and what’s the purpose of the app.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: So when it comes to, for example, match.com, that’s more relationship. eharmony, more relationship. But most people that are on Tinder that I asked, and this was not hundreds of people, maybe 17 people.

Captain Brien: This is a survey from everybody in the car?

Dr. Daller: That’s a survey from everybody riding with me. And I say, what is the objective, what’s your objective here. And most people told me that Tinder was designed for hook-ups. Now, is it true that some people get married from Tinder? Yes, I know some people that got married from Tinder.

Captain Brien: I know somebody that got married from Tinder, from Bumble,

Dr. Daller: Yes.

Captain Brien: Yeah, I know, it does work.

Dr. Daller: Sure, and again, can it work? Absolutely. But the premise, you have to start with being honest with yourself. Don’t start by lying, that you are a sea of proctor and gamble.

Captain Brien: Right.

Dr. Daller: And at the end, you are nobody. You don’t have a job, that’s, obviously this is going nowhere.

Captain Brien: So, you said that there’s a lot of negative effects. But what about the people who are afraid to meet people face to face, but yet behind their computer or on their phone, they’re much more able to interact with people, and then they can make that connection, that’s good for them, no?

Dr. Daller: No, not really.

Captain Brien: Oh, okay good.

Dr. Daller: You want to promote your own self-esteem? You want to promote your honest? Face to face will promote your own self-esteem. When you are hiding behind something, behind the computer, behind your smartphone, behind anything like that, you are not going to promote your self-esteem. The way you promote, the reason you are doing well is because you have, obviously you are very good with Facebook and Instagram and all this stuff.

Captain Brien: Wait, doing well with that, with that? He says I’m doing well.

Dr. Daller: The next Jeff Bezos is sitting next to me, y’know? You never know. You never know. I mean you are very good. You present yourself. Your disposition is very good Captain Bryan. When it comes to Instagram, when it comes to Facebook, but you have a great disposition in real life. You have a great disposition when you are at the Comedy Club, or when we go somewhere or you’re on radio with Big Mama.

Captain Brien: So you have to follow through onto your online profile.

Dr. Daller: Absolutely. You cannot hide behind the desk all day, and try to swipe to the left, swipe to the right. At the end of the day you’ll have to meet that person.

Captain Brien: Right.

Dr. Daller: You have to charm them.

Captain Brien: That’s why they ghost. That’s why. They get to the point where they get to that, when it’s time to meet, and all of the sudden they don’t do it.

Dr. Daller: I know but even LeBron James go to the court and play basketball. You cannot play video games and pretend like you are LeBron James. That doesn’t work. In real life, you have to do it in real life. You have to actually practice. You are practicing going out, you are doing that stuff. And sometimes you get one rejection, you are not good at something, same with sex and everything else that we do. Not always it’s great and you work on it and you make it better and better and better.

Captain Brien: So, how much research did you do on this topic?

Dr. Daller: A lot.

Captain Brien: You did.

Dr. Daller: I was fascinated, Captain Brien. I was fascinated.

Captain Brien: I told you it was a big topic, I keep getting messages.

Dr. Daller: You know what.

Captain Brien: I have a girl tomorrow on the podcast who actually is doing a lot of online dating, and she wants to talk about some of the stories that she has.

Dr. Daller: I love it.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Captain Brien: So we’re gonna do a double feature tomorrow.

Dr. Daller: What time is that going to happen?

Captain Brien: That’s gonna be at 10 am I believe tomorrow.

Dr. Daller: I am going to try to listen tomorrow to that. That’s going to be amazing. And again, when I did the research, a lot of scammers. A lot of scam artists. People stealing money and stuff like that. Be smart. Common sense. I don’t understand people have no common sense. Why are you giving your real phone number if you are just trying, if you don’t know that person. Why would you give anybody your financial information to begin with.

Captain Brien: They do that?

Dr. Daller: They do that.

Captain Brien: On Tinder.

Dr. Daller: On Tinder. They give their financial. Oh, I want to help you, I’m the Prince from Nigeria. Do I look like a Prince from Nigeria? Look at me. I mean, give me your money. Give me a million, I give you three million in return.

Captain Brien: What a deal.

Dr. Daller: Hey, what a deal, I’m the Prince of Nigeria and I want a million from you, I give you three million in a day. Really, there are no deals like that.

Captain Brien: No.

Dr. Daller: Be very, very careful.

Captain Brien: What’s the number one thing people wanna know about each other when they’re online dating. The first thing.

Dr. Daller: It depends. On Tinder, it’s looks. Looks is key. And they did research about that, that’s what’s very interesting. So I read an article about this psychologists from the West Coast. And he put a picture, a fake picture on Tinder.

Captain Brien: Right.

Dr. Daller: Of a good-looking girl.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: And then, she wrote it all with spelling mistakes about who she is and everything was like screw that big time.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: And in two days, she got 400 people that ask her for stuff. Swiped and all. And it was a mess. I mean, you look at her, what she wrote, what she liked, she doesn’t like music and she doesn’t like to read and she doesn’t like anything!

Captain Brien: So they tried to make the worst profile they could with a good-looking picture.

Dr. Daller: With a good-looking picture.

Captain Brien: And what about the ugly profile with the great?

Dr. Daller: Right, so when it comes to what girls want and what guys want, it’s completely different. Guys, you know what they want? The good looks. And they want young girl. So young girl, 18 years old, 20 years old.

Captain Brien: Oh my God.

Dr. Daller: Goes very, very well for guys. And for girls, they look at money.

Captain Brien: They look at money.

Dr. Daller: They look at money.

Dr. Daller: So, people with money do better. Now, it’s not true for all professions. For example, if you are an engineer or if you work for H.R., Human Resource, and you have money, people don’t like you. I don’t know why, but H.R. has a bad connotation.

Captain Brien: Really?

Dr. Daller: It was H.R. probably was against this.

Captain Brien: He’s a bastard he’s in H.R., really?

Dr. Daller: He’s a snitch, they say. He works for H.R. he must be a snitch.

Captain Brien: You can’t be, you can’t put H.R., okay.

Dr. Daller: So, stuff like that, you don’t care. Also for women, I was amazed that men don’t like women with higher level of education. For example, they like women just with undergrad. But women that have a PHD or Doctorate or anything like that, men are more,

Captain Brien: They get a lot of swipe lefts?

Dr. Daller: They get a lot of them because, I don’t want some smart aleck here telling me y’know that she is a, y’know, Albert Einstein. I want somebody that is good-looking with an undergrad, and she’s young.

Captain Brien: Okay, so now the question I guess I have is if you’re, what’s better for your ego, Bumble, where the women pick, or Tinder, where either one can pick.

Dr. Daller: I think, you know, again, from my understanding, Tinder, that either one pick and you know what you have, left and right, and y’know there’s still a chance, do you understand? If you are not, the other thing that I learned that most people are going to shoot higher than what they can. So they,

Captain Brien: They swipe on girls who they think, if they get a chance.

Dr. Daller: They know they have no chance.

Captain Brien: Yeah, no chance.

Dr. Daller: I mean what are you doing?

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: I mean you are going for amazing girls that are way out of your league. As a matter of fact, 25% out of your league. So there’s no way, there’s no way.

Captain Brien: So you gotta stay in your league. You gotta stay in your lane.

Dr. Daller: Right, and if you do that, you’re going to hook-up with the right girl, that is going to be a good match for you, and it’s going to all work out. But if you’re going to go way above your league, and then you’re going to be disappointed. And you’re hoping for that one girl who’s going to be wow, he is, she is amazing and he’s mediocre, that will not work.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: Again, this is a fairy tale, it doesn’t work. it works only in Beauty and the Beast.

Captain Brien: That would be like going on Match, they’re not gonna match you together.

Dr. Daller: That’s correct.

Captain Brien: So you gotta stay in the lanes. Alright. So, do you think that the 2040 time frame of 75% of people using online to get married, do you think that that’s gonna be a good thing for us or a bad thing?

Dr. Daller: You know I saw some people ask hey, so what if you’re finding only bad things? I found some good stuff. You know I encourage my patients.

Captain Brien: Hey Mandy how are you, I’m just saying hi to Joe, Joe, Marie, Helen, how are you? Hey guys, Randy, alright they’re all on there watching. Say hi guys.

Dr. Daller: I love it, I love it Hey guys. So you know, what’s the good about posting stuff and Instagram and Facebook. For example Captain Bryan, and if you needed to lose weight, I would encourage you to go on Instagram and write your goals, because that will improve your ability to lose weight.

Captain Brien: The new thing with the models are is they just go on, they Face Tune their body. Did you see the new account that’s calling out all the Instagram models?

Captain Brien: And they show the real picture, and the fake picture all these hot booties you see on Instagram? They’re all fake.

Dr. Daller: Oh really?

Captain Brien: Yeah, yeah, all these girls that have millions of followers, they show the,

Dr. Daller: How, in real life.

Captain Brien: Yeah, yeah. They show the real two pictures. It’s called, what the heck’s it called, fake, damn I don’t know you can go on 1055 The Beat. I know that because the story’s on there today. And they have it it’s the Instagram story of the account.

Dr. Daller: But if you want to lose weight and you show everybody you know, these are my goals. I’m going to go and I’m going to post a picture of myself every day, and how I’m losing, then that’s going to motivate you. If you want to quit smoking and you go to tell the entire world why, it’s going to motivate you because if you start smoking again, you are going to feel like a loser.

Captain Brien: Right

Dr. Daller: So do that. Same thing with, you know, be honest with yourself. I do see something good about you know, being honest with your say, stay with your own type of people. When I say own type of people, if you are highly-educated person, stay with highly-educated. And there is an app for that, there’s an app for everything.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: You name it, every pot has a lid, everybody has a cover. You can find the right person, but he honest, be truthful, don’t try to, and again.

Captain Brien: And use pictures that are currently updated and not Photoshopped.

Dr. Daller: And the problem with Tinder, that a lot of people are using it just to get laid, just to hook up. And you know those people because their profile, and again there’s a study about that.

Captain Brien: What did they say?

Dr. Daller: Their profile is very short. The shorter the profile,

Captain Brien: The hornier they are?

Dr. Daller: The hornier they are.

Captain Brien: Son of a gun, I’m going after the wrong ones!

Dr. Daller: They are saying, you know.

Captain Brien: Jesus.

Dr. Daller: I’m honest and attractive and I want to spend time hiking and,

Captain Brien: And no hook-ups, that’s a guarantee that they wanna hook up.

Dr. Daller: Correct, and being honest. You saying I’m honest, it doesn’t cut it. You don’t need to say I’m honest, you don’t see the obvious stuff. I’m very truthful, obviously you’re lying to me. So, the longer, what you write about yourself and the more descriptive it is, the more truthful it looks, and the better the chances for a real match versus just a hook-up.

Captain Brien:What about the hook-up? They like the shorter ones or they’re gonna read the longer ones?

Dr. Daller: Between you and I, if you have a great picture, nobody reads too much, if you have an amazing picture.

Captain Brien: Yeah, they just swipe them right away.

Dr. Daller: So if you write, so it depends on what’s your objective here. If you’re objective is to hook up with a sexy young girl, you know, great picture, and just say I’m making ton of money, that’s good enough. Now, if you want to have a match that is going to be some long-lasting relationship, you have to write about I like to play golf, I like to play tennis, I like to do, because again, or I’m a Republican or I’m a Democrat because at the end of the day it’s very difficult if you’re a Republican to live with a Democrat. If you’re a Democrat to live with a Republican. Does it happen? Yes it does, but at the end of the day if you are crazy Republican or crazy Democrat, it’s going to be very difficult for you to be in a relationship with the opposite.

Captain Brien: What if you post a picture in your bikini, and it’s you’re first picture? I think that’s a winner.

Captain Brien: I think that’s the.

Dr. Daller: For sure, for sure.

Captain Brien: That’s the way to go to get the swipes.

Dr. Daller: For sure, for sure, for sure.

Captain Brien: And that tells the truth.

Dr. Daller: Absolutely.

Captain Brien: I think if you’re good, then it knows. If you’re not good, it tells you right away. Doesn’t have to be a perfect picture.

Dr. Daller: Oh my God. Oh my God. But again, I truly enjoy doing all the research for this, for this program. It was eye-opener.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: Just, you know, to see how many people are doing it. Ten years ago, there was a stigma involved with that.

Captain Brien: Of course.

Dr. Daller: Today, there’s no more stigma.

Captain Brien: No.

Dr. Daller: Everybody’s on it.

Captain Brien: Everbody’s doing it.

Dr. Daller: Yeah of course, I’m on it, I’m sure that Congress members, members of Congress, and Senators and the President, they’re all on it.

Captain Brien: They’re on a Raya.

Dr. Daller: Oh, there is one for,

Captain Brien: There’s one called a Raya. That’s for celebrities.

Dr. Daller: Oh really?

Captain Brien: Yeah, and that’s where the celebrities and stuff meet. And you have to get approved.

Dr. Daller: You got in. He got, Captain Brien, got it.

Captain Brien: I don’t know about a Raya, I don’t know.

Dr. Daller: And you don’t hook me up with any of that a Raya. What kind of a name is that.

Captain Brien: That’s for the big shots.

Dr. Daller: Really, for the hot shots there?

Captain Brien: Yeah, that’s where they are. Well guys listen, we’re gonna be back tomorrow, I know that we have more on this topic, you can send us your messages. I hope that you learned something today. If you didn’t, I hope you enjoyed it and had fun watching anyway, ’cause Doctor Dollar is doing a lot of work for us, getting all the research taken care of, and then we just have a good time talking about it, ’cause I appreciate your time, I appreciate all your knowledge Doc, and every Tuesday you have so many great stuff.

Dr. Daller: Thank you buddy.

Captain Brien: To talk about. Thanks for watching guys, this is the Captain’s Log, and we’ll be back. We’ll see you tomorrow. We’re out.

Dr. Daller: Take care.

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