Epsiode 264 Say Cheese!

Captain Brien is joined by Doctor Saman Freedman to decide whether or not he should fill the space in his front teeth. Lave us a comment with your recommendation!

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Captain Brien: Good morning, good morning! We’re back on the Captain’s Log with Dr.Saman Freedman. Yes, did I say it right?

Dr. Freedman: You said it right!

Captain Brien: I tried, I tried. Awesome. So, we talked to each other on Instagram, and I told you that I’ve been to three different dentists, and they tell me no. That I shouldn’t fill it. Is there a reason why I shouldn’t fill it, fill the teeth space? Yeah, this one, right here. That one. What do you think?

Dr. Freedman: I think it’s a personal preference.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Freedman: It’s called a diastema. And that can be a relapse from braces. You’ve had braces before?

Captain Brien: I did, yes.

Dr. Freedman: If you don’t wear your retainer.

Captain Brien: Can you open that? We can share it to your,

Dr. Freedman: If you don’t wear your retainer,

Captain Brien: fan page.

Dr. Freedman: a lot of times what ends up happening is you get that space back.

Captain Brien: And I got it.

Dr. Freedman: And you got it.

Captain Brien: Correct.

Dr. Freedman: Now that’s a personal preference, some of my patients love the space because they feel like it’s their character. So even if I do cosmetic work on them, like veneers, we maintain that space. And other patients want to close that space, and that’s why they come to me.

Captain Brien: I’ve been looking at it for a long time, and I keep going to different dentists and they say, don’t do it because of that. You say it’s like a personal preference, but I kinda feel like I wanna close it.

Dr. Freedman: I think it would look very nice if you did close it, it’s very easy to, you have different options. You can close it with something permanent, or with something like Invisalign. You know, it all depends on what you wanna do.

Captain Brien: What, what do they do, what would you do to close it?

Dr. Freedman: One way of closing the space is by getting veneers,

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Freedman: Everybody’s heard of veneers.

Captain Brien: Yup.

Dr. Freedman: They’re very popular. It’s basically like porcelain, that

Captain Brien: But, do you have to pull out my regular teeth?

Dr. Freedman: No, there’s no pulling of your teeth.

Captain Brien: Oh!

Dr. Freedman: We’re not giving you dentures, we’re closing the space.

Captain Brien: Okay, I just wanted to make sure, I don’t want my teeth yanked out.

Dr. Freedman: No no, no yanking. So basically, what we do is we just very minorly, very conservatively, prep the teeth. And by that we just take away .5 millimeters of enamel, so you still have your enamel. And we cement porcelain, on top of your teeth.

Captain Brien: Like caps? Like little

Dr. Freedman: So the difference between a cap,

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Freedman: which is a crown, and a veneer, is a veneer is very conservative, and it’s just .5 millimeters thick. So it’s translucent, it’s very thin. It just gets cemented on top of your own teeth.

Captain Brien: Like a little shingle?

Dr. Freedman: Exactly.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Freedman: Yeah, like a press on nail almost.

Captain Brien: Okay. On my teeth.

Dr. Freedman: On your teeth.

Captain Brien: And you, will you make these?

Dr. Freedman: We will be sending them to a lab, there’s different ways of doing it. Some offices do it in-house, with a cerec machine. However, that is not the most aesthetic way of doing it, I prefer more of a feldspathic porcelain that’s layered, a layered porcelain that a ceramist does. And that’s all they do, all day long. Sit in a lab, and layer this porcelain, and they’re so good at it.

Captain Brien: Oh, I had a good friend in Boston that did that. Her dad made all of the veneers and all that stuff for like, dentists everywhere in the whole north shore, in a lab.

Dr. Freedman: And that’s their specialty, so they do it all day long. So I leave it up to them. And my lab is excellent. So they’ll be able to really do whatever it is that you want and keep it looking natural.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Freedman: So you’ll still have a beautiful smile, you’ll still have a natural smile. The other option is doing something like Invisalign, which is also very popular.

Captain Brien: Yeah, but I have to wear that all the time, right?

Dr. Freedman: Um, yes.

Captain Brien: During the day?

Dr. Freedman: Day and night, 22 hours a day.

Captain Brien: Oh my god.

Dr. Freedman: they’re clear trays that you’ll be wearing all day long,

Captain Brien: So I have to re,

Dr. Freedman: every day.

Captain Brien: Retrain myself to talk?

Dr. Freedman: Um no, it’s so thin that you don’t even- they’re flexible, they’re comfortable. You wouldn’t even notice they’re there after a day or two.

Captain Brien: And, when I had braces, there was a lot of pain, cause my teeth were moving.

Dr. Freedman: Right.

Captain Brien: Do they do the same thing with the Invisalign?

Dr. Freedman: No, the Invisalign is smaller movements. And, it’s such minor shifting that we’ll be doing with your teeth.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Freedman: If you do choose to close the space, that you will have zero pain. And you can take ’em off when you eat.

Captain Brien: When I eat.

Dr. Freedman: So, it’s easy to keep clean.

Captain Brien: Do I kiss somebody with them?

Dr. Freedman: Um, I would probably take ’em off.

Captain Brien: So I have to say, hold on one minute, let me kiss you, I gotta take- Give me a moment, yeah. I mean yeah, they probably won’t even notice you have ’em in but, I would probably take them off.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Captain Brien: So, the other day I was at a restaurant, right, and I was about to eat, and just before I ate, I looked over, and I was in this restaurant in Tampa, and there was an older gentleman, that was at the bar. And he was very close to me, but he was on the, like, 90 degree angle. He was sitting on the side and I was sitting on the front, and I about, just when my food comes, he somehow popped out his dentures,

Captain Brien: out of his mouth, and was like, pushing them around and cleaning them with his tongue, in his mouth!

Dr. Freedman: Oh, yes. Yes, I’ve seen that

Captain Brien: I literally wanted to gag. I didn’t eat my meal, the lady was like, oh, is everything okay? I’m like, Oh, everything’s great, no problem. And I was so disgusted. I have a weak stomach. It’s the worst.

Dr. Freedman: Yeah, no that’s not good, no no. It’ll be slightly different than that.

Captain Brien: Yeah, cause I don’t wanna have to pop them out and then all of a sudden like, I can’t do that.

Dr. Freedman: Yeah, no. No, he’s probably storing some meals in there.

Captain Brien: Oh my god.

Dr. Freedman: No, no

Captain Brien: It was so

Dr. Freedman: You don’t wanna do that.

Captain Brien: nauseating, I was ready to die. And I , I was dy- I was laughing so hard, that I, like wanted to take a picture of it, because it went on for a few seconds. Like, it wasn’t just like he did this little move, and then, he was like, literally like, getting in there with his teeth, with his mouth,

Dr. Freedman: His fingers, his tongue.

Captain Brien: Yeah, it was a whole thing. And I was like, Oh god!

Dr. Freedman: Yeah, I haven’t seen that in a while, but I have seen it. Yep, yep.

Captain Brien: So Doc, where is your practice located here in,

Dr. Freedman: I am in Bayfront so, close to downtown.

Captain Brien: Right. In Naples.

Dr. Freedman: In Naples.

Dr. Freedman: Yep. Close to downtown Naples, in Bayfront.

Captain Brien: And you’ve been practicing in Naples for how long?

Dr. Freedman: I’ve been here for about ten years.

Captain Brien: And where are you from originally?

Dr. Freedman: I’m from Miami.

Captain Brien: Miami.

Dr. Freedman: Yeah.

Captain Brien: And why did you relocate to Naples?

Dr. Freedman: Um, I got pregnant with my son, and it just seemed like a slower pace. You know? Safer, slower pace, nice little community.

Captain Brien: Yep.

Dr. Freedman: And I love that.

Captain Brien: Got the Dollars on there right now.

Dr. Freedman: Hi Dr. Dollar.

Captain Brien: See, we have mutual friends. Hey Nikki, Patricia how are you guys?

Dr. Freedman: Hi Nikki.

Captain Brien: Thank you for watching today, this is the Captain’s Log. And, we’re talking about what we’re gonna do with my two front teeth. Are we gonna close them off? Or are we gonna do veneers? And is there any other options?

Dr. Freedman: Um, we can do, well you know, honestly in your case, I think your best bet. You can do composite veneers.

Captain Brien: What’s that.

Dr. Freedman: So that is basically, tooth colored filling composite, and we close the gap with that. But I, the problem with composite veneers, and a lot of people come to me because, they feel like it’s more economical, and they can afford it. So what they end up doing is, wanting them because they’re cheaper.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Freedman: The problem with that is, they’re more temporary. So, it’s not a permanent fix, they stain

Captain Brien: So, it’s like,

Dr. Freedman: and they chip.

Captain Brien: If I got ’em bonded, right? Is that,

Dr. Freedman: That’s exactly what that is, is bonding.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Freedman: So yo do close the space, but the problem with that is they chip, they stain, and they’re not as, I mean they can be very aesthetic. But they’re just, I prefer the porcelain veneers, ’cause it just looks so natural.

Captain Brien: And I won’t feel, will I feel them, if I did that?

Dr. Freedman:at all.

Captain Brien: No.

Dr. Freedman: They would feel and function like your teeth.

Captain Brien: And how long would the Invisalign last on me?

Dr. Freedman: The Invisalign, what we would do is we would use a scanner. And it would be, we don’t take impressions anymore, so that’s nice.

Captain Brien: Oh, you don’t?

Dr. Freedman: No more impressions.

Captain Brien: What do you do?

Dr. Freedman: We scan your teeth with a 3D scanner, and that’s sent electronically to the lab, where we put together the treatment plan.

Captain Brien: Do they 3D print my teeth?

Dr. Freedman: Yeah.

Captain Brien: Do they?

Dr. Freedman: They do, they absolutely do, yeah.

Captain Brien: I thought they might.

Dr. Freedman: And then you’ll probably be in Invisalign for maybe eight months.

Captain Brien: Eight months.

Dr. Freedman: If that. Maybe six months.

Captain Brien: And then, but after the Invisalign, what do I have to do?

Dr. Freedman: That’s a very good question. So, after the Invisalign, you’re gonna have to retaining

Captain Brien: ’cause I struggle with the retainer thing.

Dr. Freedman: Yes.

Captain Brien: As a kid, I was like, not happening, no way I could sleep with it. I didn’t even want to like, be seen with it.

Dr. Freedman: So what you need to do, is we need to get you a retainer.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Freedman: If you’re not gonna wear your retainer, ’cause you haven’t worn it before,

Captain Brien: Chances are it’s not happening.

Dr. Freedman: Chances are it’s not happening. We would do what’s called a fixed retainer, which is a little thin wire on the inside of your teeth,

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Freedman: and then cement it but bonded on.

Captain Brien: From the inside?

Dr. Freedman: From the inside. Pros and cons, like with everything there’s pros and cons, it’s harder to keep clean. So, you have to be a little more adamant about keeping that-

Captain Brien: I use the OralB, the,

Dr. Freedman: The OralB?

Captain Brien: Is that a good one?

Dr. Freedman: That’s a good one.

Captain Brien: All right.

Dr. Freedman: As long, I prefer nothing with batteries.

Captain Brien: Oh.

Dr. Freedman: So, if you can charge it, it’s better.

Captain Brien: Yeah, no it’s a charge.

Dr. Freedman: ‘Cause it has finer movements, yeah.

Captain Brien: The Sonic.

Captain Brien: So, it’s a charging one, I-

Dr. Freedman:But you have to really spend some time on the inside,

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Freedman: and keep those areas clean.

Captain Brien: And, that stays forever?

Dr. Freedman: Um, that would have to stay as long as you want your gap to be closed.

Captain Brien: Otherwise it’s just gonna, they’re just gonna run back side to side?

Dr. Freedman: Over time, yeah, yep.

Captain Brien: They’re just gonna run away again?

Dr. Freedman: Yes, yes. What you probably have, is a muscle attachment called a frenum on the inside of your lip.

Captain Brien: Oh.

Dr. Freedman: And what that does, is it pushes the teeth apart.

Captain Brien:, okay.

Dr. Freedman: So, another option would be to do laser there, and remove that muscle attachment, which sounds so much worse than it is.

Captain Brien: Yeah, that sounds-

Dr. Freedman: You don’t even need to be numb for it.

Captain Brien: Really?

Dr. Freedman: Yeah.

Captain Brien: Do you do that yourself?

Dr. Freedman: I do.

Captain Brien: In the office?

Dr. Freedman: In the office.

Captain Brien: And what is that treatment called?

Dr. Freedman: It’s just a frenectomy.

Captain Brien: And that’s just for your mouth laser?

Dr. Freedman: Yeah, so what that’s for, is the laser’s used to detach that muscle that pushes the teeth apart.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Freedman: A lot of times they do that on kids before they start braces. A lot of times-

Captain Brien: My daughter had a spreader, she had a spreader.

Dr. Freedman: An expander.

Captain Brien: Expander thing.

Captain Brien: That was a frickin’ That thing was a challenge.

Dr. Freedman: Yeah. it looks kind of,

Captain Brien: Wow!

Dr. Freedman: It looks kind of um, barbaric.

Captain Brien: Yeah it was like, medieval times man

Dr. Freedman: You have to twist it. Medieval, that’s a good word.

Captain Brien: And I would get in there and crank it, and then she’d be like, I missed yesterday, crank it again! I swear she liked the pain too, she was like, It’s gonna hurt! Do it again! I was like, this I so weird.

Dr. Freedman: That’s interesting, ’cause most kids don’t want me to do it.

Captain Brien: Yeah, oh not my daughter, no she will run right through a brick wall if it, like if she’s gonna be famous for it, she doesn’t care. She’s like, it again, yes! She’s crazy. So she did the expander?

Dr. Freedman: Yes.

Captain Brien: And that thing was brutal.

Dr. Freedman: So the expander is when you have a narrow arch, and you need to move the arch, so you have enough space for your teeth.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Freedman: ‘Cause you have almost too many teeth for your mouth, as a child. Or, your teeth are too big. So, instead of taking teeth out, a lot of times what we do, back in the day, they used to take out teeth.

Captain Brien: Oh, okay.

Dr. Freedman: Um, now, what they do, is they expand the arch, so that you have space for all your teeth.

Captain Brien: And, yeah, she had teeth coming in, and she had teeth that had to be pulled, like pulled out. So, they like, kind of redid the whole thing, right?

Dr. Freedman: Right, it gave her space.

Captain Brien: Yeah. But, why can’t they do a little thing where they pull them together?

Dr. Freedman: They can, it’s called Invisalign.

Captain Brien: Oh! So they use the Invisalign that way?

Dr. Freedman: Yeah.

Captain Brien: Is there an option, like to get something on the inside that just pulls them together? Kinda like the retainer? We should create one if not.

Dr. Freedman: So there is a system called the Damon system. And they’re brackets that are placed on the inside.

Captain Brien: Hey Mark, Allie, how you guys doing? We’re saying hi.

Dr. Freedman: Hi!

Captain Brien: Okay, I’m trying to-

– Thanks for watching!

Captain Brien: She’s gonna redo my teeth. I’m gonna get a new grill. Maybe a gold grill.

Dr. Freedman: I was thinking we’d put your daughter’s picture on one tooth, and then maybe your son’s on the other.

Captain Brien: Oh, I like that! Yeah, that’d be cute.

Dr. Freedman: And then they can be like, holding hands.

Captain Brien: That would be very cute. Yes, we’ll link them.

Dr. Freedman: It’s a good look. Yeah, it’s a good look.

Captain Brien: So you said that I have the ability to put something in there, and then they crank it, as well?

Dr. Freedman: Yeah, so they’re actually, basically like brackets, like braces,

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Freedman: But on the inside.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Freedman: But, I don’t think it would be very comfortable,

Captain Brien: No.

Dr. Freedman: to your tongue. No, can you imagine feeling braces on the inside all the time?

Captain Brien: No, I don’t.

Dr. Freedman: That would be, yeah, no,

Captain Brien: I don’t like that.

Dr. Freedman: With a wire.

Captain Brien: That’s too much.

Dr. Freedman: Yeah, I don’t think that’s good. I think, I think a clear Invisalign

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Freedman: would be a good option.

Captain Brien: But then I have to maintain, that’s what scares me. Is that I’m gonna do that for eight months, and then, I’m gonna be like, Ugh, I don’t wanna do this anymore.

Dr. Freedman: So you kinda have to know yourself.

Captain Brien: Okay. Yeah, I get sick of everything quick.

Dr. Freedman: Yes, If-

Captain Brien: Real quick.

Dr. Freedman: If you’re, you have a fear of commitment.

Captain Brien: Yes.

Dr. Freedman: Then what you need to do. Is something like veneers.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Freedman: If you do wanna close the gap.

Captain Brien: And that’s instant,

Dr. Freedman: That’s instant.

Captain Brien: because once you put ’em on? And do you do that, do you go one um,

Dr. Freedman: Two appointments.

Captain Brien: Two appointments? The first appointment you do all the measuring, and all the sizing and fitting?

Dr. Freedman: You do.

Captain Brien: And the second time you put ’em on?

Dr. Freedman: And that day, you leave with temporaries, that are gonna look like your veneers.

Captain Brien: Oh, okay.

Dr. Freedman: So, you’re gonna see what your smile’s gonna look like,

Captain Brien: That’s nice, you have an amazing smile,

Dr. Freedman: and make sure you love it.

Captain Brien: Who did yours?

Dr. Freedman: Thank you. I have, my best friend lives in Melbourne, Florida.

Captain Brien: Okay

Dr. Freedman: And, I went to my best friend from dental school and her husband, and he did my veneers. I have veneers.

Captain Brien: Really? Oh my gosh,

Dr. Freedman: They can look very natural.

Captain Brien: They’re perfect!

Dr. Freedman: Everyone thinks they’re like chiclets, and they can look fake. But you only notice the bad ones.

Captain Brien: That’s true. This is true.

Dr. Freedman: Just like anything else.

Captain Brien: So, do you only do the front two teeth? Or do you do more? To make them look normal?

Dr. Freedman: I would have to do, I would have to measure your teeth, and see the space in your bite,

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Freedman: and then we can determine, because you don’t want two really wide teeth.

Captain Brien: Right, yeah, yeah. I don’t want these two shingles in front of my face.

Dr. Freedman: We want them- exactly.

Captain Brien: That might not be a good look either.

Dr. Freedman: Right.

Captain Brien: Right?

Dr. Freedman: So we would measure your teeth when you come into the office, and we’d see, what’s the best way of closing that space, and making it look natural.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Freedman: You only notice the bad ones, like anything else.

Captain Brien: Of course.

Dr. Freedman: You don’t notice the ones that look natural.

Captain Brien: Well, Dr.Freedman is in Naples at Bayfront. You’re right at Bayfront there.

Dr. Freedman: I’m right at Bayfront.

Captain Brien: And they can find you on Instagram?

Dr. Freedman: They can.

Captain Brien: How can they find you on Instagram?

Dr. Freedman: They can find me on Instagram, Dr. Saman Freedman, they can find me on Facebook.

Captain Brien: Yes.

Dr. Freedman: They can message me. The office number is 239-238-1176. We have a beautiful office, very calm and serene. And the staff’s great, so.

Captain Brien: So after we do, I still am not convinced on which way I’m going. But, after we do a full like, exam in your office, then we’re gonna do a second show? We’re gonna show everybody?

Dr. Freedman: Yeah. Absolutely.

Captain Brien: Yeah?

Dr. Freedman: Yeah!

Captain Brien: All right, all right. Well, that’s awesome. I’m looking forward to it.

Dr. Freedman: I do see a question that I do wanna address.

Captain Brien: Okay, what’s the question?

Dr. Freedman: It says, do these stain, like with coffee? Coffee, tea,

Captain Brien: I drink coffee every day.

Dr. Freedman: Okay, so you’re fine.

Captain Brien: I’m in trouble.

Dr. Freedman: No, your fine.

Captain Brien: No? I’m good?

Dr. Freedman: That’s the difference between bondings. Composite bondings. And that’s why I prefer the porcelain veneers, because they don’t stain.

Captain Brien: They do not?

Dr. Freedman: They do not stain.

Captain Brien: And those are, do they chip or anything, or no?

Dr. Freedman: They can, like your teeth. You know, your teeth can chip.

Captain Brien: Right.

Dr. Freedman: So they can chip too. And you know, they last a very long time, and if your bite is comfortable, and your bite is where it should be, then you should be fine.

Captain Brien: Okay. Well, you heard it here on the Captain’s Log guys. The Doc’s gonna hook me up with some new tooth. Some toofies. Thanks for watchin’

Dr. Freedman: Thank you for having me.

Captain Brien: I’m gonna be back in a little while as well with round two, the second episode today, the Captain’s Log is coming up. And, we’re gonna discuss my guest Tinder dates, because we did an episode yesterday with Doctor Dollar

Dr. Freedman: ooh!

Captain Brien: about Tinder. Is it good for you health or bad for your health? And we had so many requests, but I have somebody who’s coming on, they’re gonna read us some of their Tinder texts.

Dr. Freedman: Is that the swiping thing?

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Freedman: Ah, swipe left or right?

Captain Brien: Yeah, yeah.

Dr. Freedman: Which one’s good and which one’s bad?

Captain Brien:  Right, if you swipe right, it’s good,

Dr. Freedman: Right is good.

Captain Brien: swipe left is bad.

Dr. Freedman: Left bad, okay. Got it.

Captain Brien:  And, um, yeah, We’re on.

Dr. Freedman: I’ll be tuning in.

Captain Brien: You’re gonna watch. Be good guys. Thanks for watching!

Dr. Freedman: Take care! Bye bye!

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