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Episode 299: Reiki Master Tell All!

On this episode of the #captainslog learn about my Reiki experience. Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

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Episode 211 The Captain’s Log with Medium Cindy Kaza and Captain Brien!

Evidential medium Cindy Kaza takes a ride with Captain Brien! Cindy is here to discuss her upcoming show at Off The Hook Comedy Club and even uses her special talents on Captain Brien! Tune in to hear what she has to say about some of Captain Briens future! It’s crazy how spot on she is!!!

Siri can now help you listen to your favorite podcasts! Say things like “play The Captains Log” or “play my newest podcasts.” You can also ask Siri about the podcast that is currently playing and request to be subscribed! Just tell Siri “subscribe to this show!”

Watch Full Video —————> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6pnpnpumws&t=298s

Funny jokes and notes from a day and the life Off the hook Comedy Club. Off the hook comedy club post on twitter daily follow us #captainslog for the latest info.

The captain’s log is officially sponsored by Captain Brien Spirits maker of Captain Brien Sugar Free Vodka and Barrel Aged Dark Rum both are gluten free also!

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Miss something on one of our episodes of the #naplescaptainslog? Don’t worry we got you covered! Here you will find a full transcript from this episode of the #naplescaptainslog!

Captain Brien: Yeah, yeah, yeah, hey guys.

Cindy Kaza: What’s up?

Captain Brien: Cindy Kaza’s back, my favorite, my only psychic medium, who am I kidding.

Cindy Kaza: I better be, don’t cheat on me.

Captain Brien: It’s not like I have a whole bunch. I only can have one person get that technical into my background, you know what I mean.

Cindy Kaza: You know.

Captain Brien: Like its too much, it’s too much for me.

Cindy Kaza: Yeah I know, there’s a lot to see in there.

Captain Brien: Yeah, yeah, it’s a lot, it’s scary.

Cindy Kaza: Too much. I still can’t figure this out, I am refreshing this,

Captain Brien:  Wait so there you go, so what’s up. That’s us right there.

Cindy Kaza: Oh it is, oops I’m sorry.

Cindy Kaza:  But I don’t know what weird thing is right there.

Cindy Kaza: See I don’t know what’s happening either. He needs to help, don’t smash into that car.

Captain Brien: I can’t, look that’s us.

Cindy Kaza: Oh wow, alright. So share that.

Captain Brien: There ya go. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re good, you’re good.

Cindy Kaza: Let’s hit share. Share…

Captain Brien: So we’re back.

Cindy Kaza:  Share, copy link, or share?

Captain Brien: You can just share it.

Cindy Kaza: Write post?

Captain Brien: Yeah, yeah, and good, hit it.

Cindy Kaza:  Post. Posted, alright, yeah.

Captain Brien:  Alright, now shut it off, ’cause everyone can hear us.

Cindy Kaza:  Oh good, alright now can I stop this?

Captain Brien: Yeah. It’s a good thing you psychic because we would see into the future of us potentially failing on that.

Cindy Kaza: Look, it takes a village, don’t make fun of me.

Captain Brien:  Right, right. So we’re just in Fort Myer’s, what a day, it’s a little chilly but it’s beautiful out, Right?

Cindy Kaza: It is nice and it’s not raining. It’s been raining like crazy here.

Captain Brien:  Yeah when did you here?

Cindy Kaza:  Uh see, I got here on Saturday.

Captain Brien: Oh, and you’re stayin in Bonita.

Cindy Kaza: I’m stayin in Bonita.

Captain Brien: And it’s raining and cold the whole time.

Cindy Kaza: Pretty much, yeah. Pretty much.

Captain Brien:  It was freezing, for Florida, especially.

Cindy Kaza: Yep.

Captain Brien: For other parts of the country, it’s kinda nice, probably, still.

Cindy Kaza: I don’t know.

Captain Brien:  You don’t think at 47 and sunny in Boston right now, they’d probably, they’d want the Patriots to lose the Super Bowl to get a day like this.

Cindy Kaza:  Yep.

Captain Brien: They’d probably do that even.

Cindy Kaza: Oh hi Krystal.

Captain Brien: Hey Krystal, we’re tryin to get out of this sun, whoa, hey,

Cindy Kaza: Whoa

Captain Brien: This guy, this lady

Cindy Kaza: oh my God.

Captain Brien: right here’s just gonna pull right out.

Cindy Kaza: Hey that’s really funny, ‘member on the radio show, I as like, Krystal, K-R-Y-S-T-A-L. I was spelling it, and now the first person that’s saying hey, is Krystal.

Captain Brien: Oh, how cool is that.

Cindy Kaza: Yeah that’s pretty cool.

Captain Brien: So do you love coming here, or do you just like that I put you up at the club all the time? What is it?

Cindy Kaza: I love coming here.

Captain Brien: You do, right.

Cindy Kaza: I love coming here, I have tons of friends in Flordia. I get to hang out with my friends, so yeah it’s pretty cool. Let’s see what does it say? Did you sense you were being watched in New Jersey? Everyone’s watching me.

Captain Brien: Yes, she can sense it. That’s my cousin, hey Glenn, what’s goin on?

Cindy Kaza: Yeah.

Captain Brien:  So no, it’s good, it’s very, I always say, when we’re here, it’s gotta be more laid back than other places that you go, I mean. No?

Cindy Kaza: I mean, yeah, it’s nice because when I come to Naples, I get to hang out for a few days, ’cause I do a couple shows, I get to spend time with my friends.

Cindy Kaza: Yeah. So yeah it’s not like city to city to city to city which I normally do.

Captain Brien: And do you prefer stayin in a hotel or do prefer stayin with your friends?

Cindy Kaza:  I like stayin with my friends.

Captain Brien:  Why?

Cindy Kaza: ‘Cause it’s fun to be around people, I mean people, I think people don’t realize that when you’re on the road, like all the time, it’s actually kinda lonely.

Captain Brien: It does get lonely, I agree.

Cindy Kaza:  Yeah.

Captain Brien: Yeah, it has to because what are you gonna do, like you have your phone, you have FaceTime, that helps, but that’s it.

Cindy Kaza: Yeah, and then even though you’re performing, you’re doing events at night, I hate saying performing, ’cause it sounds like I have like an act.

Captain Brien: Right, where you have a show to put on.

Cindy Kaza:  But you do you’re event at night and you’re in front of all these people, but you’re not like interacting with them on a friendship level.

Captain Brien: correct.

Cindy Kaza:  Your just going to do your event and your going back to the hotel, sleeping, getting up, going to the airport, again and again, so it’s nice to have friends to spend time with, ya know.

Captain Brien: Yeah. And so there’s been exciting news, you have a new TV show that’s coming out in,

Cindy Kaza: I do.

Captain Brien: Will it come out in March, or will it just film in Mach?

Cindy Kaza:  No we start filming in March.

Captain Brien: Okay so it’s filming in March, which is awesome, and that’s with the Travel Channel.

Cindy Kaza: With the Travel Channel.

Captain Brien: How cool is that?

Cindy Kaza: Super exciting, yes.

Captain Brien:  And you’ve been telling me about it for a while, but the idea that it finally happened was thrilling, right? I mean, it’s gotta be.

Cindy Kaza: It’s thrilling. I mean, ya know, with Hollywood, you can have a pilot, I’ve had couple of pilots,

Captain Brien: Right.

Cindy Kaza: and then nothing happens, and then you’re like okay, here we go again, ya know.

Captain Brien: Of course.

Cindy Kaza: So it’s exciting that it’s happening.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Cindy Kaza: I’m very excited.

Cindy Kaza: We shot two pilots and they went nowhere.

Captain Brien: Yeah, yeah.

Captain Brien: But you were just like, bam, right outta the box.

Cindy Kaza: No I wasn’t, I’ve had my first pilot in 2013.

Captain Brien: Wow, that’s good, that’s good.

Cindy Kaza: So it’s been six years.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Cindy Kaza: Six years.

Captain Brien: But were you out there pitching it, or did this one just come about?

Cindy Kaza:  Actually this one was a little bit different because I had a pilot in 2013, then I had a pilot last year that went away, and then there was this merger with networks, so when I signed to the new production company, you know, the executives at the Travel Channel knew me, so it happened a lot faster, I didn’t have to go through, like filming a whole pilot, and then waiting six months,

Captain Brien: Right.

Cindy Kaza: and all that stuff, so that was nice.

Captain Brien: That’s cool.

Cindy Kaza:  Yeah.

Cindy Kaza:  So that a good, like fast track of you.

Captain Brien: Little bit faster this time.

Captain Brien: Tell everyone how they can find you, if they don’t know already, they wanna go on your Instagram or Facebook, let ’em know.

Cindy Kaza: Oh thanks for lovin my sunglasses, thank you.

Captain Brien: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Cindy Kaza:  I know, red lips, red glasses.

Cindy Kaza:  That’s right.

Cindy Kaza:  You can find me at mediumcindykaza.com, and I’m really active on Instagram, so if you go to Medium Cindy Kaza or Cindy Kaza on Instagram, it’ll pop right up, I’ll keep everybody updated, my Facebook, Medium Cindy Kaza.

Captain Brien: And you’re always on the road?

Cindy Kaza:  I’m always on the road.

Captain Brien: Like you never stop?

Cindy Kaza:  I know it’s like, I feel like the last four years, but even last year, was the busiest year, I think, I mean I’m home like two days a month. You know, it’s nuts.

Captain Brien: Right.

Cindy Kaza:  It’s complete nuts.

Captain Brien: Which is not very much, holy cow.

Cindy Kaza: But I love my job, you know,

Cindy Kaza: Yeah.

Cindy Kaza: it’s not even really a job. I feel so grateful to be able to do what I love.

Captain Brien: So do you wanna do a reading on me? I didn’t as you that.

Cindy Kaza: I don’t know.

Captain Brien: No come on, you need to. Don’t you think, everyone out there, what’d you think?

Cindy Kaza:  I did one on you before.

Captain Brien: But we stopped or somethin, it was short, what happened?

Captain Brien: There was stuff that we got into, that I liked, that I wanted to know more about.

Cindy Kaza: We’re we talking about your love life? But I already know about your love life now. Ew, should we go there?

Captain Brien: Oh my goodness, wow. It’s probably gonna end quick if that’s the case, I don’t know. Like all the rest of ‘m.

Cindy Kaza: See Nancy says yes talk about his love life.

Captain Brien: Oh my goodness.

Cindy Kaza: Full disclosure, I already know who he’s dating, and I think it’s a good match.

Captain Brien: Oh my goodness, oh my goodness.

Cindy Kaza: If he doesn’t screw it up, do screw it up dude.

Captain Brien: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s funny. So yeah, do somethin, do it, do it, come on, I’ll go with, do you wanna do a reading with me?

Cindy Kaza:  Uh yeah, I do a reading with you.

Captain Brien: Okay do it.

Cindy Kaza:  Are you open to whatever I say, that comes out.

Captain Brien: Sure, yeah, hello, I got my freaking, I did all kinds of stuff on this show, I think I can do that.

Cindy Kaza: Didn’t you get Botox on the show?

Captain Brien: I did.

Cindy Kaza:  We talked about that last time, your forehead looks very smooth, by the way.

Captain Brien:  It does?

Cindy Kaza:  Doesn’t his forehead look smooth?

Captain Brien: It looks good, alright. My eyes might need a little touch up though.

Cindy Kaza:  What the hell? Alright, I’m kidding, your relationship is ending really fast. No, I’m just joking.

Cindy Kaza: So I don’t know if I’m gonna do mediumship, I feel like I need to do psychic with you.

Captain Brien: Whatever you feel like.

Cindy Kaza: I do know some of things, I know who you’re dating, should I not, I shouldn’t say.

Captain Brien: Yeah it’s just a casual

Cindy Kaza:  We’ll leave that.

Captain Brien: thing so you don’t have to, it’s probably not like a whole serious thing, so.

Cindy Kaza:  Okay I think it is, but okay,

Captain Brien: Oh my God, you know more than me.

Cindy Kaza: We’ll just take it there. And then I also, I know you have a new alcohol company.

Captain Brien:  Yeah, yeah.

Cindy Kaza:  And actually, I wanna talk about that first.

Captain brien: Okay.

Cindy Kaza:  So, we’re gonna do some psychic prediction stuff. People so the difference between psychic and mediumship is psychic is past, present, future, and mediumship is talking to people who have died. Okay so,

Captain Brien: yes.

Cindy Kaza: right now I’m gonna do psychic.

Captain Brien:  Okay.

Cindy Kaza:  Okay. So with your alcohol company, so I’m gonna give you what I see, and actually I think you’re gonna like it, feels really positive, but I keep seeing a business partner coming in, like a second person coming on board.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Cindy Kaza: It feels like a woman who’s gonna do marketing or promoting, have you found her yet?

Captain Brien:  Not yet, no.

Cindy Kaza:  Okay so, but you have to be careful, everybody listening, okay, just so you can call him out on it if he doesn’t listen to my advice. I keep feeling like this woman’s gonna come in, and I keep seeing her wanting to partner up with you, ooh look six, six, six on that license plate, oh my God.

Captain Brien: That’s scary.

Cindy Kaza: And I keep feeling like you’re gonna have to make a decision, whether or not, you want to sign over a small percentage of your business. It feels like somebody’s coming in, saying I want, I don’t know 5% of sales, because I’m gonna take

Captain Brien: Okay.

Cindy Kaza: this out and promote the crap out of it, it a wider area.

Captain Brien: Which is interesting, because you know I had to say, can I say somethin,

Cindy Kaza: Yeah.

Captain Brien: why I think this is weird, of how much it relates right now, is because before I picked you up, I saw somebody on my phone who has a major PR business, in LA, and she’s like for the stars, and I’m like, yeah but I can’t afford to reach out to her. So, that’s so like relevant to what, right now, just happened, out of the clear blue, I happened to be looking at a contact for somebody else, you know how when you go through a phone, and like there’s, obviously it doesn’t just bring that one person up, it brings you to like, right, a bunch of options, and one of the girls, is like a huge PR agency, and I was like yeah, but I really can’t. So maybe I could offer a percentage, and that’s how I could bring them aboard.

Cindy Kaza: Right, so,

Captain Brien: Just this morning, before

Cindy Kaza: Hi five.

Captain Brien: Before I got my coffee.

Cindy Kaza: Yeah, so I think that you just have to make sure that you’re paperwork is, you really read the fine print, ’cause there would be a contract, but then I keep seeing some connections to like football and around sports advertising as well.

Captain Brien: You are on fire. I literally just sent like five messages to all the sports bars this morning, for the Super Bowl and what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna buy $100 gift cards to everybody’s bars, that sell my product and I’m gonna give them away. I haven’t even told anybody this. I just,

Cindy Kaza:  Now everyone knows. Now everyone knows, yeah.

Captain Brien: When you were in the car with me this morning, just before I picked you up, I was voice messaging all the business owners of the clubs, that are doin Super Bowl parties, and I’m like, hey I’m gonna buy $100 gift cards, and they have to buy Captain Brien Spirits, for the Super Bowl, and they can spend the money at the place.

Cindy Kaza: Yeah.

Captain Brien: It’s crazy, okay keep goin. ‘Cause that totally… Was dead on, and nobody would know that. Okay, I’m excited, keep goin, what else?

Cindy Kaza: That’s good,

Captain Brien:  Yeah.

Cindy Kaza: Like, I feel really good things about,

Captain Brien:  ‘Cause if you tell me somethin bad, it’s also probably gonna happen, because all the good stuff already freakin happened.

Cindy Kaza:  you’re gonna kill us. He’s like swerving.

Captain Brien: That’s okay, I’m driving. Do you see in the future, my safe driving skills? I need to know.

Cindy Kaza:  Oh my God, every time I get the car with this. Okay, so no that feels really positive, like your alcohol business feels really positive, so just make sure, with contracts, that you read the fine print and that you have a good attorney, so you understand what you’re signing.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Cindy Kaza:  Okay, now the other part of the, okay so I know you have vodka, do you also have bourbon?

Captain Brien: I am working on a bourbon and I have a gin and a white rum,

Cindy Kaza:  The bourbon.

Captain Brien:  coming out.

Cindy Kaza: So the bourbon is the one that’s gonna take longer than you want it to, and I’ll tell you why, because you’re gonna try to add flavor to it, or make it like a special, like a, gosh…

Captain Brien: I just got, last night, the proof, of my first bourbon label.

Cindy Kaza:  Yeah, it’s gonna take a little while, right? But I feel like that’s gonna be something that you really, the packaging with that, is gonna be really cool, I seeing the bottles being unique, I see it being a little bit different, so just be patient on your bourbon, don’t rush it because otherwise you’re not going to like where it goes.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Cindy Kaza: Okay, ’cause I see like two different flavors. It’s almost like your gonna, does anybody make a bourbon with like a, like a berry flavor, or something that’s really weird, I’m seeing like berry bourbon.

Captain Brien:  That is weird because I’m working on it, a special one, with acai.

Cindy Kaza: Okay cool,

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Cindy Kaza: so it’s berry bourbon.

Captain Brien: It’s crazy.

Cindy Kaza:  That’s what it is, I’m like is berry bourbon. Okay so that’ll be good.

Captain Brien: I don’t know if I should’ve told ’em my secret, but anyway.

Cindy Kaza: Oh whatever, it’s cool nobody’s gonna steal it, you get that patented, okay.

Captain Brien:  By the time you get to it, I should already have it out.

Cindy Kaza: Yeah, it’s gonna be good, it’s gonna be really good. Okay now lets go to your love life. I actually really think that, and I know who it is, I shall not say her name, on Facebook Live.

Cindy Kaza: Okay, okay. But I think she really likes you, I think it’s a really good match, it’s just gonna take time to really, the trust has to be there, and that’s on your end, and on her end,

Cindy Kaza: Okay, okay.

Cindy Kaza: It’s both of you, okay.

Captain Brien:  Okay.

Cindy Kaza: So you don’t screw this up.

Captain Brien:  I don’t tend to screw ’em up all the time, but it seems like,

Cindy Kaza: No it’s because you really like her and you might try to it away because you like her. So don’t do that.

Captain Brien:  Okay, okay

Cindy Kaza: Don’t be flirting with other chicks at the bar, okay? Especially not blondes, I’ve seen you,

Captain Brien:  I don’t go to the bar, I sell the alcohol to the bar.

Cindy Kaza: Whatever, I see you like flirting with this blonde girl, and then you’re like… This is future,

Captain Brien:  Okay, okay, okay.

Cindy Kaza: I’m telling you, don’t do it dude.

Captain Brien: Who’s the blonde? You see in the future, me flirting with a blonde girl?

Cindy Kaza: Yeah and I feel like she’s,

Captain Brien: Is she hot?

Cindy Kaza: She’s hot.

Captain Brien: Really?

Cindy Kaza: Oh my gosh, you know what it is? I feel like she’s somebody that, you know when you have like people that go out and do promo’s of your alcohol?

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Cindy Kaza: That’s what it is, it’s like a promo girl.

Cindy Kaza: Oh alright

Cindy Kaza: And you’re like flirting with her

Captain Brien:  and I have a few around.

Cindy Kaza: But then the girl that you really like, see’s this happening, and she gets really pissed at you, and it’s your fault dude, don’t even do it.

Captain Brien: Dude, yeah I can’t do that, gosh. But I have to have hot promo girls, ’cause I have a big promo coming up on the 30th.

Cindy Kaza: Well yeah, you do have to have hot promo girls, but I’m just sayin.

Captain Brien: Okay, okay, but I don’t flirt, I don’t ever flirt with girls or date girls that work for me or work with me, so I’m good there.

Cindy Kaza: Mm-hmm, okay, alright. So maybe it’s just that it comes across as looking like you’re flirting with her, so just be careful.

Captain Brien: Okay, I gotta be careful.

Cindy Kaza:  I keep seeing you in Las Vegas, as well, at like a trade show or some Vegas thing.

Captain Brien: You’re outta control. I’m going to Vegas Friday.

Cindy Kaza:  High five dude, I don’t know any of this.

Captain Brien:  You serious? I’m going to Vegas Friday.

Cindy Kaza:  You are?

Captain Brien: Yeah, I’m leaving Friday, swear to God.

Cindy Kaza: Alright, have fun in Vegas.

Captain Brien: You had no idea I was going to Vegas?

Cindy Kaza: No, you’re gonna have fun.

Captain Brien: Of course you didn’t, ’cause I didn’t tell you we were going to Vegas, you read my mind, stop. Okay, so I can’t tell you, okay keep going.

Cindy Kaza: So I see you in Vegas, actually I see that being in the business, like it’s business and pleasure, not just having fun, but you’re gonna be networking there, so you need to be, make sure you don’t forget to bring your new business cards with you to hand out to some of the distribut, there’s like a little, gosh, it’s a small, okay it’s like a boutique bar. Do you work with speakeasy’s? Are you trying to get your alcohol into like tiny like,

Captain Brien:  I’m tryin to get it into anything and everything. Every place I freakin look at,

Cindy Kaza: Yeah.

Captain Brien:  I wanna get it into.

Cindy Kaza: Yeah okay, so it’s interesting because I keep seeing, like it’s not in a casino, it’s like it feels, or maybe it is, but it feels like a secret bar, or like a speakeasy, or some, exclusive thing.

Captain Brien: Maybe it’s my favorite place, the hidden, no name pizza place. The hidden place, have you ever been there?

Cindy Kaza: No.

Captain Brien:  Oh my God, it’s outta control.

Cindy Kaza: What do they have a speakeasy in there?

Captain Brien: They have it at, I think it’s at the Bellagio or the Venetian, there’s a pizza place, it’s like one of the best pizza places ever, and there’s no name, no nothin, you like go by the back bathroom, and there’s literally like a New York pizza place.

Cindy Kaza: Ah, okay, okay, so it could be something like that because it’s weird how it, like feels like it’s a speakeasy or it’s a secret,

Captain Brien: And so it’s totally a secret, yeah that’s it.

Cindy Kaza: So make sure you have your business cards to bring in there.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Cindy Kaza: Okay, nevermind, I’m not sayin that, have you been had your physical this year yet?

Captain Brien: What’s that?

Cindy Kaza: Like your doctor physical?

Captain Brien: Oh have I had my physical, I thought you said have I been hydro physical. I’m like damn,

Cindy Kaza: Well that too.

Captain Brien: What is that, man I’ve got some future goin on. I have had a physical recently, yes I just recently had one ’cause,

Cindy Kaza: Did you have, can I spill the beans? What I’m seeing?

Captain Brien: What did I do?

Cindy Kaza: Do you have anything with your prostate? I’m not a doctor, so please, I’m not a doctor,

Captain Brien: No.

Cindy Kaza:  But anything with, did you have the prostate exam?

Captain Brien:  I didn’t, but actually, the doctor that somehow disappeared, that is no longer practicing in Naples, that I had to leave, that’s why I went to a new doctor, he was supposed to give me the old prostate exam, and when I went there, after being all stressed out about going to get one, he forgot that I was gonna get one. So I didn’t tell him that I needed one. I chickened out, and the next thing you know, his practice is gone, so I had to go to a new doctor. But the doctor told me that I was good, I had to wait for a few more years, I wasn’t really ready.

Cindy Kaza: Okay, alright, so maybe that’s why I’m seeing

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Cindy Kaza:  Like get the prostate exam.

Captain Brien: So my bung bung is good for a few more years.

Cindy Kaza:  I’m glad we cleared that up. So maybe I’m just picking up that you didn’t have it done. You missed your prostate exam.

Captain Brien: Yeah, yeah.

Cindy Kaza: But good, I’m glad it’s all good.

Captain Brien: ‘Cause I was stressed, I thought I had to go to get one, it was a whole thing, because they gave me, he told me I had to the doctor and get these pills or something, like they’re flush me out, I had to take two of them, so then I didn’t get those pills, I was like oh my God, I didn’t do the pill thing, ’cause I was already stressed about doin that. But when I got there, the guy totally forgot that I was supposed to go there for the, yeah. So it worked out good.

Cindy Kaza: Alright good. You just did a colon cleanse, no big deal.

Captain Brien: Yeah, he’s like, yeah. And then he’s like, I gotta take two, I’m like God, maybe I’m backed up extra, I don’t know. One didn’t do the trick, how does he know, he didn’t even check me yet. So I don’t know, that’s how it worked.

Cindy Kaza: Oh this seat warmers so hot all of a sudden. Oh my God you’re killing me.

Captain Brien:  I don’t have a seat warmer on, maybe that’s, that’s me. That’s you seeing me

Cindy Kaza:  I’m so hot.

Captain Brien:  and you in the future and getting hot, that’s what it is.

Cindy Kaza:  See, he’s flirting

Captain Brien:  I’m not flirting.

Cindy Kaza:  And I’m working for him. He’s lying.

Captain Brien:  I’m not flirting. I’m not flirting, I’m just explaining what could possibly happen. I can see in the future. I can see the future.

Cindy Kaza: Oh my God what a hot mess.

Captain Brien:  Okay so what else? You’ve been right on like too much so far. Because I don’t know what you were thinking that you couldn’t say, because that’s probably true also. Damn.

Cindy Kaza:  Hmm, what else.

Captain Brien:  How did you know I was goin to Vegas? What gave you, no

Cindy Kaza: I didn’t, I just

Captain Brien: I need to know.

Cindy Kaza:  heard Las Vegas in my mind.

Captain Brien: No but how did you know in your mind that I was going to Las Vegas?

Cindy Kaza: Well that’s how psychic stuff works, you just like trust

Captain Brien: Right, but somebody

Cindy Kaza:  what you’re getting.

Captain Brien: needs to know like what came to you that said, Captain’s goin to Vegas.

Cindy Kaza:  Okay, so I’ll break down a reading for you, just to explain it a little.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Cindy Kaza: Who’s saying hi here, let’s see. Oh somebody’s dying about your, we’re talking about your prostate exam.

Captain Brien: Okay, okay.

Cindy Kaza:  So no, the way it works is like, okay so when I’m like tuning into you, I see images, which is clairvoyant, sometimes I hear things, but it’s not like you’re hearing me, it’s like if you were to like, it sounds like you’re talking to yourself. So I hear words, I’ll feel things,

Captain Brien: Okay.

Cindy Kaza: But with the Vegas thing, I kept seeing a sign, in my mind that said Las Vegas, so then I had a feeling you were going to Las Vegas, Right?

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Cindy Kaza:  And then I kept being, seeing, I’m seeing a lot of pictures, so then I would see, what looked like a speakeasy, so I was like that’s why I’m seeing, or like a secret thing, right.

Captain Brien: Okay yeah, ’cause the no name pizza place is one of my favorite places in Las Vegas.

Cindy Kaza: Right okay, that makes sense, right.

Captain Brien: And it’s like a total, like, yeah there’s no, anything about the place that’s, it’s all secretive, and you just have to kinda know where it is.

Cindy Kaza:  Right, and then with the bourbon, that I didn’t see in my mind, what I was hearing was berry bourbon, berry bourbon, so that makes sense

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Cindy Kaza:  Because I didn’t know what kind of berry, but that’s what I was hearing, so it all kinda blends in and you just, as a psychic,

Captain Brien: And you coulda picked tequila, you coulda said anything, you had no idea that I was gonna say that I’m working on a bourbon.

Cindy Kaza: Right.

Captain Brien: And one of my high school best friends, is now the CEO of the largest importer of acai in the U.S.

Cindy Kaza: Yeah.

Captain Brien: The company, Sambazon

Cindy Kaza:  Yeah.

Captain Brien: And so he is trying to get me to do acai berry,

Cindy Kaza: Bourbon.

Captain Brien: Bourbon.

Cindy Kaza:  Yeah, you should do it.

Captain Brien:  Yeah, you think it, like in the future, do you see a lot of money?

Cindy Kaza:  I feel like that one’s, like I said, it’s like a slower build.

Captain Brien: You’re supposed to say yes, I see huge,

Cindy Kaza: yes, you’re going to be rich, you’re gonna have

Cindy Kaza: Captain Brien: amazing dollars, yes.

Cindy Kaza:  Oh my, he’s still trying to kill me. This man is trying to kill me.

Captain Brien:  I just wanted you to make sure that you weren’t just totally focused on this reading, you had to make sure you knew what was aware around you.

Cindy Kaza: Whatever.

Captain Brien: You’re surroundings, you know what I’m saying?

Cindy Kaza: Yeah so, I think you should do berry bourbon, you’re gonna be successful, it’s gonna be good. Okay?

Captain Brien: Alright, we’ll look it. You know how they have those filters, the light filters? I did this one naturally, my lighting guy did this, this stream of light.

Cindy Kaza: Yeah.

Captain Brien: It’s like, for you, like wahhhh, the light is coming through,

Cindy Kaza:  Oh.

Captain Brien: You see ’em? Do you see the,

Cindy Kaza:  Yeah it looks nice, it looks really nice.

Captain Brien: It’s nice right? It’s technical, ya know, it’s how my people roll when they film, ya know, they wanna do a little, we’re not just gonna shoot, what do ya think this is, da da, ya know, ya know, the Discovery Channel or the Travel Channel? We’re above that, come on, it’s not like I don’t have a TV show on the freakin Travel Channel.

Cindy Kaza: You should.

Captain Brien: I know.

Cindy Kaza: Captain’s Log, it’s goin,

Captain Brien: Jeez, I tell ya.

Cindy Kaza: It’s goin live, it’s gonna be on a major network one day.

Captain Brien: It’s goin huge, yeah.

Cindy Kaza: Its goin huge. It’s goin huge.

Captain Brien:  It’s gonna blow up. It’s gonna blow up someday, we’re watchin.

Cindy Kaza:  Yeah, Captains la, nevermind, I was just gonna go la.

Captain Brien: Did you see my license plate, like to captains log now? I think, didn’t you tell me not to have captain L-O-L?

Cindy Kaza: No, but I was just tying it into our whole thing about your issue.

Captain Brien: Stop it, stop it. Okay we gotta go guys,

Cindy Kaza:  Bye guys.

Captain Brien: This is the Captain’s Log, we’re out, Cindy Kaza, go see her.

Cindy Kaza:  Hi Erin, love you too.

Captain Brien: Go see her live, she’s amazing, and literally, that reading that she just did, was totally off the cuff, and I didn’t even tell ya I was gonna do that.

Cindy Kaza:  No you didn’t.

Captain Brien: I just told you were goin live on the Captain’s Log.

Cindy Kaza: Yeah.

Captain Brien: The last time you did do a little reading, and the time before that, you’re like, I’m not reading you.

Cindy Kaza: I did?

Captain Brien: Yeah, you didn’t read me.

Cindy Kaza: But I brought your grandpa through that time, ‘member?

Captain Brien: That was the last time.

Cindy Kaza: Oh.

Captain Brien: That was the only time. The time before that, you’re like, na I don’t wanna do a reading you, it’s too much.

Cindy Kaza: I did?

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Captain Brien: You told me that.

Cindy Kaza:  Hmm, maybe ’cause I was seeing some things and I don’t know, who knows why.

Captain Brien: It’s probably you felt a connection, and you were scared.

Cindy Kaza:  I just was like, I really think I have feelings for you,

Captain Brien: Yeah, I think that’s what it was.

Cindy Kaza:  And I just, I have to, like, I can’t.

Captain Brien: And ya didn’t wanna face, face to face me.

Cindy Kaza:  I didn’t wanna…

Captain Brien: I get it, I get it, sometimes it happens, sometimes you gotta go with it. Guys we’re outta here, she’s getting too much,

Cindy Kaza:  Bye.

Captain Brien: Too much for me.

Episode 158: Captain’s Log with Host Brien Spina with Guest Medium Cindy Kaza!

Today’s guest is Medium Cindy Kaza! We talk about dating, butt lifts, waxing, and her work! Funny jokes and notes from a day and the life Off the hook Comedy Club. Off the hook comedy club post on twitter daily follow us #captainslog for the latest info! The captain’s log podcast is officially sponsored by Captain Brien Spirits maker of Captain Brien Sugar Free Vodka and Barrel Aged Dark Rum both are gluten free also! Watch full video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynLqIdf-srw

Episode 141: Captain’s Log with Host Capt. Brien with guest Fit Liz

Today’s guest is mommypretreneur Fit Liz Collins! Liz is the owner Tough Girl Fitness! We talk parenting, life coaching and health. Funny jokes and notes from a day and the life Off the hook Comedy Club. Off the hook comedy club post on twitter daily follow us #captianslog. The captain’s log podcast is officially sponsored by Captain Brien Spirits maker of Captain Brien Sugar Free Vodka and Barrel Aged Dark Rum both are gluten free also!

Watch full video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=402AaFE_xcs