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Episode 286 : The Stages of Sleep with Dr. Daller !

LIVE WITH DR DALLER Meir Daller WHY Do we need to sleep? #thecaptainslog


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Episode 208 The Captain’s Log with Cora Bolds

Guest Cora Bolds joins Captain Brien to discuss social media growth and influencing! Cora Bolds shares how she got started as a local social influencer and gives us her tips and tricks for social media growth! Ever wonder how you get the “swipe up” feature on Instagram? Tune in to hear!

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Miss something on one of our episodes of the #naplescaptainslog? Don’t worry we got you covered! Here you will find a full transcript from this episode of the #naplescaptainslog!

Captain Brien: Hey guys, welcome back to the Captain’s Log. I have Cora Bolds, and she is a, not only you’re a local Instagram influencer, but you’ve been doing this everywhere. And now you’ve got a big event going on in Miami that you’re hosting. Tell me about it. It’s exciting.

Cora Bolds: Oh my gosh, it’s so exciting. So, I am hosting an event out at Segrado Cafe in Miami on Biscayne Boulevard. And I’m inviting local influencers that are going to network, have the opportunity to network and socialize with brands who are looking for influencers, as well as other influencers who are looking for other influencers to collaborate with themselves.

Captain Brien: So what do you do? I know that you do a lot of stuff with the Gram. You’re on the IG all the time.

Cora Bolds: I love the ‘Gram.

Captain Brien: And you’ve been growing your following, and you’ve been becoming this influencer. Tell me about how it started and what the goal is. And you have all these influencers, people might not know what influencers are.

Cora Bolds: Okay, so an influencer is a modern-day buzz agent, which would be considered somebody who influences the opinion of others. Before you go shopping, before you buy a new car, you might ask your friend, you know, I don’t know, tell me what to get, if you trust their opinion. Well, these influencers, these modern-day influencers are taking the opinion leaders and translating it into their own influence, and, you know, advertising to the general public as being the person to go to when you have questions about simple things like that. So, there’s a whole different, I mean, there’s so many things that I’ve done to get me to this point. There’s, I mean, between hashtags, and tagging people,

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Cora Bolds: It all started with the idea that I wanted to run a website. I wanted that creative outlet. I didn’t know the first steps to take. I didn’t even know how to design a website. I downloaded Squarespace. I created a template.

Captain Brien: Ah, did you do it? Did you make it?

Cora Bolds: I did it. I made a website.

Captain Brien: I’ve done that a few times, yeah.

Cora Bolds: It took awhile to get the hang of it, but I had to email them quite a few times to ask for very simple stupid questions. And they’re kind of like, you know, read the guide, but–

Captain Brien: Of course, yeah.

Cora Bolds: I finally got the hang of it. I’ve only been doing it now for about five months. So it is a work in progress, but it has been majorly successful.

Captain Brien: But you’ve, yeah, in five months, you’ve come a long way.

Cora Bolds: I have.

Captain Brien: You broke 10,000.

Cora Bolds:  I broke 10,000 followers this past week.

Captain Brien: Which is huge.

Cora Bolds: Yeah.

Captain Brien: Because now you can do the swipe up.

Cora Bolds: I can do the swipe up.

Captain Brien: Everybody needs that.

Cora Bolds: Thank God.

Captain Brien: I’m still trying to get there on the Gram. Right?

Cora Bolds: The swipe up is the best feature, because it directs people directly to my website.

Captain Brien: Correct, yeah, cause then you can force people to go right to links that you are getting paid to send people.

Cora Bolds: Of Course! That’s the best part.

Captain Brien: But I know that, you know, we talked at lunch for a minute and you were saying that with the different brands that you representing and that you’re an influencer for, you don’t just take every brand on, I mean, right?

Cora Bolds:  No of course not.

Captain Brien: You gotta do something that you love because people have to know you’re passionate about it.

Cora Bolds: Oh my gosh, yeah. And I turn down at least two to three deals a week because it’s just not the right fit for me. I’m not a swimsuit model. I’m not gonna sell your swimsuit products.

Captain Brien: Right, yeah.

Cora Bolds: I’m a wine-lover, you know, I love to be endorsing things that I love.

Captain Brien: You should love vodka and rum.

Cora Bolds: I love vodka and rum!

Captain Brien: I know a guy, I know a guy, right?

Cora Bolds: This guy, oh my gosh.

Captain Brien: So yeah, that’s what I think the whole world’s looking for these days, is someone to tell them that this product is legit or valuable or it works.

Cora Bolds: High quality, yeah, something.

Captain Brien: You know the Amazon reviews, that for me is huge.

Cora Bolds: Oh my gosh, Yelp is huge.

Captain Brien: Right? Oh you use Yelp?

Cora Bolds: No.

Captain Brien: Oh I’m a big thumbs down on Yelp.

Cora Bolds: Not anymore.

Captain Brien: No, I hate it. I think it’s so fake.

Cora Bolds: I’m deleting Yelp.

Captain Brien: The thing about Yelp is, honestly, is that it’s a money game, all’s it is. You can have a gazillion reviews out there that they don’t pass through, because you’re not an advertiser.

Cora Bolds: Right.

Captain Brien: So, they’ll pass through the negative reviews and a few positive reviews, and they’ll pass through all the negative reviews and a few positive reviews, and then they’ll contact you and say hey, we noticed you were getting a lot of negative reviews. But if you go and look in your queue, there’s like 200 positive reviews. And they claim that those people know you or they are affiliated with you.

Cora Bolds: Right.

Captain Brien: It’s a scam.

Cora Bolds: Yelp can be questionable.

Captain Brien: And now people like have already figured that out.

Cora Bolds: Yeah.

Captain Brien: You know, because I don’t believe in it at all. I think it’s a bunch of bull.

Cora Bolds: Yeah.

Captain Brien: Because why would you not let every review go through?

Cora Bolds: Right.

Captain Brien: Who are you to say that that review was not valid?

Cora Bolds: Of course.

Captain Brien: Right?

Cora Bolds: I agree with that.

Captain Brien: Yeah, so that’s why Yelp, I think, is getting I think they’ve lost it

Cora Bolds: A bad rap.

Captain Brien: Yeah, I think they lost their mojo lately because everyone realizes now, the businesses are like, well wait a minute. We have all these reviews on all these other sites, and unless I pay to be a Yelp advertiser, my reviews aren’t gonna be posted?

Cora Bolds: Of course, of course.

Captain Brien: It’s crazy. Like no.

Cora Bolds: Right, I’m not less of a human.

Captain Brien: You can do it if you want, you can do it if you want, that’s your business, right? Like, that’s great. That’s your business model, but you’re not gonna be the number one brand for reviews. I’m done with them.

Cora Bolds: Right, right.

Captain Brien:I’m done with Yelp.

Cora Bolds: Everybody’s deleting Yelp.

Captain Brien: Yes, get out!

Cora Bolds: 2019, delete Yelp.

Captain Brien: Go home.

Cora Bolds: I love it. So, you told me a couple fun things, right?

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Cora Bolds: Which I don’t know, if people really got into it and they wanted to become an influencer, tell me the things that you’re focusing on, obviously is with you’re tagging certain brands, I mean you’re not gonna tag Chili’s if you’re selling,

Captain Brien: Right.

Cora Bolds: I don’t know, right, so you have to tell people how does that work? Explain that.

Captain Brien: So, you wanna be as accurate as you can when hashtagging, when tagging, you know, if it’s an outfit.

Cora Bolds: And there’s a difference between hashtagging,

Captain Brien: Right.

Cora Bolds: And tagging.

Captain Brien: And tagging.

Cora Bolds: Hashtagging, you’re allowed 30.

Captain Brien: Allowed 30 on Instagram.

Cora Bolds: Right, and you can put those, you told me a good trick, though, you like to put yours in the comments.

Captain Brien: I like to put mine in the comments, because I think it keeps it clean

Cora Bolds: Which I like, yeah.

Captain Brien: It keeps your Instagram cleaner.

Cora Bolds: It keeps, clean, she loves the technical term.

Captain Brien: Yeah, I like clean.

Cora Bolds: Clean means when she posts, that the post is not,

Captain Brien: You’re not getting bombarded,

Cora Bolds: Yeah doesn’t have a ton of hashtags.

Captain Brien: Right, hashtags.

Cora Bolds: Hashtags.

Captain Brien: If you put them in the first comment, you still get found the same way.

Cora Bolds: Okay.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Cora Bolds: So that’s a good tip.

Captain Brien: Yes.

Cora Bolds: I like that.

Captain Brien: You can use all 30, you know, why would you not increase, optimize the amount of traffic going to your page at all possible angles.

Cora Bolds: Right.

Captain Brien: Why wouldn’t you tag all 20 people in your photo,

Cora Bolds: And then tag the people in the photo.

Captain Brien: Yes, tag people.

Cora Bolds: So, I kinda get, I get tagged all the time. Is that why people are tagging me?

Captain Brien: Yeah, because they probably think people are going to your page, you know.

Cora Bolds: Yeah.

Captain Brien: They believe that you’re in some way an influencer and people are going to your page to look at what you’re doing, and they might check out your tagged photos, and they want that opportunity to be showcased there.

Cora Bolds: Gotcha, so, you think it’s okay, though, to tag as many people as you can up to 20?

Captain Brien: Oh yeah.

Cora Bolds: Always?

Captain Brien: Always. I always tag all 20.

Cora Bolds: And you post them right on top of each other?

Captain Brien: I put it right on top of each other, so that it’s not, when you click on the photo, you see a thousand, million tags.

Cora Bolds: Yeah, you do em boom, boom, boom.

Captain Brien: I put them right on top of each other, so you can still see my photo.

Cora Bolds: How bout the egg guy?

Captain Brien: The egg guy, oh my gosh, isn’t that, like,

Cora Bolds: It’s insane, right?

Captain Brien: He is crazy.

Captain Brien: He’s 19 years old. 19 years old, did you look at his tags?

Cora Bolds: I didn’t.

Captain Brien: You should look at his tags.

Cora Bolds: Are they funny?

Captain Brien: No, he tagged like CNN, he tagged Good Morning, America,

Cora Bolds: Yeah, he tagged-

Captain Brien: Mashable.

Cora Bolds: He knew what he was doing.

Captain Brien: He did know what he was doing.

Cora Bolds: He knew what he was doing.

Captain Brien: But, yet, he put them all over the place, which is cool, I get it, but he tagged Jimmy Fallon.

Cora Bolds: Oh my gosh.

Captain Brien: Like, he tagged a lot of accounts that I was like, interesting.

Cora Bolds: Big accounts, yeah.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Cora Bolds: Yeah.

Captain Brien: And you feel like, I feel like, obviously that’s what helped,

Cora Bolds: Oh, yeah

Captain Brien: because why wouldn’t, I mean, there’s no way people are just gonna follow an egg.

Cora Bolds: Right, or maybe people just don’t like Kylie Jenner.

Captain Brien: I like Kylie, I like the Jenners.

Captain Brien: I don’t like the Kardashians.

Captain Brien: Why not?

Cora Bolds: Because they’re talentless.

Captain Brien:The Kardashians and the Jenners, I’m a fan of both.

Cora Bolds: I’m out here trying to make it, and they did nothing.

Captain Brien: No, that’s not true.

Cora Bolds: Okay.

Captain Brien: That’s not true. What do you think, how long’s it take you to make one post?

Cora Bolds: About an hour.

Captain Brien: Okay, so it takes you an hour. So, they’re posting all the time.

Cora Bolds: Or, someone’s posting for them.

Captain Brien: And that’s their business. They’re not, I think they post. No, I think they do the pictures. So, they take the pictures, but I don’t know if they take the pictures themselves anymore.

Cora Bods: Yeah.

Captain Brien: But I doubtfully don’t think anyone posts for them. I don’t think they would give somebody that much control.

Cora Bolds: I think Kris is back there managing everything.

Captain Brien: You think?

Cora Bolds: I think so.

Captain Brien: No way.

Cora Bolds: I don’t know.

Captain Brien: I don’t know, all’s I know,

Cora Bolds: Maybe, they’re rich

Captain Brien: Maybe I’m doing it wrong, cause I take, all my posts take no more than five or 10 minutes. I need to put more time in.

Cora Bolds: You do, because you wanna be authentic. You don’t wanna be like, one sentence here and buy it, because that doesn’t create a relationship.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Cora Bolds: You wanna share something about yourself, share a problem, share a win, a loss.

Captain Brien: I got plenty of both,

Cora Bolds: Don’t we all.

Captain Brien: I need to start sharing away

Cora Bolds: Share something that people can connect to, that they can relate to, something that will get people involved and engaged.

Captain Brien: Yeah, and what’s your best post for the most likes, and then what’s your most engaging post?

Cora Bolds: So, the one that I just posted last week about my Miami Influencer event has like, I think, right around 960 likes.

Captain Brien: Yay!

Cora Bolds: Yeah. That’s the most I’ve ever gotten on a post, which is really good. I was excited, I thought it was gonna break 1000. This week, it’s gonna break 1000 likes.

Captain Brien: Yay!

Cora Bolds: It did have a lot of comments on it. I think, though, that my most engaging post for comments was my birthday post, because a lot of people said either happy birthday,

Captain Brien: Happy birthday.

Cora Bolds: Yeah, things like that. I like asking questions at the end of my post, So I’ll share a little excerpt from a story or something that happened to me that day or how I like the sangria, or whatever it is, and then I’ll be like, “what’s your favorite sangria?” or “where do you like to buy your sangria?” or “where do you go for sangria?” just to get something a little talking point to get people engaging in your content.

Captain Brien: Do you respond to every comment?

Cora Bolds: If it looks like a real account, yes, because I like that relationship marketing. I like building that relationship.

Captain Brien: I hate these comments that say tell me more about your business, like, come on.

Cora Bolds: Right.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Cora Bolds: Read a book.

Captain Brien: Right, yeah. No, go to my website, because that’s some robot asking me that question.

Cora Bolds: Right, of course.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Cora Bolds: Absolutely.

Captain Brien: But, so you’ll go on there and respond?

Cora Bolds: Yeah, yeah.

Captain Brien: What about DM’s?

Cora Bolds: I’m bad about DM’s. If it’s a branded deal, I like it to go to my email, cause I like, you know, that I get to go back and reference it. My DM’s, they get kind of pushed down.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

-Cora Bolds: My friends,

Captain Brien: They get clogged up.

Cora Bolds: They get clogged up.

Captain Brien: You’re getting all them DM’s, everyone’s sliding into your DM’s.

Cora Bolds: Everybody’s sliding into my DM’s.

Captain Brien: Hey Kim, how are you? Kim, Alex is on air, what’s going on? She says happy birthday.

Cora olds: Happy late birthday, aww.

Captain Brien: Yeah, yeah.

Cora Bolds: It was last August But that’s good.

Captain Brien: It’s good, it’s coming around again.

Cora Bolds: It is.

Captain Brien: I’ll be right around the corner.

Cora Bolds: I’ll be 23, oh my gosh.

Captain Brien: Wow, that’s interesting though, because this is like, and you’re graduating college.

Cora Bolds: I’m gonna graduate this fall, yep.

Captain Brien: And you’re gonna be studying?

Cora Bolds: I study marketing and political science.

Captain Brien: And what’s the future bring?

Cora Bolds: So, now that I have this Miami event for the influencers, I’m starting to get into a little bit of advanced

Captain Brien: Here we go, hey, hit the reset.

Cora Bolds: Event planning. I’m starting to get myself into event planning. I think that it’s a great opportunity to, you know, be your own boss, charge your own rates, you know, 160 thousand for a party, why not, you know?

Captain Brien: Yeah, you might as well.

Cora Bolds: These Naples people, they love that.

Captain Brien: I’ve gotten the event planning, I do event planning every day.

Cora Bolds: That’s so fun.

Captain Brien: Because I have 10 events every day, it’s called a comedy club.

Cora Bolds: But, no we do,

Cora Bolds: It’s the best comedy club.

Captain Brien: We do a lot of luncheons and private events and corporate stuff as well, so that’s an interesting business.

Cora Bolds: Yeah.

Captain Brien: You definitely, it can be brain-teasing at some times, and sometimes, it’s like a no-brainer. It just depends on what kind of event it is, but

Cora Bolds: Of course.

Captain Brien:  They’re all different in one way or another. You have one of your clients is super, super extra, and then you have the other client that just is like, make it happen, Captain. Do everything you did the last time, or do something like that other event we went to. That was spectacular, but yeah.

Cora Bolds: Yeah.

Captain Brien: It’s not all fun and games, sometimes.

Cora Bolds: It isn’t.

Captain Brien: No.

Cora Bolds: Sometimes, it’s a little hard to get in touch with everybody, and everybody on the same page, but, it is always worth it.

Captain Brien: So, you’re putting together all these influencers in Miami, and you’re gonna be going to, what’s the name of the place?

Cora Bolds: Sagrado Cafe.

Captain Brien: Okay, Sagrado Cafe, and what your going to be doing is, everyone’s gonna be on the ground, talking about what?

Cora Bolds: About the other influencers that are there, we have travel influencers, fashion influencers, lifestyle influencers, food influencers, health influencers, and businesses attending. So, we’re gonna get people with the fashion influencers with the fashion influencers, the lifestyle influencers with the lifestyle influencers, just so they can talk about what works for them, what gets them their content, what brands are working with, how to reach out to brands, we have people with up to 333 thousand followers that are coming to the event, and people that are at like 5,000 followers.

Captain Brien: And what’s the cost to attend?

Cora Bolds: So, the cost is about $15 for your ticket, and $20 when we eat, but it’s endless mimosas and sangria and cheesy bread, plus your brunch, so.

Captain Brien: Nice.

Cora Bolds: I mean it is, you know, it’s a cafe. It’s a business, they still have to make money, too. But, it is gonna be really exciting. I’m super excited for it. We have a photo wall coming in, we’ve got, we’ve reached out to local vendors to raffle off different items,

Captain Brien: And I’m gonna give you some tickets.

Cora Bolds:  And some tickets to the comedy club are always a win.

Captain Brien: Yes, yes, absolutely. I might even give you a bottle of vodka.

Cora Bolds: Oh my gosh

Captain Brien:  Should I do that?

Cora Bolds: I’m not giving that to the event, I’m taking that one home.

Captain Brien: No you can’t. Atleast you’re over the age,

Cora Bolds: Right, that’s true

Captain Brien: The drinking age is legal.

Cora Bolds: That’s true, right.

Captain Brien: That makes sense, that makes sense. And then tell me about what you do different on your story, cause there’s two different things, right, obviously, people are gonna be posting on a timeline, and then they’re gonna be posting on their story.

Cora Bolds: Right.

Captain Brien: Give us some good tricks on your story.

Cora Bolds: So, on your story, if you’re mentioning a brand, you always wanna, you know, actually mention them. You wanna tag them in there, so that they have the opportunity to see that.

Captain Brien: And add it to their story.

Cora Bolds: And add it to their story, which is great eseo-optimization. I mean you just, you need that sort of thing.

Captain Brien: Of course.

Cora Bolds: That’s grown my account authentically a lot. Getting shout outs from places like…

Captain Brien: How many do you tag in your story?

Cora Bolds: Just what’s there. If it’s

Captain Brien: You only tag in your story what you’re actually talking about?

Cora Bolds: Yes, of course.

Captain Brien: Yes.

Cora Bolds: Because, I don’t wanna be misleading.

Captain Brien: Right.

Cora Bolds: I don’t want somebody to click on that link, and they’re like, well this isn’t where the product’s from, who is this person?

Captain Brien: Right.

Cora Bolds: When I’m with friends, I’ll always tag all five of my friends if they’re in the video, just to increase their eseo as well.

Captain Brien: Absolutely.

Cora Bolds:Those back links are really helpful.

Captain Brien: Yeah. But they only last for 24 hours?

Cora Bolds: The only last for 24 hours, I put a lot of things in my highlights, I’m a big craft beer drinker, and I’m a big foodie, so I put all the good food and all the good porters and stouts in my highlights, just so if somebody missed it on the 24 hours, it can go back and see it.

Captain Brien: Right, so what do you think, you focus all your time and energy on Instagram, though, and you’re saying you don’t like Facebook.

Cora Bolds: I don’t really use Facebook.

Captain Brien: What about twitter?

Cora Bolds: I do have a twitter, but it’s my personal account, it’s just like some funny tweets I find funny.

Captain Brien:Okay.

Cora Bolds: So not much going on there.

Captain Brien: I’m not a big fan of twitter that much, so I can agree with you there. And what about LinkedIn?

Cora Bolds: I do have a LinkedIn, but it’s only for professional, like excursions, like businesses that want to hire me actually for jobs, like Gardner and things like that.

Captain Brien: Okay, but you don’t feel like putting any posts on there at all?