Episode 243 Keto Your Carbs Away From Me!

Dr. Daller is back to tell us all about the Keto Diet! What exactly is the Keto diet, how do you get started, and what kind of food can you eat? Tune in to get all your Keto questions answered!!

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Captain Brien: Welcome back to the Captain’s Log. Dr. Daller’s gonna tell me about the keto diet today, sir.

Dr. Daller: Oh yes, yes, great show today.

Captain Brien: I know we had some conversation before about it, but today, you gotta go deep diving into it.

Dr. Daller: Deep diving about everything you wanted to know, you want to know about the keto diet, all the questions, I mean, we got a lot, a lot of questions.

Captain Brien: But what about stuff I don’t wanna know?

Dr. Daller: And things you don’t wanna know.

Captain Brien: You probably got a lot of that too.

Dr. Daller: You know what I love about the keto diet, is that you cannot have the cake. And you cannot even eat that cake.

Captain Brien: Yeah you can’t have it.

Dr. Daller: You know, you cannot even buy the cake, or anything about cake, no cake.

Captain Brien: No smelling.

Dr. Daller: No smelling of the cake even. So today, great show. I mean, we wanted to really dive in deep into the keto diet. What does it mean? We’ll talk about energy, how it works, and the pros and the cons.

Captain Brien: By the end of this we’re gonna be in ketosis.

Dr. Daller: Completely, completely.

Captain Brien: Right at the end of the show.

Dr. Daller: Completely, completely. We’ll take a right here Captain Brien.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Daller: So, I know we had a lot of questions coming from the audience about keto diet. You know, it’s the hottest topic. If you Google the number one Google question in 2018.

Captain Brien: That’s why we got so many dumb questions.

Dr. Daller: The number one Google question in 2018 was, ‘What is the keto diet?’

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: So that’s what people care about, 2018, 2019, people are still asking a lot of questions

Captain Brien: I thought they were asking about how they can get Captain Brien’s vodka?

Dr. Daller: Well, go straight here.

Captain Brien: Son of a bitch, it’s not that? I swear, it wasn’t?

Dr. Daller: Oh my god. It should be, it should be. We’ll talk about–

Captain Brien: It’s probably right up there, it’s rigged.

Dr. Daller: And by the way, I mean your vodka is carb free.

Captain Brien: That’s right, it’s keto-friendly.

Dr. Daller: It’s keto-friendly.

Captain Brien: And the gin, the gin and the vodka both.

Dr. Daller: Yep, fantastic. So, you know, the most common question is hey, can you explain that keto diet to me? Can you, in layman’s terms, don’t go into deep into, you know, medical terms, about ketone, and what the ketones are. So essentially, Captain Brien, your body utilizes two forms of energy.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Daller: The first energy is glucose, carbohydrates, the most common form of what most people use is glucose. So you have certain amount of glycogen in your liver, and your body utilizes that glycogen, converting to glucose, and that’s what your brain uses, that’s what you, straight up. That’s what your muscle uses, and everything else. So that’s, again, that’s the most common form of fuel that we use is glucose. The problem with glucose is that we have ups and down, the problem with glucose is after we eat it, we feel like we are sluggish, we are tired, we’re not ourselves, it’s not very good for our skin, it’s not very good for our body overall. It’s not what we call a clean fuel. And we’d rather utilize fat instead of glucose. So when you do the keto diet–

Captain Brien: Does it have the same effect? Do you get the same out of the fat as you do the glucose?

Dr. Daller: Oh, you, from the fat, it’s like driving, you know, an electric car. It’s a pure, clean fuel.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: That doesn’t have all the side effect that sugar has. And you’re shedding the, there’s no question, no matter what people will tell you about the pros and the cons, you are going to lose weight with the keto diet.

Captain Brien: There’s no way.

Dr. Daller: There’s no, guaranteed you’re going to lose weight. It’s a guaranteed thing.

Captain Brien We should do, how long’s it take before you really start losing weight?

Dr. Daller: Very good question. So on average, it does take three to four days to kick in into ketosis, into keto. And I’ll explain to the audience how to do that, but it will take you three to four days. And after that, you’re going to shed your weight.

Captain Brien: Should I do a test from one week to the next? Tuesday to Tuesday on the Captain’s Log?

Dr. Daller: So, people have done medical testing, you know, people did studies, and they followed people that they give the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner that they were eating, so it was, and they follow those people, after three months, on average, a person lost 23 pounds. Three months of doing the keto diet, and you lose, and remember, with the keto diet, you eat a lot.

Captain Brien: Right.

Dr. Daller: I mean it’s not like you’re restrictive, caloric restrictive, so you do eat a lot, but you’re not that hungry. And I’ll explain to the audience why you’re not hungry, why you feel like, I’m full, I’m not hungry!

Captain Brien: Okay. Because your arteries are clogged!

Dr. Daller: No, no.

Captain Brien: No, that’s not why?

Dr. Daller: Your arteries take years to clog, it doesn’t take three months to clog.

Captain Brien: I’ve been working on them for a long time.

Dr. Daller: You’ve been working, right. So it does take three, a long long time. But again, I want to explain to the audience, I love the keto diet as a tool, it’s not a lifestyle.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: You and I, we did podcast about lifestyle.

Captain Brien: Yeah, lifestyle.

Dr. Daller: Lifestyle is something for life. Keto you cannot do 24/7 for years and years and years. It’s very, very difficult.

Captain Brien: It’s just a lot. I have a friend, he says, Bobby Kelly, he’s a famous comedian in New York. He counts his fats. Every time he gets fat, he says oh, I’m on fat number three. Then when he loses all his weight, the next time he’s fat, he says he’s on fat number four. So if you use the keto diet, you go back and forth. Maybe that’s what he likes.

Dr. Daller: So use it as a tool if you want to lose the weight, but then go on a lifestyle type of behavior that includes everything. So again, going back to the keto diet, how do we do that? How do you start the keto diet? So the keto diet, essentially, you have the macronutrients that you have. You have protein, fat, and carbohydrates. With the keto diet, you use about 70-80 percent of your macronutrients is coming from fat, about 15% is coming from protein, and 5% from carbohydrates. So it’s very restrictive on the carbohydrates.

Captain Brien: So you can eat a lot of chicharróns?

Dr. Daller: You can–

Captain Brien: Right, a lot of chicarróns.

Dr. Daller: You can eat anything that is fatty. Now, again, my problem with that is that people really don’t understand that you really need to have healthy fats. You cannot eat bacon all day. I mean, everybody like a slice of bacon here and there, but not bacon all day, this is not good for you.

Captain Brien: Avocado.

Dr. Daller: Avocado is fantastic for you. I mean, there are certain meats that are good for you.

Captain Brien: Like what?

Dr. Daller: You know, have a good, that you know, grass-fed beef, nothing wrong with that.

Captain Brien: Nice, we use Braveheart beef, you know Braveheart beef?

Dr. Daller: No.

Captain Brien: It’s genetically, they did the certain cows, and it actually reduces your risk of heart attack.

Dr. Daller: Really?

Captain Brien: Yeah, it’s a real thing.

Dr. Daller: Okay.

Captain Brien: It’s a high-end product. It’s like a wagyu, and like that, yeah.

Dr. Daller: So these kind of things you can have. And what else, can you have some veggies? Yes, so certain veggies you are allowed, certain veggies are not allowed. For example, you cannot have potatoes with the keto diet. You can not have even sweet potato with the keto diet. So anything starchy, vegetable, you shouldn’t have.

Captain Brien: Can you have zucchini?

Dr. Daller: You can have zucchini, you can have cauliflower, you can have asparagus, you can have a–

Captain Brien: Do you have a lot of gas on the keto diet?

Dr. Daller: You do.

Captain Brien: It sounds a little gassy.

Dr. Daller: You become bloated and constipated as well.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: So again, and most people, the problem with the constipation, most people don’t drink enough water.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: So that’s, again, one of the problem, that people don’t drink enough water. You really, really need to drink water. Because with regular diet, when we eat, you know, 50 percent of our diet is carbohydrates. Not with the keto diet.

Captain Brien: Right.

Dr. Daller: With the keto diet, only five percent. So carbohydrates–

Captain Brien: Can you take the fiber gummies, like the little fiber pills? Will they make you pass it?

Dr. Daller: Yeah, that will help you.

Captain Brien: Will that help?

Dr. Daller: To take extra fibers that are not from fruit and vegetables, yes, you can. But plenty of vegetables, like kale and spinach is allowed during the, when you’re doing keto diet.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Daller: So the keto diet definitely, one thing for sure, you are going to lose your weight. 23 pounds in three months, still eating very well, it’s not bad, if you do it over a year, you lose about 43-45 pounds. Again, these are medical studies. There was an Italian study, a Spanish study, that they did that. Quite remarkable.

Captain Brien: Can you overeat on the keto diet?

Dr. Daller: Oh, definitely.

Captain Brien: You can.

Dr. Daller: So that’s another mistake that a lot of people do.

Captain Brien: Yeah, people just gorge themselves.

Dr. Daller: Oh my god, I’m going to have as much as I want.

Captain Brien: Right.

Dr. Daller: Again, if you have 5,000 calories, you have to burn 5,000 calories.

Captain Brien: Yeah, right.

Dr. Daller: There’s no way you’re going to lose the weight. The scale will not change, because you’re going to say, well, you know, I’m eating only fat, how come I’m not losing weight?

Captain Brien: Right.

Dr. Daller: You’re not losing weight because you’re taking a lot of calories. So again, take healthy fat, take healthy calories in, but watch your calories also. When I say watch calories, I don’t believe in calorie counting at all. I never believed in calorie counting. I think, you know, your body knows how much you should eat and everything else, you shouldn’t go crazy and calorie count. But your portions, in order to go to keto, have to be right. Your macros, you know, you really need to concentrate on healthy fat, some protein, and very, very little carbohydrates. But really, avoid, you know, processed food, as we talked about in your podcast many time, Captain Brien, you know, avoiding processed food completely. Avoiding refined sugar completely. These are not good for you. There’s no single study that shows, you know, if you have processed food, you’re going to be healthier. There’s no pro and cons here, it’s only cons.

Captain Brien: Right. So, run me through like a normal day of a keto diet.

Dr. Daller: Excellent question.

Captain Brien: Wake up in the morning…

Dr. Daller: So you wake up in the morning, you’re going to have, so, unlike what I do, I do intermittent fasting, with the keto diet, you don’t do intermittent fasting, because putting yourself on the keto diet is equivalent to fasting nonstop.

Captain Brien: Nonstop.

Dr. Daller: Right.

Captain Brien: Once it kicks in.

Dr. Daller: Once you kick in.

Captain Brien: Plus, the term is ketosis, right?

Dr. Daller: That’s right, the term is ketosis.

Captain Brien: Which way am I going, guy?

Dr. Daller: We’re going straight here. So when we talk about ketosis, what is ketosis? So your body is starting to break down fat, the fat goes to your liver, your liver making ketone bodies, ketone bodies, there are three forms of ketone bodies.

Captain Brien: Is this…

Dr. Daller: These are the strips, as a matter of fact, I brought the audience to see, these are the urine strips. So you make ketone bodies, you pee some of these ketones out, and one way to check if you are in ketosis–

Captain Brien: Is to match it up, right?

Dr. Daller: Correct, you match it up, and you see here the purple? You want to be purple. So purple is ketone. And you can buy, you know, at Walgreens, CVS, wherever you buy–

Captain Brien: Those are flying off the shelves these days.

Dr. Daller: Yeah, oh yeah.

Captain Brien: Everybody wants to do it.

Dr. Daller: Everybody wants to do it. These are very important the first two weeks, when you get into that ketosis that you know where you are.

Captain Brien: Every time you pee, you gotta check?

Dr. Daller: You check. I would know when I’m in ketosis, because I feel like–

Captain Brien: Because you’re a doctor!

Dr. Daller: I’m a doctor, not because of that.

Captain Brien: But not everybody that watches this is in the medical field.

Dr. Daller: No, but you would know that you have that energy, you’re going to have increased energy, and you’re going to feel full. It’s counterintuitive, but when you eat fat, you feel quickly full.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: With sugar, you know, you eat a piece of cake, you feel like, I’m craving–

Captain Brien: Yeah, like Chinese food.

Dr. Daller: Right, Chinese food, immediately you want to eat more.

Captain Brien: You’re hungry, it’s all sugar.

Dr. Daller: Hungry, you leave the place, let’s have the leftover. You come home, I know you don’t believe leftovers.

Captain Brien: I hate leftovers.

Dr. Daller: But we all eat the leftovers, the moment we come home, we just ate like seventeen dishes, why you come home and you have that last bag? Because you’re still, that sugar give you that–

Captain Brien: Rush.

Dr. Daller: Correct, sugar rush. And you want to have another piece. That’s why I don’t believe in protein bars and all these bars, because after you eat it, you’re still hungry.

Captain Brien: I can’t do protein bars, because they’re all soy. Has to be very different, but yeah.

Dr. Daller: Very unique one.

Captain Brien: Oh, god, they make me sicker than sick.

-Dr. Daller: So these are the ketone body that we pee out. So one way to do that is use those strips, another way there is that you can buy it on Amazon, there is a machine that you blow into that, and it will show you acetone. So acetone is a form of a ketone body, okay, ketone bodies are three type, one of them is acetone. Acetone, I’m not sure if you know, Captain Brien, you know, nail polish removal–

Captain Brien: On the nails, they remove your nails.

Dr. Daller: That’s right, that’s a ketone.

Captain Brien: Really?

Dr. Daller: Yes, absolutely. That’s one form of ketone. That’s why people that do the keto diet–

Captain Brien: They can sell back their acetone!

Dr. Daller: They can–

Captain Brien: They should do that!

Dr. Daller: Lick their fingers and remove the nail polish.

Captain Brien: No!

Dr. Daller: No, just kidding.

Captain Brien: Come on!

Dr. Daller: No, it has to be much more concentrated, acetone, and that will give you a hole in your stomach if you get to that level of acetone. But, we’ll take a left here, Captain Brien.

Captain Brien: Left?

Dr. Daller: Left here.

Captain Brien: Okay.

Dr. Daller: So all this stuff, this is important. Why? Because you really want to know that you’re reaching that state. The moment you reach the ketosis state, you’re going to shed the fat. And again, I know celebrities like Lebron James and Kim Kardashian all are doing the keto diet, but they’re all cycling the keto diet. They’re all doing it for three months, and then they are doing Mediterranean diet.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: And, which I believe in big time. So if you want to shed 23 pounds quickly, keto diet is fantastic for you. You are going to feel energetic.

Captain Brien: And what about going to the gym? You can still go to the gym, no problem?

Dr. Daller: Oh, absolutely! And the advantage of the keto diet is that you are not going to lose your muscle. Even though the amount of protein you’re taking is not as much as you would take otherwise, it’s not catabolic, okay, it’s anabolic.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: Anabolic meaning it’s going to grow. It will help your growth hormone to go up, insulin will go down. Insulin is a hormone that helps store fat. We don’t like to store fat, the heck with fat! We don’t want fat. So it’s quite counterintuitive. We’ll take a right here. It’s quite counterintuitive, that, you know, a lot of people think about fat as making you fat, fat does not make you fat, okay? I want everybody listening–

Captain Brien: That’s a new one to me.

Dr. Daller: Fat don’t make you fat.

Captain Brien: So eating fat doesn’t make you fat?

Dr. Daller: Absolutely not.

Captain Brien: Carbs make you fat.

Dr. Daller: Carbs, sugar makes you fat. Carbs make you fat, but fat does not make you fat.

Captain Brien: I’m gonna go eat some prime rib tonight, and eat all the fat right around the outside.

Dr. Daller: Absolutely, but don’t have the bun with that. Remember, that bun is the killer.

Captain Brien: The bun is the crusher.

Dr. Daller: You know, the dessert is the, all this stuff. So again, how would you do that? You ask, what is a typical diet? So, for breakfast, you’re going to have two or three eggs, you’re going to have a piece of bacon, again, if you have bacon, eat good bacon. You know, don’t eat processed bacon.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: But most bacon is processed. So you want, really, the uncured bacon that you’re going to have–

Captain Brien: The nice thick slab.

Dr. Daller: Nice thick slab, the one that’s uncured with no nitrates or anything like that.

Captain Brien: Right.

Dr. Daller: This is healthy, this is good for you. But the stuff you buy at the regular supermarket, not from the butcher shop, is not good for you.

Captain Brien: Right.

Dr. Daller: It’s all processed, it’s absolutely not good for you. So again, you are going to have that, you can have butter, which is amazing.

Captain Brien: Yeah, that’s nice.

Dr. Daller: Again, a lot of controversy about butter, if you look, there is something called the French Paradox. The French Paradox shows that the French people eat a ton of butter–

Captain Brien: Yeah, but their butter’s the best. Their butter is much better than ours.

Dr. Daller: Their butter’s the healthy butter.

Captain Brien: Yes, exactly.

Dr. Daller: But still, and they have less cardiovascular issues than we do. The explanation is maybe the way they eat, they eat over two or three hours, we, you know, grab a sandwich quickly because I’m on the run, I can’t have time to eat it. So, they eat it slower, they do drink a glass of wine, and the wine itself is not the thing that saves them, it’s the fact that they take their time, over two hours. And you know, their stress level is different, so it could be many reasons, but they have less cardiovascular issues, and they eat a ton of butter. So with the keto diet, you can have butter. I believe in olive oil, you know, things like that, avocado oil, anything like that, it is excellent for you for the keto diet.

Captain Brien: What about grapeseed oil? I like grapeseed oil.

Dr. Daller: Yeah, you can have that.

Captain Brien: Yeah, has a high kindling temperature.

Dr. Daller: Yep, you can have that no problems. Same with lunch, with lunch you’re going to have, you know, a little piece of chicken with a half an avocado, with a piece of fish, you can have–

Captain Brien: But you gotta have more fat though, no?

Dr. Daller: Any fatty fish. So all the fatty fish, for example, you have salmon, you have mackerel, you have sardines, these are all very, very fatty–

Captain Brien: Salmon’s the only one on that list I could do, doc.

Dr. Daller: Well, sardines, the good sardines.

Captain Brien: Well, not here!

Dr. Daller: No, no. If you go to a place like, Portugal, in Portugal.

Captain Brien: Yeah, you leave the country, right.

Dr. Daller: It’s a little far, it’s about eight hour flight, and you have amazing sardines.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: Each sardine is that big, and they grill the sardines, wow.

Captain Brien: So nice? The bone come out though, easy?

Dr. Daller: No, the bone comes, as a matter of fact, the smaller sardine, you eat with the bones, the bones are nothing, it’s amazing.

Captain Brien: Oh, yikes!

Dr. Daller: And, you know, mackerel, around the world, mackerel is a delicacy. Here, I mean, we catch a mackerel, we throw it away.

Captain Brien: Yeah.

Dr. Daller: Around the world, the smoked mackerel is delicious.

Captain Brien: It is delicious, but you also, in the cold water, they retain more fat. Here in Florida, they’re much skinnier, so you have just the gamey fish without the additional, like in the winter, sometimes they’re fatter.

Dr. Daller: Yeah.

Captain Brien: But once they spawn and then they move and the water’s warm, they don’t retain that much fat. So they don’t have that flavor.

Dr. Daller: Live and learn. Captain Brien, you see that?

Captain Brien: Something I know about.

Dr. Daller: Live and learn, amazing. So for dinner, I would have, you know, some salmon and stuff like that, can you have some vegetables, absolutely. So kale and spinach and broccoli and all this kind of vegetables, not a problem. But I would not have potato, anything like that. Obviously, there would be no dessert whatsoever.

Captain Brien: No dessert.

Dr. Daller: No dessert whatsoever.

Captain Brien: Don’t have a sweet tooth and do the keto.

Dr. Daller: No, you cannot be even social, between you and I. Where are you going to go and eat that?

Captain Brien: Right.

Dr. Daller: And that’s a problem with the keto diet, you have to be strong, you have to prepare your meals, you have to know what you’re doing. You cannot go to a, you know, I’m going to a party, I’m going through the keto, hey, people are going to think you’re an ass.

Captain Brien: Right, yeah exactly.

Dr. Daller: You know, they’re going to say, what is that? I mean, you just want to eat that stuff? How rude.

Captain Brien: And it gets expensive if you’re in a restaurant just ordering that.

Dr. Daller: Just that stuff, correct. It is expensive, especially very, very healthy.

Captain Brien: What about shrimp, can you do shrimp?

Dr. Daller: You can do shrimp, you can do shrimp.

Captain Brien: Like shrimp cocktail.

Dr. Daller: Without the cocktail sauce, the cocktail sauce is horrific.

Captain Brien: No way.

Dr. Daller: So there’s nothing good, the ketchup is bad for you, the cocktail sauce, horrible for you, mustard is great for you.

Captain Brien: Mustard is good.

Dr. Daller: Mustard is fantastic, healthy mustard, not the cheap stuff.

Captain Brien: The corn syrup is in the ketchup like crazy.

Dr. Daller: Horrible

Dr. Daller: Ketchup is horrific. Drink plenty of water, water, water, water. At night, after you are in ketosis and everything, if you want a little shot of the Captain Brian vodka, you can do that.

Captain Brien: You can do that, all night, you can do a couple.

Dr. Daller: Not all night, look at that.

Captain Brien: A couple shots.

Dr. Daller: He’s promoting his vodka already.

Captain Brien: I’m just saying, if you want to take a couple extras, it’s okay, I won’t say you’re cheating on the diet.

Dr. Daller: Unbelievable, all night. This is about health! I mean it’s unbelievable!

Captain Brien: I won’t say that.

Dr. Daller: He’s always trying to stick something about the vodka, it’s unbelievable. Captain Brien, what am I going to do with you?

Captain Brien: I hope everybody realizes how much knowledge that they’re getting right now, it’s amazing.

Dr. Daller: Absolutely.

Captain Brien: Guys, this is the Captain’s Log. Dr. Daller’s telling us all about the keto diet, and I hope that you’re gonna try it, and if you do, message us, let us know you’re doing on it.

Dr. Daller: Absolutely.

Captain Brien: And how much weight you lost!

Dr. Daller: Absolutely, please try that, but be smart about it. If you’re not very healthy, don’t do that. Consult the doctor, send me a text message, say hey, I’m thinking about it, what do you think about that? I’ll answer those questions, no problem, you don’t even need to come.

Captain Brien: And I’m not the doctor, he’s the doctor on the show.

Dr. Daller: You know, he looks like a doctor, I put the white coat on him, he look like George Clooney in that, what’s the name of that show, ER.

Captain Brien:  Alright guys, we’re out. It’s getting deep in here, see ya. Have a good day, we’ll be back tomorrow on the Captain’s Log, don’t forget.

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