Episode 215 The Captain’s Log with Dr. Daller and Captain Brien!

Dr. Daller joins Captain Brien again! This time they are discussing spiritual places and morning rituals. Dr. Daller will be joining Captain Brien EVERY Tuesday at 2:30 on the Captains Log to answer any questions you may have! Make sure you tune in and comment with your questions!

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Miss something on one of our episodes of the #naplescaptainslog? Don’t worry we got you covered! Here you will find a full transcript from this episode of the #naplescaptainslog!

Captain Brien: Welcome back, you guys missed us! I got Dr. Daller.

Dr. Daller: Hey Captain Brien, how are you, buddy?

Captain Brien: It’s been so long–

Dr. Daller: I missed you. I missed you

Captain Brien: You had such a big Christmas break, you forgot about me .

Captain Brien: I didn’t forgot you live here. Every time I watch on Instagram, I watch on Facebook, you do couple of things for me. One, you put a smile on my face and that’s priceless. Because, again, it motivates me, motivates me to say, “You know what? This is funny yet educational.” So I watch your videos and I learn one little thing then it could be something that people say, “Well, it’s nothing serious.” Well, it’s nothing serious, obviously, you didn’t think about that. Somebody have thought of that and they became successful. And, so, I’m so excited to be back with you every Tuesday afternoon.

Captain Brien: I missed you. I missed you.

Dr. Daller: I missed you as well, buddy.

Captain Brien: You’re so busy!

Dr. Daller: Very, very busy, you know–

Captain Brien: Which is great.

Dr. Daller: I love it! Start at five in the morning, every morning, here. And we go until 4 PM. Nonstop. You know, my phone is ringing all the time and I’m loving life! Feel blessed.

Captain Brien: You should be. It’s amazing thing and the office looks great. All the employees is smiling, everybody happy, what a life!

Dr. Daller: Absolutely, absolutely blessed. You know, Captain Brien, every morning, I wake up at about 4:45. The first thing I do, I thank God. I thank God, I thank God to be alive, first of all. I thank God that because the alternative, you know, we know very well we could be not alive. We have more than we imagine, how fortune we are. I just, over Christmas, we were in Peru, in a place called Machu Picchu. It’s very spiritual place. And the average person in that area makes a hundred dollars a year.

Captain Brien: How do they manage that? How does that work?

Dr. Daller: And you know what, they have a smile on their face. So it’s amazing how with a hundred dollars a year, they manage, and they are not complaining, and they feel blessed. One, they don’t know any better, you know. If you have money and you lost it, it’s much worse than than not having money at all. And they feel good about it, I mean, they play a little soccer on the field there with nothing and they feel great about it.

Captain Brien: What were you doing in Peru?

Dr. Daller: So we went to Lima and then we went to Machu Picchu. Very spiritual, felt connected, did a lot of hiking with the family, really, amazing, amazing. It was a bucket list place that we really wanted to go–

Captain Brien: I hear people say that they’re gonna go to Machu Picchu, right?

Dr. Daller: Right.

Captain Brien: That’s popular right now.

Dr. Daller: It is very popular but, I mean we did hiking in the mountains. I mean, one day, we climbed 14 kilometers in the mountains. I mean, remember the altitude there is about 12 thousand to 14 thousand feet. So it’s a high altitude. It’s difficult to breathe.

Captain Brien: That’s amazing. So I get that question a lot. What do you do, How do you stay on the video all day? How do you go live all the time? How do you have time to manage going to a comedy club, running the restaurant, streaming live on Facebook, doing all the podcast at the Captain’s log, meeting you, how do I do that? The thing is–

Dr. Daller: You know what, when I watch you, I admire you. You’re going to tell us in a few minutes how you going to that, how do you do that which is impressing. I see all the stuff that you do. How you have a big smile on your face all the time. And I wonder myself, how do you do that, Captain?

Captain Brien: The interesting thing is, for me, it just seems normal. I don’t sit down and drink a cup of coffee and just rest. If I am siting down, my mind is going already, “What am I gonna do next? What’s happening? What am I missing? How am I gonna create the next video? What’s gonna happen when the doors open at the comedy club? Tomorrow, I have a new show going on, how do I market it?” that’s just how I think. It’s a good vibe. It’s fun but I cannot tell you that there’s always positives. But there’s gonna be a negative. You know what the negative is? It’s sometimes I drive people crazy around me ’cause they’re like, ” don’t you just need a minute to relax?”

Dr. Daller: And, you know, people like you really don’t need minute to relax. Relaxation is what you do give you satisfaction, give you happiness.

Captain Brien: Yeah

Dr. Daller: So you don’t need that minute to relax.

Captain Brien: It’s not the relaxing part.

Dr. Daller: But do you have– Let me ask, I never ask you that question before, do you have any rituals that you do, for example, in the morning, when you buy, what do you do?

Captain Brien: I do, it’s funny you asked. In the morning, I always feel like you have to make your bed.

Dr. Daller: Okay.

Captain Brien: When I get up, no matter what, I make the bed.

Dr. Daller: I like that.

Captain Brien: And then I feel like I did something, right?

Dr. Daller: I like that.

Captain Brien: And then when I’m in the shower, oh my god, that’s when all the magic happens.

Dr. Daller: Okay.

Captain Brien: Right away, I start coming up with ideas on what I’m gonna do for the day. I usually don’t have a plan until I get up and hit the shower.

Dr. Daller: Okay.

Captain Brien: I have no agenda.

Dr. Daller: Okay.

Captain Brien: But these things just instantly start going. In my mind says, “Going, going, going, going.” If someone’s gonna talk to me, forget about it. Because I start thinking out loud and I sound like a madman. But that’s what I do. I line up my day. And most of the time, by the time I get out of the shower, I already have 10 things I need to get accomplished. And that’s how it works.

Dr. Daller: Do you write them down, or what —

Captain Brien: I message myself.

Dr. Daller: You message yourself.

Captain Brien: I’m a terrible speller and a terrible writer which is probably why I don’t comment a lot because if I do, I’m gonna spell something wrong

Dr. Daller: K is the most I’ve seen from the Captain.

Captain Brien: But I don’t spell very good. And I never did. And it’s something I’m sure that there’s gotta be some kinda dyslexia, something running through my head but overall, when I write things, I do make mistakes in the grammar so I don’t tend to write a lot of things down. But I’ll dictate and I use video, and I use audio which is my podcast is really good, which is why I do good with the video stuff. But when I write, I’m not gonna go and write a novel. Someday I wanna write a book but I need a writer, I need a ghost writer.

Dr. Daller: And you can. And , you know, I’m thinking about the one day we’ll do a podcast about how to write a book. And I really want to write a book in the next couple of years. And that’s impressive. Captain Brien, that’s truly impressive. You know, I thank God, when I drive, when I’m in my car, this is my sanctuary. This is the time that I have time to think, to reflect on things. So when people are complaining about traffic, for me, I don’t care because it’s the time for me to reflect about life

Captain Brien: I send video messages all the time too.

Dr. Daller: Really?

Captain Brien: Yeah, I’m like, when I have something to say, I’ll just send a message in video, even to myself. Do you send messages to yourself because I feel like if I get those messages, I even send text messages to my own message where it shows that I said and I received it.

Dr. Daller: I do that sometime. I send messages, I put on my notes on my phone, I take a picture of something that is important.

Captain Brien: And then what happens when you go to all your screenshot, you say, “I don’t know what the hell I took that picture.”

Dr. Daller: “Why, why did I take a picture of that note?”

Captain Brien: “What am I doing that time?” No idea but most of the time it’s for something so I keep them for a while and then I had to go and I clean them all out. What about your emails? How often do you clean those out?

Dr. Daller: Everyday.

Captain Brien: Everyday?

Dr. Daller: Every single day. My read my email, all my emails, every single day.

Captain Brien: And then you delete them?

Dr. Daller: You send me email, I do delete the one that I don’t need. So if you send me an email, I didn’t reply that mean the same day, that mean I did not receive my email. Very, very important for me. My email, the inbox, is completely empty.

Captain Brien: Hundred and 50 thousand messages in my inbox.

Dr. Daller: No way!

Captain Brien: I bet I have a hundred and 50 thousand right now if I go–

Dr. Daller: No, no , I mean every single day

Captain Brien: I get so many messages I can’t even keep up.

Dr. Daller: I clean it up all the time.

Captain Brien: I do go through every one but I don’t delete like I just look at the preview. If the previous is interesting, or if I know who it’s from, I read every one. But there’s so many, I can’t keep track. How do you manage the time? Because other people out there, they can’t manage.

Dr. Daller: I find the time. Everybody find excuses for everything. I talk to people about diet and body modification. Today, I talked to this guy and he says, “You know, I tried this, it don’t doesn’t work. I tried this, it doesn’t work.” We always find excuse. “Oh, I have big bones.” How many times people told you , “You know, I can’t lose weight because I have big bones so I have this.” We have to find the positive, how to tackle things. And, you know, this is what I love about this podcast. Because in this podcast, you give people the strategies. You give people the tools how to do things. For example, how to make a banana bread or how to lose weight. I mean, different things and it depends on your interest. Here, we are talking about health, and lifestyle, and all the things that we care about. And we give them the strategies, we give them a good story behind it that keeps it interesting. And we give them the ability to start and have that inertia, have that momentum to say, “You know what, today is the day!” And everyday you have to think about living the present. Today is the day. Don’t live in the past. Why people take anti-depressant and are still depressed because they live in the past. They don’t live in the present.

Captain Brien: I agree.

Dr. Daller: And frankly, we shall not live too far in the future because who knows what’s going to be in the future. I mean, you live in the present, right? You are, right now, driving here in a nice car, air conditioned, he has a lot of cameras all around us. I mean, you should see this place. It’s unbelievable. It’s like a studio thing.

Captain Brien: And I gotta say my light guy, keep it down back there.

Dr. Daller: Tons of little people here everywhere. It’s amazing! Amazing, this place.

Captain Brien: Like drone flying over the head, this show’s amazing!

Dr. Daller: So I really appreciate those podcast that you do in the different topics. And again, my affinity is towards health care. And I just read an article by a guy from University of Michigan, and he says that, “97% of American don’t have healthy health lifestyle habits.” So all only 3% of us really preach what we practice and we practice what we preach. So this is something that in the next, if you podcast we’re going to motivate people to have responsibility about their health because, again, when people tell me it’s expensive to go to a Whole Foods to buy organic and whatever you buying, chicken or whatever it is. You know what’s expensive? Going to the doctor. You know what’s expensive? Going to the hospital. You cannot afford going to the hospital. You have to be a billionaire in America if you don’t have insurance to go to the hospital. Even with insurance, you have call pay, you deduct of all these. It’s outrageous! So staying healthy, believe it or not, buying healthy food, eating healthy, not eating crap, extremely cheap. It’s not expensive.

Captain Brien: I go to the gym. I like to work out but I also like all food. So what’s my go-to move, if I have a craving?

Dr. Daller: Very good question. I don’t have a sweet tooth. I like food. I like food so I like to have healthy food. So if you decide to have fish, buy wild-caught fish. Don’t buy farm-raised fish. And, again, it doesn’t need to be expensive fish. You don’t need to spend 30 dollars a pound. You can buy for seven dollar a pound. A nice red snapper. And those prices that I just told you, I was at Whole Foods on Sunday and that was the price. Seven dollar a pound for snapper, for red snapper. Not bad!

Captain Brien: No, that was cheap.

Dr. Daller: Cheap! I know it wasn’t sale, I have to have the Amazon card, you have to have these stuff but big deal! Seven bucks, great price! So for me, is to go for real food. And I do like some fruit and vegetables. I grab an apple, I will grab an orange, I will do all these stuff and get healthy habits. Not that difficult. But you will never see me at Taco Bell. Ever, ever. If you ever see me at Taco Bell, don’t talk to me anymore.

Captain Brien: I have, I’ve eaten Taco Bell probably 15 times my whole life. How many times have you eaten?

Dr. Daller: Probably ate maybe more than that but it was in college. I used to live, my apartment was right on top on Com. Avenue in Boston. You know Com. Avenue?

Captain Brien: Right, of course.

Dr. Daller: So I used live right on top of a Taco Bell. So the Taco Bell, down, and one of the girls I used to date, she used to work there. So I used to eat, I didn’t pay for the food. But it was horrific food. But I was young. I could do whatever I wanted. I was invincible. But today, if I eat one Taco Bell, I will probably, I don’t know if I’ll make it. Deadly!

Captain Brien: I just come back from Las Vegas, and I cheated every day. I have to admit. But I did workout before and after. I was only there three days. So I cheated for three days. But I had to workout before I got there and the second I got back.

Dr. Daller: When you say you cheated, you mean the burger?

Captain Brien: Yeah, I ate at Eataly at the Venetian. Oh my gosh I ate at every place.

Dr. Daller: And you know what, that’s okay. That’s okay, that’s not bad food. That’s not horrible food. Horrible food are really the big time processed food. The food that you buy for 49 cents. Whether there’s a taco, burger for 49 cents. You are in the food business, you understand you cannot make something for 49 cents.

Captain Brien: Of course.

Dr. Daller: It’s not possible.

Captain Brien: No.

Dr. Daller: How can you do that? How can you buy a bun, and a burger, and everything, and cheese, and lettuce, and all these stuff for 49 cents.

Captain Brien: And make it valuable for your body. Zero, zero nutrients.

Dr. Daller: Zero nutrients, absolutely. So, again, healthy habits, healthy eating. Whether you’re going to the gym and pay a hundred dollars a month, or 10 dollars, in some other gym or just doing it yourself doing some pushups, and pull-ups. You don’t really need to spend that money. It’s not that expensive to stay healthy. It’s very expensive, very, very, expensive not to stay healthy.

Captain Brien: I wanna ask you this question. I saw a health fitness person on Instagram, mentioning that the first seven minutes when you wake up, your body’s create some kind of, I don’t know, enzyme or something what’s it called. Is this a thing? It burns the most calories in the first seven minutes when you wake up out of bed?

Dr. Daller: No, there’s no such a thing.

Captain Brien: So I thought so! I thought she was full of bull.

Dr. Daller: Yeah, there’s no such a thing. It’s true that testosterone level that you have in your body is higher in the morning.

Captain Brien: I didn’t know where she was going with this. I couldn’t even figure out she said the first seven minutes you burn the most calories, she said. Even if you do 15 sit ups and 20 jumping jacks. You’re gonna burn in seven minutes more calories than you are, if you’re not during those seven minutes when you wake up.

Dr. Daller: No, no, no, there’s no.

Captain Brien: I didn’t even heard that.

Dr. Daller: You burn the same calorie you burn in the morning or at night. The amount of calories that you burn doing pushups–

Captain Brien: You can’t believe everything you hear on the internet.

Dr. Daller: Except on this podcast.

Captain Brien: Exactly.

Dr. Daller: Everything we say is vetted. We have people that vet everything we say are factic.

Captain Brien: Yeah, we have chats to valid to —

Dr. Daller: All the time. All, everything we say. Some of you have checking on Google.

Captain Brien: They make us walk the plank.

Dr. Daller: Absolutely, absolutely, so no. You really don’t need to wake up in the morning and to do 20 pushups. It would be nice if you can. But some people their joints hurts a little bit, don’t have the time. Do it whenever you can. Really, it’s true. It doesn’t make any difference when you do it. Your testosterone level is higher in the morning. There is a circadian rhythm for younger people. When I say younger people, less than 50, their testosterone is higher in the morning and you have less testosterone at night. As a result, we can fall asleep and we can do other things that we don’t need to be that alert for. That’s why in the morning, we are more focused. Again, the morning time is the best time to do activities, overall, because your brain is very, very, focused.

Captain Brien: Well, listen, I think that we know we’re on the right track. We know that every Tuesday, we’re gonna be here 2:30 live.

Dr. Daller: Every Tuesday–

Captain Brien: Every Tuesday, 2:30 live. You guys can send us your comments, ask us our questions, tell us everything that you wanna know ’cause we wanna hear what you’re interested in, right? And when you’re scrolling through, let’s see, Mal, we get all kinds of people on here. PD, all kinds of people. I don’t know, there’s so many.

Dr. Daller: 11.

Captain Brien: Johnny Pizzy, they’re all up there. But anyway, you guys ask us your questions. Dr. Daller’s specialty obviously is men’s and women’s sexual being and positivity and help. And he’s got way more answers than I got. Well, I’m just here to have a good time and enjoy all these knowledge, you know what I mean? So, listen guys, dm us your questions. Come back to us, we’re gonna answer on live in Captain’s log with Dr. Daller and we’re everyday but don’t forget on Tuesdays at 2:30, you’re gonna see Dr. Daller and he’s got your health right in the palm of his hand.

Dr. Daller: Take care.

Captain Brien: Next time.

Dr. Daller: Bye-bye, thank you, sir.

Captain Brien: See you, we’re out guys.

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